264 Rainbow Blade

    Sentry's Eye (Oblation, Legendary)

    Use: Summons an altar with the Eye of the Bloodborne to scout for a radius of 10,000 meters!

    Note: Activation of the Overseer's Eyes would consume a Mana Crystal.

    "What the? Another altar?!" Jiang Fei roared. With this in hand, he would have too many altars! He had already obtained the Asukuna Orb from the Secret Dungeon!

    However, both of them could be put to good use. Once both altars were set up, one could be used to scout for enemies, and the other would strengthen his allies' combat power. Even though both would be immobile once they were set up, they were instrumental in defending one's city or castle!

    Coincidently, Jiang Fei was planning to build his own territory! He could use the two, and when his castle was done, it would be adequately protected! Jiang Fei's precious little Ant Queen would be untouchable!

    Jiang Fei put away the Sentry's Eye and reached out to obtain more loot from the boss' corpse.

    Heart of the Bloodborne (Accessory, Legendary)

    Magic Attack +387

    Intelligence: +20

    Vitality: +10

    Equip: Recovers 10 health points every 5 seconds.

    Equip: Recovers 8 mana points every 5 seconds.

    Equip: Grants the skill, Blood Exchange. Consumes 20% health points. Restores mana points by 1.5 times the total health points consumed. Cooldown: 1 minute.

    Level Requirement: 30

    "Oh! Godly item!" Jiang Fei cried with joy. This accessory would be a magic class player's dream! Powerful skills would require a lot of mana! This would be a game changer for any magic user, since mana was more important than their well-being!

    Every magic user would have the skill call Magic Shield which would be strengthened after they reach their second class advancement. The skill creates a barrier that absorbs 2 damage points for every mana point. The skill was vital to support the already tofu-like constitution of a magician. However, the downside of the skill was the extreme mana consumption. With this accessory, a magician could sacrifice their health for instant mana! Since they would only attack from outside the melee range of an enemy, that would instantly increase their total damage output!

    Jiang Fei put the accessory away and reached out to grab the remaining items. After the first two luxurious items, the remaining three were Violet graded -- which were all tossed to a corner in his inventory. In total, the final boss of the dungeon had dropped five items. It was a good haul. An outstanding haul indeed!

    "Phew. This party dungeon is good!"

    Satisfied with the loot, Jiang Fei left the dungeon and returned to the city. Right then, he noticed that the time till the server's shut down was not far. He then spent more than a thousand gold coins to buy materials and went on to prepare for a crafting session.

    Since the Rainbow Blades were destined to be sold off, Jiang Fei did not order materials from his "slave." Since the two-handed sword was obviously going to be popular, it would be set it a higher price! Since the day he had used the auctioning system of the game, Jiang Fei had grown to like it. Not only was the target audience vast, and the fact that they could simply bid the price, he did not need to fear the other guilds, most notably the three-guild alliance, interfering the sales!

    Bang bang ding ding, went the hammer in his hand. When materials were consumed from his inventory, one sword will replace them. Jiang Fei was happy to see that his Divine Blacksmith experience points were going up. Leveling up was only a matter of time now.

    A Level 30 Blue equipment Recipe took one minute to produce a product. Jiang Fei's materials that he had spent over a thousand gold coins on were all used up in less than four hours of smithing!

    In return for his hard work, he had obtained 80 finished Rainbow Blades. His success rate of approximately 33% was so good that other Profession player would drop their jaws at the sight of his production rate! Note that Jiang Fei was producing Level 30 Blue graded equipment, and not those Level 10 trash! If other players were to craft this sword, they would be lucky to have even a 10% success rate, lest even talk about their Ascended equipment production rate!

    Amongst the 80 Rainbow Blade he produced, 13 of them were Epic tier, and all of them had above average stats. If he could sell them for at least 200 gold coins apiece, the Superior tier ones could fetch up to 50 to 60 gold coins each. Compared to the price of the Pet Egg, the sword was cheaper since they would be discarded after a few levels. A pet would follow you till the end of time! Well... unless you decide to throw them away...

    Even though he had been crafting the sword for more than four hours, he had not yet managed to see how it looked like when equipped. He then took one out of his inventory to examine it hands-on. During crafting, the sword would appear dull and black. He would immediately store the sword away in his inventory, after he had applied Ice Burst on it.

    "Woah." Jiang Fei was stunned.

    "How beautiful!" Isabella cried.

    Once the sword had cooled down, the brilliance of the blade truly shone. The sword's hilt was made with crystal and reflected the colors of a rainbow. On the other hand, the blade itself did not even seem to be made of metal! Instead, it looked like it was made by light itself; shining, shimmering, and splendid! It was very beautiful.

    The Blue grade Rainbow Blade was indeed, as the name implied, made of rainbows! However, there was an apparent difference between the Blue graded one and the Violet graded ones. The Blue ones only produced five colors while the Violet grade one had all seven colors. Its crystal hilt was bigger and better. Still, be it the Blue or Violet ones, both of them were extremely beautiful!

    "Hmph! Looks like I have no reason not to raise the price!" said Jiang Fei to himself. He had decided not to sell the sword in the auction system, since the buyer could not see the sword themselves! It would only appear as an icon, dull and motionless. It would not do justice to the sword!

    When players bought items from the auction system, they would only see the item stats and properties. Before he had a good look at the sword, 200 gold coins was worth the price. However, all of that changed when he actually held it in his hands! The Epic tier, Violet graded sword could fetch at least one thousand gold coins!

    "Such a blessing!" Jiang Fei smiled happily. At first, he planned to work for another day to craft the sword. Now, he had decided to invest another two to three more days to craft the sword! At best, that amount of money would be enough for him to build his castle!

    He planned to have the Rainbow Blade advertise itself, letting the players know just how cool the blade was. Once he was sure that everyone knew how the sword looks like, only then, he would put it in the auction system! That way, the prices would get even higher!

    Jiang Fei stored all the swords in his private storage. He then picked out the best out of the 13 Violet graded ones and kept it for himself.

    "Hm... Now, who do I find to best advertise this sword..."

    After a brief moment, Jiang Fei came up with the best candidate. Han Tianyu. That man was the best at boasting and flaunting. The first reason was not to have any other outsider flaunt the sword about. The second reason was Han Tianyu's behavior. That man would definitely flaunt the sword, as well as his status of being a sworn-brother of the strongest player in the game! Without even needing to ask, that man would perhaps flaunt around the city for three days straight!

    Imagine him, walking around the city as the guild master of the best guild in Dawnlight City with that Rainbow Sword in hand! Just how good of a walking advertisement would he be!
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