271 Picking Up The Bad And The Ugly

    Not much could be said about Rapid Frostburst. Apart from a greater burst of damage from being the strengthened version of Ice Burst -- dealing 20% of Jiang Fei's Health Points as damage instead of the original 10%, Rapid Frostburst's freeze had also been expanded from one second to three seconds!

    Other than Rapid Frostburst, there was also newly learned Rose Cutter. The skill did not cause instantaneous damage. Instead, it gave off a continuous damage effect which was equivalent to 2% of Jiang Fei's maximum Health Points, for every second. Although it did not sound like a lot, Jiang Fei had lots of Health Points!

    After reaching Level 40, Jiang Fei's Health Points had reached 37,000. That was equivalent to 700 damage per second! This continuous damage effect was as good as the damage over time that Magicians and Bandits could muster!

    With this skill, Jiang Fei's damage skyrocketed. Even without Ruthless Barrage stacking, Jiang Fei could still deal a significant amount of damage.

    "Alright! Although you have acquired the name of a Divine Blacksmith, there is still much for you to learn. Keep working on it! Once you get stronger, I will find you again!" The unkempt Ou Yezi said. After that, his body glowed with a bright golden light and vanished altogether!

    "Screw you! What kind of a Skill Master are you? Even until now, you have not taught me anything yourself!" Jiang Fei stared blankly at the Skill Master who came and went as he pleased.

    However, regardless of what he said, Jiang Fei's capabilities had shot up. Both his crafting and battling prowess were now groundbreaking.

    "Let's go!" Jiang Fei said, as he summoned the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon. He was at was an impoverished region with an awful environment. If not for Ou Yezi showing up here, Jiang Fei would not have come to such a place.


    Isabella skillfully jumped onto the dragon's back after Jiang Fei and sat behind him. She even looped her arms around his waist!

    "Eh?" Jiang Fei suddenly felt two oddly soft objects rubbing against his back. Although this was not the first time he had brought Isabella with him on a ride in the sky, he had never noticed the sensation as he was previously occupied with other thoughts on his mind. Now that he had accomplished his quest, and was able to relax, he suddenly recalled everything!

    "Fly!" Jiang Fei commanded the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon. They headed to the blacksmith's shop, where Jiang Fei had stored his stocks. Although Jiang Fei was still not used to the soft sensation on his back, he did not ask Isabella to move away. Besides, he secretly enjoyed the feeling.

    Even this dumb young fellow had learned to be a bad boy. A trip that would have initially only taken tens of seconds ended up taking almost twenty minutes. The Juvenile Skygliding Dragon had nearly slowed to a crawl.

    Naturally, Jiang Fei did not dare to look back at Isabella, since he was the one taking advantage of her.

    Besides, this dumb, inexperienced young virgin did not even dare speak a word to her. Behind him, Isabella had realized that the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon was moving far too slowly, but she did not overthink of it. She actually enjoyed the time could spend alone with Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei taking advantage of her was the last thing on her mind. Apparently, even a dumb young fellow picked up bad things pretty swiftly!

    As much as Jiang Fei tried to extend the trip, the short distance did not last long. When the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon set itself down at the entrance to the blacksmith's shop, Jiang Fei remained seated for an unnaturally long period.


    When the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon landed, Isabella jumped down, her face flushed red. There went Jiang Fei's reason to stay on the dragon's back any longer.

    After entering the blacksmith's shop, Jiang Fei took inventory of the items he had crafted before. Including the Rainbow Blade which Ou Yezi had left him, Jiang Fei had crafted seventy-seven weapons in total. Due to the thoughts on his mind, his success rate this time around was not as high as before!

    Among the seventy-seven double-handed swords, one of them was Legendary grade, nine of them Epic grade, and the remaining sixty-seven were all Excellent grade.

    "If I sold all of the Excellent grade ones to Happy Dunk, I should be able to net 15,000 gold coins. After gifting an Epic grade one to Little Xi, I will still have one Legendary and twenty Epic grade Rainbow Blades. That would be about enough!" Jiang Fei mumbled to himself.

    "Alright, come and get your stuff! Also, send me two hundred sets of ingredients!" Jiang Fei messaged Happy Drunk. After much calculation, after selling off the Epic grade Rainbow Blades, Jiang Fei would be able to collect all 50,000 gold coins for the deposit!

    The money was enough for the deposit, but Jiang Fei would still need more money to build the base. Besides, Jiang Fei also wanted to test his new skills and their effects as an actual Divine Blacksmith!

    Being able to manipulate the grade of a piece of equipment was a godly ability. If he could increase the rate to a certain level, the benefits were beyond his imagination!

    There was a limited number of times Epic grade recipes could be attempted. Being able to succeed a very few times of crafting was already an incredible feat. If he were to bet on the minuscule rate of success for a selected grade, there was little hope for succeeding. However, if he could personally control the rate of success, even the Epic grade recipes would be equivalent to Legendary grade equipment for Jiang Fei!

    Happy Drunk was highly efficient. He arrived at the blacksmith's shop in less than five minutes.

    "Hehe, we have accumulated quite a lot of ingredients. Feel free to peruse!" Happy Drunk could not help smiling. As the level of equipment increased, the time taken to craft them took longer and longer. Jiang Fei was also getting less eager to craft for him. Therefore, when Jiang Fei agreed to craft three batches of equipment for him continuously, Happy Drunk was overjoyed.

    "Alright, thank you very much. However, this would be the final batch!" Jiang Fei laughed. Two hundred sets of ingredients would take him around four hours to burn through. In that case, he would have been wielding the hammer for almost twelve hours that day. If not for his lack of money, he would not have worked so hard!

    In all honesty, Jiang Fei was too comfortable with poverty. If Han Tianyu ever found out the reason behind such efforts, he would have scolded Jiang Fei for being a fool. Even if Jiang Fei did not accept Han Tianyu's monetary gifts, he could still use his money in the real world to buy gold coins in the black market!

    Jiang Fei currently had a personal net worth millions of dollars. A few tens of thousands of gold coins meant nothing to him. However, the young fellow was too used to being poor. He was always selling things to earn gold coins, and never thought about actually paying for gold coins!

    Jiang Fei's money came too easily, and it still felt surreal. Therefore, he did not treat those millions in his bank account as his own money. He also never thought of himself as a wealthy person.

    It would take time for him to get used to being rich. Jiang Fei had still not grown out of the mindset of a regular student who used to ration every single dollar for his spending!

    *Ding Dong*

    Once Jiang Fei acquired the ingredients, he started crafting with his hammer. As there was no longer any pressure from quests, Jiang Fei's relaxed state of mind led to an increase in the success rate.


    As he brought down his hammer one final time, a Rainbow Blade was successfully crafted. At the same time, Jiang Fei could just make out a glint of light on the surface of the blade. The glint gradually moved towards the center of the blade. It moved so fast that it seemed like it might disappear in an instant. Jiang Fei knew that he had to use his Ice Burst to capture the glint of light. The grade and level of the equipment depended on how well he could time of this single action!
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