268 A Divine Blacksmith’s Test!

    A Divine Blacksmith's Test!

    "Did you just only level up?" Han Tianyu's jaw dropped when he saw the unmistakeably characteristic level-up light.

    "Ah Fei, how the heck do you train?" said Chen Xi. For all the speed and effort that she had invested in training, she had only reached Level 33. She was only second in the Level Ranking Board! Just what was going on with that brat? How was it possible to level up just by hitting a single monster?!

    "Hoho. I've been raiding dungeons nonstop. And, I was only one thousand points away from leveling up," said Jiang Fei.

    "Tsk! Bastard," Chen Xi clicked her tongue. Raiding a dungeon alone was a feat no one in the game except Jiang Fei could pull off. Players at that point might just be strong enough to raid lower level dungeons such as "Deep into the Night," but "Bottom of the Bloodpool" was still too tough to be raided without a fully armed party.

    "Everything's done here. I'll take my leave. Happy Drunk! Have your men follow me to take the swords. At the same time, I want the materials sent to me -- as many as you could get me!" said Jiang Fei as he sent over a short message containing an extensive list of the materials required to craft the swords.

    Just as he arrived, Jiang Fei summoned the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon and left the crowd, leaving them in awe.

    Jiang Fei wanted to teleport back to the city since it was faster. However, he did not want to expose Isabella's identity in doing so. She would not have to tear a Teleportation Scroll, and would only disappear with a different animation.

    Han Tianyu did not suspect a single thing. His mind was too occupied with the idea of flaunting and boasting. With such a cool dragon mount, he would never want to use a Teleportation Scroll ever again!

    By the time Jiang Fei arrived at Dawnlight City, Happy Drunk was already there waiting, with many of his people already waiting for him at the personal storage kiosk.

    "Please take these materials. We will buy every Superior tier Rainbow Blade you produce. If you have insufficient materials, please remember that we will provide an unlimited amount of them!" said Happy Drunk to Jiang Fei before he instructed his follower to provide Jiang Fei with all the materials he needed. It was rare to find Jiang Fei wanting to mass produce equipment. Happy Drunk would never miss this opportunity. If Jiang Fei was willing to work, Happy Drunk would be willing to spend his money.

    Even though he was not happy by the fact that Han Tianyu had bought over his guild, he could not deny the fact that after Han Tianyu had taken over the guild, the entire guild had indeed grown in strength. In no time at all, Han Tianyu had hired many specialized groups. There was a group that farmed gold coins, a group that foraged for herbs and materials, another group that crafted items, and many more that specialized in their respective, specific fields. The guild's resources had only grown since the day Han Tianyu chose to take over. As expected of the rich. Luxury was the only word that could describe them!

    Hence, when Happy Drunk knew that Jiang Fei wanted gold coins, he had immediately taken the chance and proposed to buy all the swords that he could make. He did not want the Epic tier swords, as strong as they were, was to reserve them for other players. He did not want to bind Jiang Fei too tightly to him. He granted Jiang Fei the freedom to do whatever he wanted with the Epic tier swords. That would have him feel as if he was working as his own boss, and not under someone's employment. Secondly, the sword was sharp, and then there was the drawback to it. A weapon is only as good as the hero could get. Others would soon target those players with the Rainbow Blade and start to kill them, hoping to get the sword from their drops.

    Besides, the Superior tier swords were almost as good as the Epic tier ones. After all, the Superior tier sword was still imbued with a skill! It was still considered a rare drop at that point of the game. The Aristocrats may have been successful at clearing the "Bottom of the Bloodpool" Normal and Elite difficulty, but the drops from the dungeon were just too low. The Normal difficulty final boss would only drop Green tier equipment, and the Elite difficulty boss would only drop Blue and Violet grade equipment.

    Jiang Fei was able to be lucky, only because he had the first clear advantage and his absurdly high Luck. Since he was always the first person to clear every dungeon so far, the others who entered the dungeon would only walk out with limited drops.

    To further emphasize the attraction of Violet graded equipment and higher, the entirety of Dawnlight City could not cobble up a 30-man party to clear the Elite difficulty "Bottom of the Bloodpool." Naturally, the Aristocrats was one of them. Blue tier equipment was a compulsory upgrade, and soon to be a norm.

    Let's not forget how cool and intimidating it would look when an army of Rainbow Blade-wielding soldiers marched at the launch of the new PvP content.

    After obtaining the materials, Jiang Fei started to look for an unoccupied Blacksmithing Workshop and started with his work immediately. Isabella proactively tried to help, even though Jiang Fei had not asked her to. She would carry all the finished product after Jiang Fei had used Ice Burst on them and stored them in the temporary storage by the workshop itself.

    "Ding! You have successfully crafted a Rainbow Blade! Obtained 50 Divine Blacksmith experience points!"

    "Ding! You have gained a Level for Divine Blacksmith! You have reached the limits and would be required to complete a test before you could gain any more experience points!"

    "Ding! The Divine Blacksmith Ou Yezi has appeared at coordinate XXX, XXX. Please talk to him within 30 minutes to receive your test!"

    After two hours of smithing swords, Jiang Fei had gained a level and received a sudden notification.

    "What?! Another time-limited quest?!" Jiang Fei grunted. However, since the system had already notified him about it, he would have to go! That illusive instructor had always been a mystery. If Jiang Fei missed this chance, there was no telling when Ou Yezi would appear again!

    Jiang Fei placed all the materials and swords in hand into the temporary storage. As long as Jiang Fei remained online, the items in the temporary storage would not disappear. He then went towards the direction and saw the Divine Blacksmith, Ou Yezi. The man dressed and looked like a poor man with dirt on his entire body, and an odd piece of chicken bone in his mouth. His two hands were so filthy that one could easily mistake it for his actual skin tone. There were even a few empty booze bottles lying by his side. The smile and sight of him left Jiang Fei nauseated.

    "Master..." Jiang Fei greeted the man and was thankful that there was no one else present then. He was so ashamed to address this man as his master!

    "Hoho. My apprentice. Your talents seem to be blooming most splendidly!" said Ou Yezi while munching and chewing the bones of the chicken.

    "Ehrm. Master, I am here to ask for a test!" said Jiang Fei, without directly looking at Ou Yezi. He was trying his best not to throw up at that point.

    "Haha! Fiesty! I like it! The burning spirit of youth!" Ou Yezi laughed and bit down on the bones of the chicken before spitting it away. He then wiped his hands on the tattered clothes and got to his feet. "Since you're in such a hurry for the test. Here goes the official Divine Blacksmith test!"

    "Ding! Divine Blacksmith Ou Yezi has a quest for you. "A Test for the Divine Blacksmith" Would you accept it?"

    "Yes," Jiang Fei replied immediately! That was precisely why he was there!

    "Ding! Quest updated!"

    Quest Name: A Test for the Divine Blacksmith.

    Quest Goal: Craft a second Ascension equipment from a Recipe.

    Quest Time Limit: 8 Hours.

    Quest Limitation: Recipe used for crafting must be no lower than a Level 30 Blue graded Recipe

    Quest Reward: Advancement to an official Divine Blacksmith!

    "Ding! Your identity as a Divine Blacksmith has been activated!"

    "Ding! You have gained a skill, "Divine Blacksmith's Specialty."

    Divine Blacksmith's Specialty: Gains a 0.001% chance to trigger the second Ascension of a weapon during crafting. Limited to only one second Ascension equipment per Recipe.

    "What?!" Jiang Fei was stunned.

    What the hell is a second ascension? To craft a Violet equipment from a Green Recipe was a pleasant surprise, but to craft a Golden equipment from a Violet Recipe would be a stroke of luck! But what did a Violet recipe give? Or perhaps a Golden Recipe?! What could they produce as a second Ascension? Ancient? Saint? Or maybe even... Celestial?!
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