261 Hero to the Rescue!

    A 20% movement speed reduction per second was horrendous. Isabella had only remained for two seconds in the skill range, and she had already lost 40% of her original movement speed. At that point, there was no way for her to escape the crimson whirlpool!

    As predicted, five seconds into the skill, Isabella was stuck in the eye of the storm!


    A bright crimson glow flashed across the boss' body.

    "Oh no, you don't!" Jiang Fei screamed. He knew that if he did nothing, the boss would deal a powerful attack. That skill would ignore every form of defense, negation, and nullification! Even with 80,000 health points, Isabella would be killed by that ultimate skill!


    Without any hesitation, Jiang Fei activated his skill, Intercept and granted her a life, in exchange of his own!

    "DIE!" the boss roared as it leapt forwards to deal the killing blow!

    In that split second, Jiang Fei flashed in front of Isabella and covered her.



    An extra large red colored text popped up of his head and Jiang Fei's health bar immediately drop to zero. That was the power of Sudden Attack; ignoring all defenses or barriers while dealing damage that was enough to kill you!



    Jiang Fei's character glowed with a golden hue. The effect of the Undying Aegis kicked in and restored Jiang Fei's health back to 50%!

    At that moment, Isabella shriek helplessly. When the boss was leaping towards her, this little demon princess had been terrified to her core. She could feel death's grip on her neck! The reaper's scythe was quickly approaching to take her head away! Fortunately, Jiang Fei the hero had jumped in front of her and saved her from certain demise.

    "F*ck this!" Jiang Fei growled angrily. Burning away Undying Aegis like that was an enormous waste. His anger towards Isabella for wasting his skill was immediately directed towards the boss!

    "GRAH!" Jiang Fei roared angrily as he smacked the giant axe back to the boss' face.

    After executing the skill, Sudden Attack, the boss seemed to be running on fumes. All his other skills were only used sporadically as Jiang Fei slowly made mincemeat out of him.

    After a trading blows a few turns, Jiang Fei's health point was touching the 20,000 line. At the same time, the boss only had 20% health points left!

    "Huh? BELLA! DON'T JUST STAND THERE! ATTACK!" Jiang Fei screamed at the poor, frightened girl when he noticed that he had not been seeing the black flames cascading off the boss.

    He turned around and saw Isabella standing in place, completely at a loss. There was this cute, pinkish blush on her cheek. Her eyes were unfocused as she wavered about, thinking of something... Jiang Fei did not know about.

    "Huh... Oh! Right!"

    Jiang Fei's roar pulled her back to earth. However, for an unknown reason, she seemed to be highly distracted, incorrectly chanting her first Abyssal Flame cast.

    At that point, Isabella's pinkish blush had turned as red as a ripe tomato. As she tried to recast her spell, she secretly peeked at Jiang Fei, who was dancing on the battlefield, fighting the boss. When the fireball was finally sailing through the air, she would glance at Jiang Fei again before attacking again. Her voice was meek and sheepish. The same thing kept on repeating, and when Jiang Fei finally caught her glancing at him, she quickly lowered her head to avert her gaze.

    Truth be told, anyone other than Jiang Fei would immediately pick up on that. Sadly, Jiang Fei was the densest motherf*cker on earth. He simply turned back around, ignoring her and resuming the fight as if nothing had happened!

    "Death be to all of you!" the boss roared when his health points had reached the 10% threshold. At that moment, he activated his final, ultimate skill!

    Blade Storm!

    The boss grabbed the hilt of his axe with both arms and started to pirouette. As he gained speed, air from around him started to converge around him. Not soon after, a huge tornado had taken form around him!




    The skill dealt 8,000 damage per second, and the boss was directing it towards Jiang Fei and Isabella!

    "Bella, back off! Attack from as far as you can!" Jiang Fei commanded as he continued to fight, even though the tornado had engulfed him.


    She nodded. The one thing that Jiang Fei was unable to notice was her tone. She sounded cuter this time... More obedient...

    8,000 damage per second was nothing to sneeze at. So much so that Jiang Fei could not think of a solution for it!

    "This is it Bella! Go all out!" Jiang Fei roared. He knew that if he dragged the fight any longer, it would be his downfall. Hence, with victory at stake, he might as well go all out since the boss had only over 50,000 health points left! Jiang Fei would only need 6 seconds or so to defeat him!

    6 seconds... Was like a lifetime for Jiang Fei as he swung on from within the eye of the storm. 8,000 damage per second was just too much...

    He had already lost his trump card for Isabella. He was all out of tricks! At that point, there was no point in reserving his skills anymore!



    Shrring! A green light was released, and Jiang Fei was healed. At the very least, that amount of health points had granted Jiang Fei a few more seconds.

    After those hellish six moments, Jiang Fei dropped to his feet, kneeling before the dead body of the boss.

    "Ding! You have defeated Bloodborne High General! Obtained 950,000 experience points! Obtained 300 gold coins!

    Jiang Fei drew a deep breath of relief when the chime of notification rang in his ears.

    "Let's see what we got!" cried Isabella excitedly. Since the previous boss had dropped an Ancient tier mount, this boss should somehow surpass that!

    A golden light flashed, revealing the rarity of the item. Jiang Fei was a little disappointed when he saw it. If someone else was there, they might have fainted from the sheer sight of it.

    Lightbringer (Shield, Legendary)

    Physical Defense +228

    Magical Defense +180

    Vitality: +10

    Intelligence: +15

    Magic Attack Critical Hit: +5%

    Equip: Increase all healing effect by 15%

    Equip: Grants the skill, Saint's Descent. Summons a Light elemental to heal you! Light elemental's healing power is 80% of caster's healing power. Lasts for 30 seconds. 5-minute cooldown.

    Level Requirement: 30

    "Hm! Good stuff!" Jiang Fei was pleased when he saw the Legendary shield, since the one he had was only Level 20. It was high time for him to replace it. Even though the skill Demon's Harbourage from the Level 20 shield was good, the new one was much better in terms of stats. The fact that the shield was capable of healing came as a massive bonus!

    Jiang Fei stashed it into his inventory. In his guild, there was a Knight who could really use that shield. It was none other then Rosette Rose! But that damsel had chosen to quit fighting and had settled down as an administrative officer of the guild! Aside from her, there was no one else in the guild who could really use the shield!

    "Well, might as well sell it."

    Rather than gathering dust, Jiang Fei could use a few extra gold coins!

    The be frank, Jiang Fei was unsatisfied with the Lightbringer, despite it being Legendary! Just when he thought there could not be any more surprises, Jiang Fei reached out and retrieved an item that had nearly left him foaming at the mouth!
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