263 A Secret Scheme

    Jiang Fei entered a few words in the pop-up menu and braced himself for what was to come next.

    "Ding! Announcement: "I'm Mr.Lonely. So Lonely in the Dungeon. Mr. Lonely!" party had cleared the Heroic Difficulty "Bottom of the Bloodpool"! Please cheer for the party member: "Verdure Glider"!"

    "Ding! Announcement: "I'm Mr.Lonely. So Lonely in the Dungeon. Mr. Lonely!" party had cleared the Heroic Difficulty "Bottom of the Bloodpool"! Please cheer for the party member: "Verdure Glider"!"

    "Ding! Announcement: "I'm Mr.Lonely. So Lonely in the Dungeon. Mr. Lonely!" party had cleared the Heroic Difficulty "Bottom of the Bloodpool"! Please cheer for the party member: "Verdure Glider"!"

    "Mr. Lonely?! Does he have no shame at all? My god. Such a prick!"

    "H-H-Heroic? Is there such a thing?"

    "Solo again?"

    "Is this bloody Verdure Glider the son of the game company's CEO?"

    "Take me with you! I'll make sure you'll never be lonely again, be it in dungeons or in bed!"

    "Take me with you then, three's a crowd!"

    "Babysit me, O mighty Verdure Glider."


    When the system was done with the announcements, Jiang Fei collected his experience points and gold. At the same time, the entire city of Dawnlight went crazy again. Even though there were many Level 30 players, they barely made up 20% of all the total players in the city. Most of them were fighting for their lives to reach level 30 as soon as possible to challenge the Level 30 dungeon. However, the almighty Jiang Fei had already cleared and claimed all the First Clear Achievements for the Level 30 dungeon, leaving none for the others.

    "Not bad my brother! If there's a next one coming up, be sure to count me in!" said Han Tianyu in his message. He was different from the other players. He did not care about how powerful Jiang Fei was in the game, nor how difficult it was to defeat the Heroic difficulty. All he cared for were the announcements. Jiang Fei succumbed to his pressure and agreed to take him along in his next trip.

    While Han Tianyu did not care about the game, those who did were literally in tears. Especially the guild masters of the three guild alliances. Just when the system had nerfed (1) the bosses in most dungeons, and only when they barely made it out alive, this guy had already cleared a 40-men dungeon alone! In Heroic difficulty too, at that!

    The gap between them and Jiang Fei was so huge that they could not even begin to process the despair. When they thought that they had pressured Jiang Fei by forming an alliance between them, that guy just went ahead and clear a 40-men dungeon alone! That feat had only sent their despair further down the depths. The problem was how members of their own guild had started to doubt the guild's integrity.

    Alone, Jiang Fei's influence was not much. Provided that they were still oblivious to Isabella's existence. However, when a powerful leader that was already famous, to begin with, started to make some noise, others will be affected.

    When Jiang Fei's dungeon clearing achievement was announced, those allied with The Aristocrats started to flaunt, saying that Jiang Fei was their allied guild's member.

    While others were proudly flaunting like, "Look at what my ally could achieve!", the members of the three-guild alliance were all, "Oh Lord, look at what they have achieved!"

    As such, members of the three-guild alliance had started to leave. As such, the combat potential of the three guild alliance began to plummet. It was apparent that if they did nothing, the problem would only grow exponentially. However, since it was only the early stages, the actual attack potential was only mildly affected. As such, an emergency meeting was quickly called to address this issue.

    They had spies in all of the named guilds, and Aristocrats was one of them. The three guilds knew that they were being pressured by the Aristocrats, but even so, many other pub gamers were still trying to join them. That was not the only issue then. Other issues like members having quarrels with higher-ranked officers of the guild had led to cases of loyal members quitting the three guild alliance. Hence, when the announcement was made, many more started to show signs of leaving the guild.


    In a small room inside a hotel in the Dawnlight city, three players were gathered together with frowns on their faces. Lady Casanova and the other two were inside the room, and since it was created as an instance room, no one outside the room could eavesdrop.

    "Have you made contact?" asked Southern Azuresword.

    "Yes," Daemon's Grimace replied.

    "Never would I thought that we would resort to this!" said Lady Casanova with a loud sigh.

    "Think of it this way. If it's not him, it's us. Verdure Glider and the Aristocrats are just too close. We have been forced to resort to this!" Daemon's Grimace laughed bitterly.

    "That's right! Do you want to see your guild, built with your own blood, sweat, and tears get torn down to nothing?!" said Southern Azuresword.

    Lady Casanova looked at both of them and sighed again.


    "Ah Fei! You just don't know how to make use of an opportunity, you know?"

    Even though that was not the first time Rosette Rose had scolded Jiang Fei, he had gone ahead and done it again! Ever since Jiang Fei and Rosette Rose had created the Empyreal Dragon guild, she had taken the liberty to be its manager. Naturally, she would feel the heartache when Jiang Fei wasted these city-wide announcements like water.

    "Huehuehue. Come on, relax. I'm just playing around!"

    Perhaps he had hung around Han Tianyu for too long, that his richie rich behavior had rubbed off on him. What he was supposed to learn had not been taken up, and what he had picked up was not even close to being the correct behavior!

    After Jiang Fei had replied to most of the private messages that he had received, Jiang Fei glanced at the guild chat channel and saw many guild members starting to boast about their guild. Jiang Fei had only needed one second to close the chat.

    His feat gave off a positive vibe as well. For example, the two newly joined guildmates, Seven Star Warrior and Six Fans had their eyes opened wide. Most of the thugs that were in the guild were more or less indifferent or rather, accustomized about the whole thing. Those who knew how to behave kept quiet about it, while others stated that they would go around and flaunt about the greatness of Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei had grown tired of their antics and decided to not give any hoot about it. He looked down at his own profile and almost fainted when he saw the experience point bar at 99.99%! All he needed to reach another level amounted to less than a thousand experience points.

    "F*cking hell. Just that one dot left!"

    After he was done with the loot, Jiang Fei planned to run around outside the city to kill some monsters. If all was good, he would reach Level 40 that day!

    Without any sense of urgency, Jiang Fei slowly sauntered over to the boss' corpse. At that time, Isabella was no longer in her dragon form. She landed close to Jiang Fei and leaned on him, somewhat exhausted.

    Jiang Fei noticed her exhaustion and her cuter-than-normal expression! In fact, he had finally noticed that she was more docile! There was no fire or hatred whatsoever in her eyes!

    "Oh yea... oh yea... show me what'chu got!" said Jiang Fei as he rubbed his hands like a housefly!


    A bright crimson gold light burst out, and Jiang Fei was overjoyed! That light was an indication of an Ancient tier item!

    Translation Note

    Nerf: An act to adjust or revamp the stats of an equipment, character, and other in-game attributes. A Nerf is a means to reduce the overall stats. A buff, on the other hand, is to increase the overall stats.
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