267 An Army of Rainbow Wielders

    The moment Han Tianyu had the sword in hand, he prepared to teleport back to the city. However, he felt a sudden nudge behind him. When he turned back, Chen Xi was looking at him with eyes as sharp as a razor.



    'Oh no,' Han Tianyu thought to himself.

    "Erhm... do you want this...?" said Han Tianyu.

    "Give it," said Chen Xi blatantly as she threw her fair hands out.

    Han Tianyu drew in a deep breath. He loved the sword so much that he was already ready to flaunt around the city! It was so cool and precious to him. It would be a massive heartache if he were to give it away. However, this little lady would never stop if she wanted something. Right then, she was considered to be at her best behavior! That did not mean that she would still be... Obedient when Han Tianyu rejected her "request."

    "I still have more! I made them myself!" said Jiang Fei, rushing to the rescue!

    "Hmph. You should learn how to pay your respects to your instructor!" said Chen Xi disgruntledly.

    Even though it had been a while since Jiang Fei experienced her training, the girl still thought herself to be his master. That was why she dared to be so conceited. Jiang Fei actually shared the same thought, and that was why he immediately moved in to please her.

    At that point, Chen Xi was still oblivious about Jiang Fei being a Metahuman and behaved as if she was still stronger than Jiang Fei. If she had known about it, she would not have had the bravery to simply demand the sword from Jiang Fei.

    "I'm just giving it to Brother Yu! I know that he would want to show it off to everyone. That would serve as a nice advertisement for me!" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "I don't care about that. Give me one later when you're free," said Chen Xi as if she had forgiven Jiang Fei for his insolence.

    When Jiang Fei was about to leave to kill a monster, Happy Drunk came to him.

    "Brother Glider! Please wait!"

    When Han Tianyu had obtained the sword, he had immediately posted the sword's stats in the guild channel. Naturally, Happy Drunk would have learned of it.

    "What's up? Why would a ranged attacker such as yourself want a two-handed sword?" said Jiang Fei apprehensively. The sword was expensive. Him giving it to Han Tianyu and Chen Xi did not mean that he could give it to anyone else.

    "Ah. No. That's not it. Well... it is. Please hear me out. You made the sword yourself?" said Happy Drunk.

    "What are you talking about? Besides my brother here, is there anyone else that could even craft an Epic tier sword? Find me one, and I'll change my surname to yours!" said Han Tianyu as if he was flaunting Jiang Fei.

    "Please don't. If you were to change your surname to mine, your father would have my entire family change their names into his..." said Happy Drunk mechanically. He then immediately turned back to Jiang Fei.

    "Brother Glider, I have this idea. You wanted Brother Yu to show off the sword as a mean of advertisement, and that would only mean that you wanted to mass produce and sell the sword. I have a proposal for you. All of the Epic tier swords should be sold, but I would like to ask for all the Superior tier. What do you think?"

    "Huh? I don't understand your question!"

    "What I am proposing is to buy all the Superior Rainbow Blades you produce. Naturally, we will provide you the materials. All the Epic Rainbow Blades are yours to sell, whereas we will buy all your Epic Rainbow Blade at market price. However, you cannot sell the Superior tier to anyone else!"

    "Why is that?" said Jiang Fei. That was not how Happy Drunk usually spoke. If Han Tianyu had said something like that, Jiang Fei would have immediately complied. But he knew Happy Drunk. He was the same as Rosette Rose. Anything related to the guild would be carefully considered and brought up for discussion to bring the guild profit. What he had proposed was to blindly provide Jiang Fei with materials, and even buy the swords he produced at market price! How would that benefit the guild? That was not Happy Drunk!

    "Hehe. You know how to advertise, I know how to make a living!" Happy Drunk smiled when he saw the perplexed expression on Jiang Fei and proceed to explain it to him.

    The next game patch was supposed to launch a PvP system. Officially, the PvP system would only be initiated after a short buffer period. Players around had started to worry about the upcoming fights, which included the large-scale wars. Happy Drunk had proposed the idea to build an army of Rainbow Blade wielders. Even the sight of such an army would demoralize any adversary.

    Right then, the masses had remained unaware about the two versions of the Rainbow Blade. From afar, no one could differentiate the seven colored version from the five colored versions. Naturally, the leading general should be carrying the seven colored blade. Just by letting him stand on the front line, the enemy would think that every single player behind the leader would be wielding the same blades!

    At the same time, the proposed Rainbow Blade Army would be a trademark trait of the Aristocrats. That sort of trademark would not only strengthen the guild's overall power, but also to let everyone know that the Aristocrats were not to be messed with. Two birds with one stone!

    That was why Happy Drunk would make such a bold proposal to Jiang Fei! It was to prevent the outflow of Rainbow Blade to anyone else!

    "What the hell! That's a good idea indeed! Not bad! Looks like I have been underestimating you!" said Han Tianyu when Happy Drunk was done explaining. Han Tianyu was thinking of something else. He imagined himself leading the army, with the seven color variant of the Rainbow Blade, leading an army all equipped with the five color variant Rainbow Blade! He felt a sudden chill at the thought of it.

    "Hm. I'm fine with it. I accept your proposal!" said Jiang Fei. Since Happy Drunk was willing to draw the short end of the stick, Jiang Fei thought that he could make use of it. In the same time, he was giving face to Han Tianyu. Without him, he would never have entered the new world.

    Based on the stats, one Blue graded Rainbow Blade should be priced around 70 to 80 gold coins. However, since Happy Drunk was willing to buy them at market price, Jiang Fei then included the value of its aesthetics. In the end, Jiang Fei set the price at 200 gold coins apiece. Since Jiang Fei was going to mass produce the sword, the Superior tier sword would sell better than the Epic tier sword. Even if he placed the sword in the auction house, that price as a start would not be too high. Even if there were players with tonnes of gold coins laying around, they would not be willing to buy a second-rate product!

    Once the deal was set, Han Tianyu left with the Rainbow Blade in hand, flaunting around the city. Jiang Fei planned to have the swords in his personal storage and trade them to Happy Drunk. Might as well make some space for the upcoming swords!

    When he received over 15,000 gold coins, Jiang Fei could not stop smiling. 50,000 gold coins might sound like an impossible mission, but when one sat down and did the math, it would not be so scary to have such an ambition.

    "Hurry up! Go back to the city and pass me the swords!" said Happy Drunk when he had already paid Jiang Fei.

    "Hold on for a minute. I need to kill one monster!" said Jiang Fei. He had almost forgotten about it!

    Jiang Fei then had Isabella stay put and ran towards the closest monster. With only a few hits, the monster was killed, and Jiang Fei had gained a level.

    "Ding! You have killed Cardia Snatcher! Obtained 1,700 experience points!"

    "Ding! Congratulation player Verdure Glider for reaching Level 40! All Attribute +1! Obtained 5 Attribute Points!"

    "Ding! You have reached Level 40! Based on your class specialty, you have obtained a new skill, Heavy Armor Mastery!"

    Heavy Armor Mastery: Allows you to equip Plate Armor.

    Armor Mastery is a passive skill any Level 40 player would unlock. Warriors or any other Heavy Armor class could unlock Heavy Armor Mastery, allowing them to equip Plate Armor. Hunters or Ranger class player would unlock a counterpart that leaned towards Agility. Other classes would have the same skill that complemented their primary stats.

    Plate Armor were Level 40 armors. Their Defense and Resistant stats would far exceed the Chain Armor, on the other hand, as a trade-off for the superior Defence, they took away some Agility points. It was must-have equipment for tank class players. Naturally, as a Profession player, most of them could wear all kinds of armor. Since they would have little combat power, they would also choose to have a Plate Armor to protect themselves.

    "Oh man... I've only worn this equipment for a few days, now I've got to change it again!" said Jiang Fei. Looks like he would have to start venturing into the realms of Level 40 maps and hunt for Plate Armor!
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