273 A Responsible Ambassador!

    *Ding dong*

    It started the same as before. Very soon, Jiang Fei had completed the crafting of the shell of the blade.

    "Come on! Here we go!" Once the shell of the blade was complete, Jiang Fei saw the little dot of light yet again!

    However, this time, with the boost of an additional 160 Spirit Points and enhanced observation and sensing abilities, Jiang Fei could clearly track its movements.

    Rapid Frostburst!

    A breath of frosty air shot out of Jiang Fei's mouth. However, he still did not manage to capture it.

    "Ding! You have successfully crafted Rainbow Blade! Smithing Experience +50!"

    "D*rn! I could not react in time!" Jiang Fei cursed under his breath. After handing over the Excellent grade Rainbow Blade to Isabella, he retrieved yet another set of ingredients.

    Although he failed again, Jiang Fei was feeling much better than he did previously. Now that he could clearly track the light, he could move preemptively, even if he could not react in time.

    Therefore, Jiang Fei started crafting again, almost immediately.

    "Ding! You have failed to craft this time!"

    "This is so annoying!" Jiang Fei frowned as he accepted another set of ingredients from Isabella.

    When he began crafting yet again, everything went smoothly. The shell of the blade was quickly formed and, just the process was about to come to an end, Jiang Fei let out a breath of frosty fair, estimating the light's time of arrival.

    Rapid Frostburst!

    "Ding! You have successfully crafted Rainbow Blade! Smithing Experience +50!"

    "D*mn it! Too early!" Jiang Fei cursed under his breath again.

    However, despite his failure yet again, Jiang Fei felt that he was getting a better grasp of things!

    *Ding dong*

    "Bloody hell! I was late!"

    *Ding dong*

    "Darn! I missed it again!"


    The crisp sound of metallic surfaces colliding against each other rang through the blacksmith's shop, along with the sound of a young man complaining. On the other hand, a young girl was busy with various tasks including shifting ingredients, storing away completed equipment and sometimes even wiping the sweat off the young man's forehead whenever she was free. Her own sweat was dripping off the sides of her face.

    "Aha! I've got it!"

    After about an hour, a loud cheer was heard from within the blacksmith's shop.

    "Ding! You have successfully crafted Rainbow Blade! Smithing Experience +50!"

    "Hehe. Although it is still an Excellent grade, I have finally captured the light!"

    Although the crafted weapon was still of the Excellent grade, Jiang Fei could sense the improvement. Therefore, even the mundane crafting process suddenly seemed far more interesting!

    While it was still a piece of Excellent grade equipment, it was of the highest quality among the Excellent grade equipment. Not only did it not come with any rubbish Attributes, its raw Attribute Points were higher than usual.

    *Ding dong*

    As Jiang Fei was able to sense his improvement, he was no longer as irritated about the outcome. Therefore, when he accepted another new set of ingredients from Isabella, he happily started crafting again!


    "Ha! Three streams!"

    After a while, Jiang Fei was pleasantly surprised, yet again.

    "Ding! You have successfully crafted the Enhanced Rainbow Blade! Smithing Experience +80!"

    "Cool!" Jiang Fei was exhilarated, as he looked at the glowing Epic grade weapon in his hand. He had finally mastered the tricks of crafting high-quality equipment. In the future, nobody would be able to stand up to Verdure Glider's name when it came to equipment crafting!

    Having successfully created the first ever Epic grade Rainbow Blade, Jiang Fei continued crafting. However, he was not able to successfully capture three streams of light each time. Although he knew approximately when to emit his frosty breath, they did not always appear at the same place. However, as Jiang Fei continued to practice, he gained more insight into the pattern.

    When Jiang Fei had used up all the ingredients, he had successfully crafted a hundred and two pieces. Seventeen of those were of the Epic grade!

    This was two hours ago, before Jiang Fei had mastered the technique and was still unable to produce a single piece of high-quality equipment.

    Towards the end, Jiang Fei crafted almost two high-quality equipment out of every five attempts. His success rate was nearly 50%!

    Although he had somewhat mastered the technique, Jiang Fei still could not capture more streams of light. He needed more practice!

    However, having created so many Rainbow Blades, Jiang Fei did not feel like continuing. Even if he could sense his improvement, he was getting sick of the repetition.

    Jiang Fei sent a message to Happy Drunk, asking him to collect the eighty-five pieces of Excellent grade equipment which he newly crafted.

    He then received a new batch of gold coins from Happy Drunk. With all three transactions, Jiang Fei now had around 46,000 gold coins. He was not too far from achieving his target for the deposit!

    After eight hours had passed, Jiang Fei predicted that Han Tianyu would be nearly ready with the advertisement gig. Therefore, he spent some money sending out three notices on the trading channel.

    "City-wide announcement: The Aristocrats' guild master's limited-edition Rainbow Blade has already been listed in the Auction System. You deserve to own the attractively designed Epic grade equipment!"

    "City-wide announcement: The Aristocrats' guild master's limited-edition Rainbow Blade has already been listed in the Auction System. You deserve to own the attractively designed Epic grade equipment!"

    "City-wide announcement: The Aristocrats' guild master's limited-edition Rainbow Blade has already been listed in the Auction System. You deserve to own the attractively designed Epic grade equipment!"

    "D*rn? What is a Rainbow Blade?"

    "Could it be the rainbow-colored long sword carried by the tycoon from The Aristocrats?"

    "Is it true? That sword is way too cool!"

    "That's right! It even looks just like the one owned by the tycoon!"

    "Ooooh! I want it! Don't you dare take it from me. I will show you all that The Aristocrats are not the only tycoons in Dawnlight City!"

    "Young fellow! Trying to compare wealth? I will take a stand against you! Whoever loses is a b*stard!"

    "Come on! Who is afraid of you?"


    As soon as Jiang Fei's advertisements came out, there was an uproar in Dawnlight City. Han Tianyu was quite the responsible ambassador. Not only did he carry the Rainbow Blade to show it off everywhere, but he had even brought large groups of his followers to roam around the city. He went as far as to show off his equipment in the other three big guild's areas of influence. The three big guilds nearly thought he was plotting a scheme of some sort and had quickly gathered their people on standby.

    Once both parties had arrived, Han Tianyu trotted in front of the two armies and swung the Rainbow Blade about. If he did not speak, others might have even thought he was preparing to challenge the experts in the three big guilds!

    "What do you think? Is my blade cool or not? It's Epic grade! Awesome, right?" After speaking, Han Tianyu made a few poses with the Rainbow Blade before walking away.

    "D*rn! Did you come all the way here just to show off your rubbish sword?" Lady Casanova blurted. She had nearly passed out from the tension.

    "That's right! I have come to advertise my brother's wares!" Han Tianyu laughed giddily. Almost immediately after, he carried the sword away with his followers in tow!

    "My god!" Lady Casanova was close to coughing up blood. The fellow had turned up so suddenly that it had frightened her into gathering all the other big bosses from other guilds. She had even gathered all her core members to prepare for a fight. After all that effort, she found out it was merely an advertising gig. How could someone pull such a prank on her?

    After the commotion Han Tianyu had caused, nearly everyone in Dawnlight City head learned about the Rainbow Blade. Now that Jiang Fei had posted a notice saying that the Rainbow Blade was up for sale, the entire Dawnlight City became incited. The wealthy players were all eager to give the blade a try!
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