265 Dragon Knigh

    "Brother Yu, where are you?"

    "I'm just training. What's up?"

    "Hur hur. I have some good stuff here. Want them?"

    "Good stuff, you said? What a good man. You actually thought about me first! I'm touched that you have not already given to the babes!"

    "... So, I take it that you don't want them?" Jiang Fei teased.

    "Ahhh! No! I didn't say that! Wait for me! I'll return to the city now!" said Han Tianyu, highly alarmed. Han Tianyu knew that Jiang Fei would never offer up anything trashy to him!

    "That's fine. I'll go to you instead. Give me your coordinates!" Jiang Fei was still training, as he was literally a few more experience points away from leveling up. Might as well go out of the city and farm a little.

    "I'm at XXX, XXX. I'll be waiting for you here!"

    When Jiang Fei received the coordinates, he summoned his mount, but when he noticed Isabella standing extremely close by his side, he decided to try the new mount.

    "Ding! After the initial summon, the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon will be bound to you. Do you wish to continue?"

    "Yes!" Jiang Fei said to the system.


    Even though he was not doing it, a sharp whistling was heard from his own character. When the whistling died down, Jiang Fei heard the powerful flaps coming from above. Unlike the two-second channeling time of other mounts, the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon was instantaneous. Still, the dragon came from afar, and the total time taken for the dragon to arrive was still two seconds!

    When Jiang Fei looked up, he saw the sun being shadowed by a massive pair of wings. The dragon, adorned in metal armor came down from the sky and landed next to Jiang Fei. It then lowered its back, allowing Jiang Fei to mount it.

    "Come now, Bella. Let's go," said Jiang Fei as he got up and offered help to Isabella. Naturally, the petite little girl blushed as she nodded her head and took Jiang Fei's hand.

    Even though the name of the dragon had the "juvenile" prefix in the front, the dragon had already grown up to seven meters! When its two wings spread out, they spanned over twenty meters long! If the system allowed for it, this dragon could easily accommodate for four!

    When Jiang Fei was ready to ride the dragon, Isabella's hands wrapped themselves around Jiang Fei's waist.


    Jiang Fei noticed the gesture, but did not think too much about it. After all, in the real world, it would be natural for someone in the passenger seat to grab hold of the front rider on a motorcycle. However, that was not what Jiang Fei was thinking. In fact, he was not thinking about Isabella, period! All he could think of was the excitement of riding a flying dragon!

    When Jiang Fei had the common wyvern mount, there were no changes in the U.I. This Juvenile Skygliding Dragon was different, with it being a Battle Mount! An additional window, titled Battle Mount tab, opened up.

    Normal Run Mode: Increases movement speed by 100% and gains strength collision. Deals 50% of your attack to any enemies in your way! Knocks back target. Warning, ineffective against enemies larger than the dragon.

    Flying Mode: Increases movement speed by 300%. Unrestricted movement in the air.

    The Skygliding Dragon had two mount modes, running on the ground, and flying. On the ground, the dragon would act like a tank, crushing anyone who dared to stands in his way. Flying mode was pretty self-explanatory. Basically, Jiang Fei would fly high in the sky and reach his destination in one straight line!

    As a Battle Mount, this dragon had a health bar. When killed, it would disappear instantly and could only be resummoned after two hours. If the dragon was killed in the sky, the rider would then be killed by the fall damage.

    The health points of the dragon were tied to Jiang Fei's level. For every level, the dragon would have 1,000 health points. Since Jiang Fei was Level 39, the dragon currently had 39,000 health points. That was a lot of health, but it barely had any defense. That meant, all damage on the dragon would be pure. (I.e. 4,000 damage dealt, 4,000 damage receive)

    In a PvP session, a player could choose not to attack the mount but the rider itself.

    Aside from the changes to the U.I, there were also additional skills.

    Fire Spit: Deals 50% of your damage as fire damage to a target within 30 meters. Creates a burning terrain which deals 1% of their maximum health points as damage per second. Lasts for 30 seconds. 20-second cooldown time.

    Stomp: Dives forward and stomps on a target. Deals 20% of your maximum health points as damage. Stuns the target for one second. This effect has a 5-second cooldown on the same target. Requires the mount to be set in running mode.

    Fire Breath: Deals 100% of your damage as fire damage to all targets that is 30 meters in front of you. 30-second cooldown time. Requires the mount to be set in flying mode.

    "WTF! This is strong!"

    At that moment, Jiang Fei noticed that his hammer was gone. Instead, a three-meter-long silver dragon spear replaced it. However, it was merely the appearance of the weapon that had changed, not the attributes. This was just a visual change made when mounted. Imagine carrying a foot-long hammer to an aerial battle.

    "This is so cool!" Jiang Fei gasped. He was a dragon knight! A real dragon knight!

    "Rise, my dragon!" Jiang Fei bellowed as he pulled the reins on the dragon.

    The dragon roared majestically and started to flap its powerful wings.

    "Huh? What on earth is that?"

    "Is it a bird?"

    "Is it a plane?"

    "No, you dumb f*ck. We are in a game. There's no such thing as a plane in the game!"

    "Shut the f*ck up! Look! Someone is riding it!"


    Even though Jiang Fei had tried to summon the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon in an isolated area, the sheer size of the dragon alone was enough for all to see when Jiang Fei ascended to the sky.

    "That's Verdure Glider! I know his face!" cried someone from amongst the crowd.

    "What?! How!? When!? WTF!?

    "Verdure Glider, I love you! Take me with you!"

    "Dino Girl, just give up. Can't you see that he already has a beauty riding with him? Who wants to ride with you..."

    "None of your business! Can't you see that he is a dragon knight? A dinosaur is technically a dragon as well!"

    The player named Dino Girl continued to argue with the spectators, but when Jiang Fei was almost out of sight, she yelled out, "Big brother, please take me with you! I don't mind being your mistress!


    "Hoho. It seems that you are rather popular amongst the adventurers," said Isabella as she moved close to talk closer to his ears.

    "Eh? What's this? Did you just compliment me? I'm so touched! Allow me to enjoy this moment for a while!" Jiang Fei turned his head to reply, but as her face was too close to his, the two bumped into each other and their faces were only a few millimeters away. Jiang Fei smiled awkwardly and turned back to the front, not knowing that Isabella was smiling, while blushing like a pink rose.
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