247 A Present from Zhang

    Ka Chak!

    The platform finally stopped moving, and Jiang Fei alighted from the car.

    It was slightly dark, but the overhead lamps suddenly lit up, one by one and eventually, the entire floor was revealed.

    "Welcome to the Zhang family Weapon's Museum!" cried Zhang Yangxu enthusiastically.

    "Oh wow..." Jiang Fei gasped in awe as he saw just how big the museum was. The ceiling was so tall that he could not even fathom the height. It was vast, long, and wide. The sight of 200 meters of racks and display shelves was unbelievable! There were all sorts of weapons arranged in an orderly manner!

    "The Zhangs have been developing and manufacturing weapons for the military. However, unlike Han's family that manufactures large ships and flying jets, our family mainly focuses on handheld weaponry!" Zhang Yangxu happily showed the place around.

    "We had been developing weapons since the Song Dynasty! Mind you, that was a long time ago! We have made refined iron swords, polearms, spears, and other handheld weapons for royalty! Take this for example! This is the Flaming Bow, and the Divine Armor used during the Ming Dynasty!"

    To entertain and build a stable relationship with Jiang Fei, Zhang Yangxu had thought it through. Usually, when someone from Zhang Yangxu's position wanted to find some entertainment, they would go for night clubs, bar, or other places of the same. Jiang Fei was only sixteen years old then. As a young boy, he would not be interested in mature women or nightclubs!

    "THIS IS JUST AWESOME!" cried Jiang Fei at the sight of all the weapons. The truth was that Jiang Fei was truly entertained. Even though he was a shut-in back before the ring found him, as a boy, this museum struck his mark.

    Jiang Fei took some time to admire the old ancient weapons and made his way to the first firearm section. There, he saw the world first's handgun, machine gun, all the way to the world first railgun! Right then, when Zhang Yangxu saw the glint in Jiang Fei's eyes, he smiled excitingly. It seems like he had made enormous progress in getting on Jiang Fei's good side!

    "Haha! Enjoying yourself? Wait till you see this! Hold on to your shoes there!"

    Zhang Yangxu then received a large metallic case from his men and took out a silver-metallic rifle. It shared some components with the railgun from the display shelf, yet it was different at the same time. There were many exposed electronics; it was clearly not the same product.

    "What's that?"

    "This is the latest prototype weapon of our family. Allow me to introduce you to the world's first portable nuclear-powered laser Gauss Rifle! The best, most powerful gun that had been designed! This baby here has power that far exceeds that of a conventional railgun! This is the result of the world's technological revolution!"

    "Technological revolution..." Jiang Fei muttered to himself as he arched and eyebrow. He had heard the same thing from Han Tianyu and thought of the possibility of Zhang being related to it.

    "That's right! This laser Gauss Rifle has a maximum effective lethal range of 10 kilometers! Due to its ultra compressive light particle functionality, it requires zero recoil compensation! Anyone could be a sniper with this gun in hand!" Zhang Yangxu was clearly proud of his family invention. He could not stop talking about the gun.

    "Look here. This gun uses a small nuclear battle device that could supply enough power for 3,000 shots! With this, soldiers would never have to worry about insufficient ammunition! Not to mention the problems with logistics! Gone are the days where bullets are needed! This baby could literally last for the entire duration of a war!"

    Zhang Yangxu then released the safety latch of the gun and squeezed the trigger. Without even the need to charge, the gun fired out a blinding blue ray. It all happened so fast that all Jiang Fei noticed was the blue light and a peanut-sized hole at a wall 200 meters away from them.

    "10-kilometer range... That's just too awesome!" Jiang Fei gasped.

    "That's right! With special scopes and targeting system, the laser output could be enhanced! This thing could be used like a cannon! Not to mention, all of that firepower is packed within this rifle! Very mobile!"

    "This is good stuff!"

    Even though Jiang Fei did not know much about firearms, he knew that if this weapon was ever sent into production, they would overcome any infantry with ease! One soldier taking down an entire battalion could not be further than reality!

    "Hehe. Besides this railgun, we have also produced these smaller handguns. They are basically the same; just smaller and more compact!"

    "Is this one just as good?!" Jiang Fei widened his eyes as he saw it.

    "Ehrm... Due to the design being smaller and the range being shorter than the rifle, it's just slightly weaker. However, shooting through a 5-millimeter thick iron wall from 1 kilometer away shouldn't be a problem. In exchange, the battery could last much longer. Technically, one nuclear battery should last at least 5,000 shots!"

    "That's sick!" Jiang Fei smiled. As a young boy, he could not deny his interest in guns.

    "I'm happy that you like it. Here. Please have these. I hope you find it useful! The handgun is perfect for protection, and you can bring it anyway. The rifle, however... Might be too flashy in public. If you find trouble transporting it, we could help you deliver it to a specific destination!"

    "Wait. Wait a minute. Give? Are you giving me the Gauss rifle and the handgun version of it?!" cried Jiang Fei. He really liked the weapons, but never would he imagine Zhang Yangxu just handing them over to him!

    "Yeah! I'm giving it to you as a present. Take it as compensation and apology from the Zhang family for mistreating you!" said Zhang Yangxu as he bowed down.

    "Ehrm... this... this might be too much for me..."

    Jiang Fei was extremely reluctant since he had only met the guy twice.

    "What? I've decided to give it to you as a gift. To reject it would be a shame!" said Zhang Yangxu, pouting.

    "Okay... okay... Calm down. I'll accept it!" said Jiang Fei as he took the handgun. Luckily, the rifle was easily disassembled and compact enough to fit inside Jiang Fei's school bag. Fortunately, he had not gone straight home, or else he would never be able to take the rifle!

    "Brother, here are the manuals for the weapon's maintenance. Don't worry about breaking it when you play with it. I'll replace one for you in a jiffy. However, I'm compelled to warn you about the dangers of the nuclear battery. Do not ever dismantle the battery compartment. If the contents of the battery ever leak out, that would be a hiccup for you!" said Zhang Yangxu as he handed over two small booklets.

    "Relax. I won't simply dismantle the gun!"

    Jiang Fei was very well versed in the dangers of nuclear power. Even though he knew that his armor could withstand the radiation, it was better to worry, since others around him could get affected.

    Having gifted Jiang Fei with nuclear-powered weapons and put a smile on his face, Zhang Yangxu's mission of the day was a success. After some small chit-chat in the car, he dropped Jiang Fei back at where he picked him up.

    When Jiang Fei returned to his room, he immediately placed the rifle in his wardrobe and locked it. The rifle was rather huge for someone his size. It would be too much for him to lug it about in the open. The handgun, on the other hand, might be handy enough for him to carry it along all the time.

    At that point, Jiang Fei was strong, but not against actual Metahumans. If he decided to act, he might expose his true power. With the handgun, he had the range advantage and could easily eliminate threats from afar. That way, his secrets would be safe! Zhang Yangxu's present was indeed a godsent.
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