257 Devil Node

    The skills of the second boss were not a cause for concern. Moreover, after the boss had been weakened, it was arguably weaker than the first boss. Even so, if an average party went up against this boss, the skill of the boss which summoned hounds would still be able to cause some chaos.

    On Jiang Fei's side, however, only was Isabella attacking the boss other than him. There were also no Healers, so nobody else would generate the aggro of the monsters. Even if Jiang Fei did not do anything, the hounds' first target would be him. After the monsters attacked Jiang Fei, their damage would be reflected back to them by the Eye for an Eye effect, which would further stabilize the aggro!

    Lava Demon Hound (Demon, Advanced Elite)

    Level: 36

    Health Points: 66,000

    Attack Power: 3,200

    Skills: Fiery Aura!

    Remarks: Lava Demon Hounds will not die before their owner dies!

    Heroic mode Lava Demon Hounds were more annoying. The Attack Power of these four Advanced Elites had not only been significantly increased, but they also had a Fiery Aura skill which could set surrounding targets on fire. If they were allowed to run around freely, the weakest Magicians and Clerics would be burned to death in no time!

    The icing on the cake was how they would not die before the boss was killed. If some parties did not know this, it was likely that they would only end up wasting time on these monsters!

    Fortunately, Jiang Fei had the mysterious ring on his side. He simply ignored these four Advanced Elites and attacked the boss with Isabella!

    Although the Lava Demon Hounds had decently high Attack Power, Jiang Fei's Damage Reduction effect was in another league of its own. So, these Hounds posed little threat to Jiang Fei. However, four stacks of burning from the Fiery Aura might be enough to send some droplets of sweat down his brow.

    Blood Pool!


    Jiang Fei's Health Points quickly went down, but he pulled it back up using Blood Pool!

    "Bella! Strike harder!" Jiang Fei shouted. At that moment, the boss was still left with more than 100,000 Health Points out of its original 320,000!

    "How am I supposed to attack harder? My powers have been so severely suppressed. If you don't level up, I won't be able to get my ultimate skills back!" Isabella rolled her eyes at Jiang Fei. As she had been transformed into a pet, her level could never surpass Jiang Fei's. She could not even exert 0.001% of her superb, Overlord-level powers!

    Even though Isabella was still casting Abyssal Flame in a rather leisurely manner, the damage she was dealing was already quite impressive. Each Abyssal Flame dealt six or seven thousand damage, and it even had a burning effect. The boss's Health Points went down, chunk at a time!

    "Ding! You have eliminated Doba Omar! Obtained 750,000 Experience Points. Obtained 400 gold coins!"

    In the end, this boss did not manage to kill Jiang Fei before it fell to Isabella's violent attacks. As soon as the boss died, the four Lava Demon Hounds behind it became Experience Points. It was an easy battle for Jiang Fei and Isabella!

    "Hoho, it's better to attempt this Dungeon solo. There's no one taking my drops, and I get way more Experience!" Jiang Fei laughed as he looked at his Experience Bar that had moved up by one section.

    "I don't even know when I'll be able to regain my absolute strength, especially when I'm following a stupid master like you around!" Isabella complained.

    "Forget it. You were originally just a Level 50-something Lord okay? You only ascended into an Overlord for less than half a minute, and someone was already about to take your life. If it wasn't for me, you would have been dead! What do you mean by absolute strength? Pfft!" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes at this arrogant little princess.

    "Do you want to die?" When Isabella heard this, she became mad. She immediately rushed to Jiang Fei and started punching him!

    However, Isabella was bound by the pet-master rules and could not hurt Jiang Fei at all. When her punches landed on Jiang Fei, it was like she was giving him a back massage!

    "Mmm! Feels good! I didn't know that pets had such a function! Bella, give me more massages in the future!" Jiang Fei smiled smugly.

    "B*stard! Idiot!" Isabella was so mad. She wanted to kill this smug b*stard before her. Unfortunately, her identity as a pet restricted this. She could only look at Jiang Fei's smug face helplessly.

    "Okay, let's see what this boss dropped!" Jiang Fei pulled Isabella off himself, poked the tip of her petite little nose once and changed the subject. He was afraid he would make Isabella angry for real. Although she could not hurt him, if she really threw a tantrum, there was no way he could continue with the Dungeon!

    "Hmph!" Isabella snorted and punched Jiang Fei one more time before dropping the subject. However, it seemed more like she was just acting cute.

    Jiang Fei walked to the boss's corpse and gently flipped it over. Unsurprisingly, a golden light appeared. As his Luck was becoming higher and higher, nowadays, it would be surprising if a first-kill Leader boss did not drop Legendary items!

    Devil Node (One-time Item, Legendary)

    Use: Builds a Devil Node!

    Remarks: Omar's Devil Node which contains an army of Omar's Lava Demon Hounds. Upon activation, summons a hundred Level 50 Advanced Elite Lava Demon Hounds to fight for you! (The Lava Demon Hounds will disappear completely after their deaths or after you go offline!)

    "Damn! What the hell is this?" Jiang Fei was shocked. He had never seen such an item before!

    "It's a Devil Node. Many demons will leave their treasures behind after they die, but this stupid Omar is basically the vagabonds of demons. It only left behind a group of Hounds!" Isabella said with disdain.

    *Sigh* "This hound-rearing boss is really stupid. He only brought out four hounds to fight for him. If he had released all of them, we would have been bitten to death!" Jiang Fei also joined Isabella and criticized Doba Omar with contempt.

    However, Jiang Fei had forgotten one thing. If the system really allowed this boss to bring out a hundred Level 50 minions, could this boss still possibly be a boss inside a Level 30 Dungeon? If that was really the case, no one would be able to clear this Dungeon!

    After keeping the Devil Node, Jiang Fei obtained another Legendary item from the boss's corpse!

    Omar's Dagger (Dagger, Legendary)

    Physical Attack +121

    Magic Attack +654

    Intelligence: +15

    Vitality: +5

    Magic Critical: +7%

    Equip: Increases the damage of your Sustainability spells by 30%!

    Equip: Increases the damage of your Shadow spells by 20%!

    Level Requirement: 30

    "Hoho, it's actually a Dagger for Magicians!" This piece of equipment was new to Jiang Fei. Generally, Magicians used Two-handed Staffs. A One-handed Magician weapon such as this one was still relatively rare!

    Moreover, this Dagger was very restrictive -- it was obviously designed for Warlocks or Shadow Clerics. If Regular Magician Classes used this Dagger, it would be a waste! However, in Jiang Fei's guild, nobody held either of these two Classes!

    "This thing's probably worth a lot of money, right?"

    In times of desperation, Jiang Fei now saw everything as a means of making money!
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