244 Egg of the Heavens Devourer Sable

    "Ding! You have defeated Gray Stash the Gerbil. Obtained 280,000 experience points. Obtained 300 gold coins!

    "Ding! You have eliminated the pest of Moonlight Forest. Please head to the Harvesting Town of Moonlight Forest and claim your reward from Mr. Lock!"

    "Nice. Additional reward!" Jiang Fei smiled. He then moved towards the boss corpse. However, when he was in front of the boss' dead body, he suddenly froze. Truth be told, after playing for so long, he had never been so anxious about a boss loot!

    "Hey! Stupid master! What are you standing there for?" Isabella snarled and shoved Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei was so anxious that even Isabella started to feel it. If she was not a pet, she would have gone over and rummaged about herself!

    "Alright! HAH! COME ON!" Jiang Fei yelled to snap himself out of his trance.

    "If there's nothing good. I'll just find one more boss when Isabella's dragon transformation finished cooldown."

    Jiang Fei sucked in a deep breath and reached out.


    A bright golden light flashed. With Jiang Fei's high Luck stat and the boss being a Lord tier, obtaining a Legendary tier item seemed very likely!

    "Oh ho? What's this!? HAHAHA I am lucky after all!" cried Jiang Fei as he grabbed a small golden plate.

    "I'm so lucky that I can ask for anything! Weehee! That Ant Queen will forever be my treasure factory!" Jiang Fei cried with happiness.

    Jiang Fei had underestimated the power of his Luck attribute. With 50 Luck points, he would have obtained the highest rarity in drop table! Plus, the boss was an open field boss and a Beast type. Generally, all Beast type bosses would not have any equipment or gold coins in their drop list. With Jiang Fei's high Luck at hand, the boss would have nothing else to drop, other than the Territory Order.

    Excited, Jiang Fei kept the Territory Order into his inventory and reached out his hand again to find additional loot. With no equipment or gold coin, the next item should be materials!


    This time, the light the shone was not golden but violet.

    "What could this be!?"

    When Jiang Fei drew out the second item from the boss loot, he was baffled.

    Heaven's Devouring Sable (Pet Egg, Epic)

    Use: Hatches an Epic tier Heaven's Devouring Sable to fight by your side.

    Level Requirement: 30

    "Hmph! This is garbage!" said Isabella once she had a look at the egg. Even though she might not have to admit it, after she became Jiang Fei's pet, she would get jealous if her master showed any form of interest in other pets.

    "My my... It is as you said, my dear Isabella. There are no strong pets out there, other than my Isabella!" Jiang Fei grinned as he praised her.

    "Hmph! W-Who's your dear? Stupid plebeian!" Isabella squeaked.

    Unbeknownst to Jiang Fei, she had averted her gaze and smiled to herself.

    As she having her time, Jiang Fei started to frown.

    "How do I sort this one out...?"

    Jiang Fei had Isabella. Since he was not a Hunter or any other class which made for additional pets, he could not take in the Sable. What would he do with the Sable then?

    If he wanted to put it up on auction, it would definitely fetch a high price. In fact, if money was what he sought, he only needed to have Han Tianyu see it. He would then hand over an empty cheque for Jiang Fei to fill up.

    It was high time for Jiang Fei to cultivate his own power. The Epic tier Pet Egg would outrank the Ant Egg, like heaven and earth. It was a super rare item that if he could raise well, would possess a combat power value would far exceed any rare Class player!

    Higher tier Pets were much, much harder to obtained when compared to the same tier skill book or equipment. Naturally, it would boost the player's combat power as well. There was nothing else to compare to. Take Isabella for example. She was a Divine Beast tier. With her, Jiang Fei had cleared an Elite difficulty dungeon with ease. Note that other players would have to be in a team of 15 players to survive, not defeat, the first two monsters at the start of the dungeon! Jiang Fei, on the other hand, only needed to waltz around the battlefield! That was merely a crude example of what a high tier pet could do.

    Even though Isabella becoming a pet was purely coincidental, she was the prime example of how strong a pet could ever be. An Epic tier pet would have, or even surpass the combat prowess of a rare Class player with above average equipment. A Legendary pet would definitely be stronger than a Hidden Class player with a full set of Celestial tier equipment!

    That was the value of the little Epic tier pet egg in Jiang Fei's hand. A priceless jewel.

    "Who do I give this to?" said Jiang Fei to himself. To cultivate his power, he would have to give the egg to someone from his own "clan." But the real question was, who? There was only one egg.

    If he were to give it to someone close, it would be Jiang Fei's best friend since childhood, Zhao Feng. That boy had been through thick and thin with him. No one would come as close to the two of them. Jiang Fei would bet on his life that Zhao Feng would never betray him.

    Besides Zhao Feng, the second person that came to mind would be Sun Mengmeng. Even though the two had not been playing games together, she was still his classmate in the real world. Even so, giving either Sun Mengmeng or Zhao Feng the egg would be a bad investment. To put it bluntly, they sucked at playing games.

    Aside from those two, Jiang Fei believed that Rosette Rose was the next-reliable thing. She could be said to be Jiang Fei's general commander of his army. In fact, she had been managing the guild and everybody in it. She was so good at it that Jiang Fei had never needed to meddle with the runnings of the guild himself!

    However, Rosa had been slacking in the game, in terms of actually playing. Sadly, even if that girl gave it all she had got, her skills no longer had much room to grow. She acknowledged her drawbacks and that was precisely why she had been focusing on managing the guild, instead of fighting monsters or farming gears. Hence, the egg would be wasted on her.

    Down the list, there were many other guild members that could not even play the game to save their own lives. Rosette Phantom and the merry lot of girls had been in dungeons for a number of times with Jiang Fei. Their skills were only average; nothing that worth improving. The girls were just in the guild, playing games to raise the mood and bring joy to everyone. And they were really good at it.

    Big Brother Bear and his own merry lot were almost the full male counterparts of the Rosa Knighthood. Not a single one of them was good enough for the egg. At most, they were decent enough to join the secondary party of the guild. Truthfully, those guys were better at the game and might put the egg to better use. Sadly, the cold hard truth was that none of his members had what it took to even become professional trainees. At most, Little Rain might bedazzle the common mind, having learned a Forbidden Spell. Another one that came to mind was Seven Stars Warrior and his Hidden Class, of which, Jiang Fei had yet to see in action.

    As he thought hard, Jiang Fei had reserved the egg for Little Rain and Seven Stars Warrior. The problem was the issue of loyalty. It was a minor bump in the road which did not really concern Jiang Fei. He had the cunning businesswoman Rosetta Rose. The devil's advocate that cornered just about anyone into signing a contract! In fact, if it could be classified as a skill, Jiang Fei was pretty sure that she had maxed it out, looking at how even he had once fallen into her trap.

    It was a tough decision to make. Jiang Fei had his doubts. Little Rain had learned the Forbidden Spell, yet the power of the skill could never be brought to light. The skill required a whopping 60,000 mana! How could a Level 34 player have that much mana in the first place? Seven Stars Warrior could still yet shine. However, he was a melee class. No regular player would select a melee class pet. It might be handy against regular monsters but in PvP, the pet would only be a hindrance. Most pets did not possess high intelligence like Isabella. In melee combat, the pet might get in the way of an attack! That is the reason why melee class players would opt to pick up a ranged pet, while mages or other ranged players would bring a melee pet to act as a semi-tank.
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