248 What Will Your Punishment Be This Time?

    When night fell, Jiang Fei got ready and went to bed. He was absent-mindedly getting ready to dive into the game, forgetting the fact that the game was still in its maintenance period. Feeling like a fish out of water, Jiang Fei tried to sleep, but only managed to do so after rolling about in bed for an hour. Perhaps due to all those weeks of machine-assisted sleep, Jiang Fei had forgotten how to sleep naturally. He slept through the night, and only woke up when his mother came knocking on his door.

    Jiang Fei let out a long yawn, the likes of which he never did since he started playing Dawn Break. He could feel the difference in the quality of sleep that the machine could give him, compared to his own natural sleeping habits. He was a little late, but he did manage to get to school on time.

    When he got in class, he found himself a huge surprise. Midterm exams!

    The date of the exams were announced during class, but since Jiang Fei was away most of the time, no one had spoken to him about it. He was genuinely surprised for a brief moment, but calmed down immediately, knowing that he had the Overseer's Eyes. Even without preparation for the exam, Jiang Fei had still maintained his composure as the top student in class.

    When the test papers were distributed, Jiang Fei laid down on the table and waited for a while. When almost all of the student had finished with their test, Jiang Fei summoned the Overseer's Eyes! The eye hovered around Sun Mengmeng and the other smart students for a bit. Jiang Fei then copied down most of their answers into his own paper. The entire process was as smooth as silk with no complications. Even exam invigilators could not find any foul play with him!

    On the contrary, the invigilators had praised Jiang Fei for his "intelligence"! When others were busy with their tests, he was sleeping; when everyone else was almost done, he had just started his work. When he did, his pencil never once stopped moving! Others might think he was a genius or a complete tool, since there was not a second wasted on thinking.

    When all the questions were filled, Jiang Fei grew bored and decided to send the Overseer's Eyes over to Zhao Feng.

    At that moment, fatty was just staring at the question. There was nothing written on his paper whatsoever! Looks like he had given up entirely.

    When it was 5 minutes due, the fatty picked up his pencil and started to write something in the last question of the test!

    "Not bad! Looks like he was preparing all the time for the last question!" said Jiang Fei to himself. But he was far too late. Even if he knew the answer to the question, he would never be able to finish in time.

    "Huh? WHAT? Oh, come on bro! I dare you to hand in that test!" said Jiang Fei to himself when he saw what Zhao Feng had written down.

    It was written in a bad handwriting, and slanted to a side at that!

    A man made the test not easy

    The son will have a tough time,

    This young one doesn't find it breezy,

    If I fail, return my pennies and dime.

    Jiang Fei could easily imagine the teacher's face when he read the fatty's poem. Even though everyone was already in high school, such behavior would result in a parent-teacher meeting!

    Though it was funny as hell, it seems that that fatty did not have the guts to follow through. Half a minute before the time ended, Zhao Feng quickly took an eraser and rubbed the well-written poem off. If Jiang Fei had not seen that with his Overseer's Eyes, no one in the world would know that the fatty had a talent in writing diss poems!

    It was the exam season. The entire day was spent on tests alone and nothing else. When they were finally done, it was time to head back home.

    When Jiang Fei saw Zhao Feng if school ended, he planned to tease and make fun of him. However, since he was not able to explain how he was able to see him writing the poem, he decided to call it off and head home.

    On the same path, at the same crossroads, he felt a presence again and was immediately annoyed.

    "What's with this road and **? Is this a new kind of fetish?!" cried Jiang Fei and he saw someone on a motorcycle waiting for him.

    He was supposed to turn into a smaller one-way street to go to Manda Square, but there sat someone, on a motorcycle waiting for him to turn. That someone was wearing a full-faced helmet, hiding his or her identity.


    The engine roared, and the headlight was directly beamed into Jiang Fei's face.

    Ka Chak!

    The motorcycle's clutch kicked in and shot at Jiang Fei.


    The incoming motorcycle was fast and large. Jiang Fei had to react fast, or he will suffer from injury.

    With quick reflexes, Jiang Fei jumped to the side. However, he was one moment too early, and the enemy truly intended to hurt him. His left hand was still controlling the steering, and his right hand lashed out at him -- a whip at its end.


    The whip shot out, but Jiang Fei was faster. He had grabbed onto the whip's end with his bare hand.


    The motorcycle skidded and zoomed past Jiang Fei. The sudden jerk pulled Jiang Fei a good distance. He was not ready for the fight and could not find his footing. However, the rider was in a worse fate than he was. Jiang Fei's strength was either equal or no less than the force of the motorcycle. Hence, when the whip reached its maximum limit, the rider was pulled down from his seat, with Jiang Fei still grabbing the other end of it.


    The motorcycle crashed, and the rider quickly got up to his feet. With an almighty tug, the rider jerked the whip to his side, pulling Jiang Fei closer to himself. Jiang Fei had not expected such a move and was thrown off his feet. Neither did the rider himself...


    The two met in a close embrace and fell to the ground with Jiang Fei straddling the rider.

    "Eat this!"

    Jiang Fei had the upper-hand in that situation and quickly raised his fist to strike.

    "Ouchie..." the sound of a frail woman came from beneath the helmet.

    "What the hell?" Jiang Fei immediately froze. When he heard the sound of the women, he somehow realized that the rider was built on the rather slender side. She was obviously a woman, despite having almost no "assets." He then decided to pull the helmet up and reveal the identity of his attacker.

    "Idiot thug! Move away! You're too heavy for me!" said the girl when Jiang Fei caught sight of the familiar face. It was the same girl from before. Even though she was pinned down, she showed no fear in her eyes.

    "You again!?"

    Jiang Fei rolled his eyes. Just when he thought that he might never see her again, there she was, attempting to attack him again! What a persistent little lady!

    "This is none of your concern! Move away, or I'll shout!" said the little girl, blushing madly as she glared at Jiang Fei.

    "Hoho. Young lady. You may scream and shout, but there's no one around to save you!" said Jiang Fei as he reached out and grabbed her lower jaw.

    "Don't touch me! I'll bite you!"

    "Oh no no no. That's not what you should be saying now. I thought that you were going to shout?" said Jiang Fei as he shook his head, pretending to be disappointed.

    "Only an idiot would do as you say! Move away, goddammit!" said the lady as she shoved her head downward, trying to bite Jiang Fei's hand.

    "Woah there! Why, you little bitch!"


    "Fine, I had it coming. But you know who else had it coming? The punishment that I'm about to give you! Now, what sort of punishment should I give you then..." said Jiang Fei with an evil smile on his face.
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