262 One Hit KO!

    Recipe: Rainbow Blade (Recipe, Superior)

    Use: Allows you to craft Rainbow Blades

    Rainbow Blade (Two-Handed Sword, Superior)

    Physical Attack +782

    Strength: +15

    Attack Increase: +8%

    Level Requirement: 30

    "This is gold! I've hit the jackpot!" cried Jiang Fei when he saw the Recipe.

    The attributes of the two-handed sword were good. With his ability to keep on producing skills on his equipment, Jiang Fei could predict that all the Rainbow Swords he made would be a big hit in the market. If the crafter got his hands on an Ascended tier Recipe, the two-handed sword would be an Epic tier, which would be an easy sale!

    Even though the Recipe was only a Blue grade, it was more valuable than Purple or Gold graded recipes, as those two had limits to their production count! He also had the possibility of producing Purple graded equipment, and without limitations to their numbers, he could easily earn a fortune especially when he could not equip any other weapon. That Recipe was only a means of earning a fortune and not building his character.

    Jiang Fei picked up another pair of Epic tier Leather Shoe. Since he could not equip such an item, might as well sell it.

    After he was finished with the loots, Jiang Fei was all smiles. He had never thought to actually obtain two equipment Recipes, with one of them being a super valuable recipe, in just one Heroic difficulty dungeon run.

    "Come along Bella, let's go find the next boss. If it's the final boss, use your dragon form to defeat him. If there're still more bosses, we'll just stop at the next one."

    Truth be told, Jiang Fei was already satisfied with loots then. Naturally, he was not bothered if there were more bosses to fight. However, if there were really two more bosses to defeat, he would only stop at the next one, knowing all too well that he would have run out of steam against the second boss.

    "Alright!" Isabella squeaked, ever so cutely. After Jiang Fei had saved her, Isabella became more... docile. When there was nothing for her to do she would just stare at Jiang Fei, looking at him with a smile on her face. Whenever Jiang Fei noticed her stare, she would quickly turn away, blushing madly when she did.

    If Zhao Feng was there, he would have immediately picked up on the sign and given Jiang Fei a good lecture on how to notice a woman's charm. On the other hand, he might just keep to himself since he knew Jiang Fei was just the bigger airhead in the world.


    Whenever Jiang Fei was on the front fighting the monsters, Isabella would be at her standard position, blasting enemies from afar. However, the one thing that had changed was the fact that she was not playing around anymore. Her attacks were far more frequent and disciplined. When she would notice Jiang Fei's health was dropping down to a dangerous level, she would put more effort to attack and get the monsters off him. It was almost unnecessary but the gesture was noticed by Jiang Fei. Since the skill effect of his Demonic transformation was still active, he was able to push far and fast towards the next boss. By the time the skill had ended, the duo was already able to see the boss' silhouette.

    Overseer Karlox (Enhanced) (Bloodborne, Leader)

    Level: 40

    Health Points: 450,000

    Magic Attack: 6,500

    Skills: Death Ray, Petrification Eye, Blood Rush, Unending Blood, Unending Blood Rush

    Note: Blood God Veigar's espionage! The final boss of the Heroic Difficulty of Bottom of the Bloodpool

    The boss had many magical skills which was a natural counter to Jiang Fei. If the boss was more of the physical nature, he might have stood a chance. On far end of the spectrum, he had little to almost zero magical defense!

    However, just when he started to worry about the fight, he immediately relaxed when he noticed the boss was the last boss of the dungeon. At that point, readings the skills' description was only a waste of time.

    "Bella. I'll leave this to you now. Kill everything!" said Jiang Fei as he smiled and patted Isabella's shoulder. He would only be waiting at the sidelines to collect the loot and experience points! With her dragon form unleashed, the finale would only be a matter of time!

    "Okay!" Isabella squeaked again. She then leaped into the air and transformed into the beautiful, powerful, and might black demon dragon!

    She glanced back and growled when she noticed monsters coming towards Jiang Fei.



    Isabella's Dragon Breath spread all across the field, incinerating all monsters that dared step into her range. After just ten seconds or so, she had killed hundreds of Elite tier monsters. There were even more than ten Advance Elite monsters!

    "Ding! You have killed Bloodborne Assaulter! Obtained 35,000 experience points!"

    "Ding! You have killed Bloodborne Summoner! Obtained 35,000 experience points!"


    The notifications popped up at rapid-fire pace, like a ticker counter on a busy Monday morning! In an instant, Jiang Fei's experience bar shot up so much that he could measure it with his eyes! Defeating a boss would only grant enough experience to barely make a tiny bump that one would not easily notice.

    Once all the monsters were defeated, Isabella roared once more, as if provoking the boss that was now all by its lonesome!

    "ьестьгоблин!Тыхо!" A long strain of words came out of Isabella's dragon maw as she chanted something. Even though Jiang Fei had learned the draconic language, he was not able to understand most of it.

    "... Dragon's Wrath!" After 30 seconds or so, at the end of the chant, Jiang Fei was able to understand just one phrase!


    A bolt of powerful lightning cracked across the sky as dark clouds suddenly converged. It was the scene of total despair for those at the other end of the attack.


    A loud explosion burst from among the clouds, and Jiang Fei could see a faint glow. A few seconds later, the dark clouds quickly made way for a large meteor, one burning with flames mixed in both black and red. Jiang Fei could not help but had goosebumps rising all around him.

    The boss roared when he gazed at the explosion in the sky. He had entered combat status when no one was attacking.

    However, as the final word was chanted, Isabella's skill was unleashed. The burning meteor came down smiting the boss, instantly killing it with one strike.


    Instant KO! A pure one hit KO! A Level 40 Enhanced Leader tier boss was taken down in a single strike!

    It was unbelievable... To deal 450,000 damage in a single hit... Just how powerful was the attack? There was no way to quantify it, since the boss only had 450,000 health points!

    The mechanics of magical attack and physical attack worked differently. If a player was left with 100 health points left, an enemy could still deal damage over the limit of health points left. Meaning that the enemy could still deal 1,000 damage to a player with only 100 health points. On the other hand, even the most powerful magic skill could only deal 100 damage to a player who only had 100 health points left. No more, no less. That single attack from Isabella was difficult to understand... but one thing was for sure; it was very powerful.

    "Ding! You have killed Overseer Karlox! Obtained 950,000 experience points. Obtained 700 gold coins!"

    "Ding! You have killed all the bosses in Heroic Difficulty "Bottom of the Bloodpool!" and cleared the dungeon!"

    "Ding! You are the first party to clear the Heroic Difficulty "Bottom of the Bloodpool" dungeon! Please key in your party name!"
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