237 Chemis

    "Brother Fei, are you free now? My friend is ready!" After ten minutes or so, Seven Stars Warrior sent him a message.

    "Party me, let's meet at the pub near the East Gate!" Jiang Fei said.

    "Okay!" Seven Stars Warrior immediately sent a party invitation.

    After Jiang Fei joined the party, he immediately noticed the third person in the party.

    Six Fans; a very peculiar name.

    Jiang Fei directly tore a Return Scroll. As the Teleportation Point was right next to the East Gate, he soon arrived in the pub. The private rooms here were independent spaces for transactions or discussions. They were similar to Dungeons; there would be no disturbances from outsiders.

    "Yo!" Jiang Fei was shocked to see Six Fans in the private room.

    Six Fans (Pure-blood Human, Chemist)

    Level: 10

    Health Points: 855

    Mana Points: 100

    Attack Power: 75

    Remarks: No guild or clan.

    Jiang Fei was not surprised that Six Fans was a Pure-blood Human. After all, Profession players did not need the bonus of combat attributes. If they gave up the possibility of evolution and chose the Pure-blood Human Race, the speed at which they gained Experience and Skill Experience would improve. This was advantageous in situations when other players brought them out to train, or when they were practicing their Profession skills. So, many people also called the Pure-blood Human Race a "laborer Race."

    The only thing that surprised Jiang Fei was Six Fan's Class, Chemist. It was no ordinary Class. It had to at least be a Rare Class. It could even be a Hidden Class!

    Jiang Fei nodded. He clearly understood why this guy had a low success rate and why he had wasted a lot of money. An advanced Profession Class like Chemist was nothing like a Divine Blacksmith. There was a chance that a Chemist's buffs were not the type that increased success rates or increased production. Some advanced Profession Classes had relatively lower success rates and consumed way more materials. However, when they succeeded, the items they produced would almost always be Ascended items that even money could not buy!

    This guy had obviously been expelled by his previous guild because he had not informed them about his job advancement. Moreover, as he had just transferred Classes, his Profession level was very low. Hence, his success rate was extremely low, and he never produced anything useful even after wasting a lot of money. So, his guild deemed him to be useless and kicked him out!

    Actually, if this guy joined Jiang Fei's guild and did not produce anything useful after wasting a lot of money, Jiang Fei would definitely find a way to kick him out as well. However, as Jiang Fei had the mysterious ring which provided him information about this guy, things were different.

    Having understood this guy's background, Jiang Fei knew that this guy was like a godsent precious talent. Jiang Fei would never let him go!

    "Hi! I heard from Little Seven that you intend to join our guild? We would really welcome you!" Jiang Fei greeted him with enthusiasm. He was like the big bad wolf catching sight of little red riding hood.

    "Let me make it clear, I'm just a Chemist, and I'm not gay..." Obviously, Jiang Fei's enthusiasm was terrifying.

    "Err..." Jiang Fei was left speechless.

    "Brother Six, stop spouting nonsense!" Seven Stars Warrior rolled his eyes at Six Fans. This guy had already been expelled by many guilds. If he could not find a guild to take him in, he would never be able to increase his skill level!

    "Fine, Brother Fei, let me warn you. I waste a lot of money trying to make potions and my success rate is extremely low. If you won't be able to handle it, it would be better if you say it now. I don't want to be expelled anymore!" Six Fans straightforwardly said to Jiang Fei. He also did not mention anything about his advancement and his advanced Profession.

    "F*ck you! Can't you talk nicely?" Seven Stars Warrior rolled his eyes after he heard what Six Fans said. The reason why this friend of his had been expelled so many times was also in part, due to his manners. His success rate was already lower than other Chemists. It would be new if he did not get expelled for once.

    "Hoho, you can rest assured. I have enough herbs here. You should first look for Rosette Rose and sign a contract. Then, just make a list of what herbs you need and get them from Big Brother Bear!" Jiang Fei said. At the same time, he also sent Rosette Rose a private message: "Later, some guy called Six Fans will contact you. Find a way to make him sign his life away! Don't worry about money. No matter what, we must get this guy!"

    "Don't worry! I promise I'll make him join the guild. After he joins, he'll even have to work for us!" Rosette Rose laughed. She was experienced in this field. The contracts that she drafted were not only flawless, but the strict terms contained within it would also leave the signee feeling like they had the longer end of the stick.

    "Deal! It's no wonder that you're number one in Dawnlight City's Level Ranking Board. I trust you!" Six Fans smiled, then went to look for Rosette Rose. After all, Profession Classes were different. Profession Class players needed a lot of funds in the early game, so signing a contract was inevitable!

    After the contract was concluded, Jiang Fei added Six Fans into his guild.

    "How did you come up with such a name?"

    After adding Six Fans into the guild, Jiang Fei asked curiously.

    "I'm learning Chinese medicine in real life. I usually use a fan when decocting drugs. Now that I'm in a game, the players here are a lot stronger here than in reality. Decocting drugs with one fan would definitely not be strong enough. If I use six fans at the same time, it might just be enough!" Six Fans laughed.

    Afterward, Jiang Fei gave Big Brother Bear 2,000 gold coins and made Big Brother Bear responsible for the supplying of herbs to Six Fans. After all, Six Fans was just a Profession Class player. Before Six Fans manages to successfully produce a special Potion, Jiang Fei could leave him to his devices.

    *Sigh* "Money is coming in fast, but it's going out even faster!" Jiang Fei sighed. In the past two days, he had already bought a lot of HP Potions and moved them into reality. Now, he had to fund such a money-wasting Chemist. Jiang Fei's wallet lost what that remained of its contents.

    "When will there be news about a Lord-ranked boss?" Jiang Fei muttered. Killing bosses was now his primary source of income.

    After strolling around the city for a little while, a system announcement caught Jiang Fei's attention.

    "Ding! More than a hundred players in Dawnlight City have chosen a Camp. The Camp Battlefield System is now activated!"

    "Ding! More than a hundred players in Dawnlight City have chosen a Camp. The Camp Battlefield System is now activated!"

    "Ding! More than a hundred players in Dawnlight City have chosen a Camp. The Camp Battlefield System is now activated!"

    "Damn! It seems like the mainstream players are about to reach Level 30!" Jiang Fei nodded. Other than the few players who were competing for places in the Level Ranking Board, the amount of Experience Points the mainstream players had been rather similar. When Jiang Fei logged into the game today, there were only around a hundred players who had reached Level 30. After only more than ten hours, a hundred players had already chosen a Camp. This meant that there were already at least three or four hundred players who were over Level 30 now!

    It was apparent that the number of players who had reached Level 30 had increased rapidly. The Second Job era had begun!

    "Hoho, after reaching Level 30, players can incubate pet eggs. It's time to advertise my Ant Eggs and warm things up in advance!" Jiang Fei smiled slightly. It just so happened that he was short of money at this time. Now, an excellent opportunity to make money had shown up!
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