277 Duel between Metahumans Part One

    "How else can we fight? It's not like you don't know the rules of Metahumans..." Jenny rolled her eyes at Jiang Fei.

    "Hehe..." Jiang Fei laughed, embarrassed. He really did not know anything about those rules!

    "Metahumans above Level 4 are too powerful. If they fight, they could easily cause catastrophic damage. No matter how close they're coming to blows, they would still end up sticking to the old rules. Best-of-three!" Jenny made things simple for Jiang Fei. She explained it in her own terms.

    "Oh!" Jiang Fei nodded, even though he did not really understand what that meant.

    "Both sides will each choose one Level 1, one Level 2, and one Level 3 Metahuman to fight for them. The side that wins two out of three matches will be named the winner and gain the right over the item. The side that loses leaves with nothing!" Han Tianyu whispered in Jiang Fei's ear.

    "Oh!" Jiang Fei finally understood how the battle between the two sides was going to be like.

    This was the way of the Metahuman since the dawn of time. Han Tianyu was well-accustomed with it. This was why he could tell Jiang Fei that there was going to be an exciting duel between Level 3 Metahumans before they even got here.

    "Oh! I got too carried away with chatting! My brother wants you to go there and meet everyone!" Although Jenny heard Han Tianyu's words, she could not understand Chinese, so she simply ignored him. Instead, she continued to speak to Jiang Fei in English.

    "Sure! Let me dock my boat!" Jiang Fei nodded. He and Shroder knew each other anyway. It would not be a problem if he went there and said hello. Maybe, he could even get a VIP seat!

    "I'll save you the trouble. Let me bring you there!" Jenny said as she pulled Jiang Fei's arm. Then, she said to Jiang Fei, "Jiang, you're way stronger than me. Don't resist, or I'll drop into the sea!"

    "Okay!" Jiang Fei nodded. After all, Jenny was only a low-level Metahuman. Although she had the extremely handy superpower of Teleportation, it had obvious weaknesses.


    Everything in front of Jiang Fei became blurry. The next moment, he and Jenny who was holding his arm had appeared beside Shroder!

    "Hoho, my dear Jiang, I didn't expect to see you so soon!" Shroder was a lot friendlier than before.

    "Yeah! I didn't expect that we would meet again so soon!" Jiang Fei also laughed.


    Jiang Fei and Shroder greeted each other. However, Brooke and Tobey from the Werner family frowned. They had also received some information about Jiang Fei. After all, this unregistered Level 4 Metahuman suddenly appeared in the Huaxia Martial Arts Alliance. Moreover, there was probably another Level 5 old powerhouse behind him. Such big news had gained them attention from the entire Metahuman world!

    Precisely because they understood Jiang Fei's identity, seeing how close Jiang Fei was to Shroder and Jenny made Brooke and Tobey frown!

    According to the information provided, although Jiang Fei had probably just become a Level 4 Metahuman, the Huaxia martial artists were notoriously strong. Moreover, Brooke and Shroder were originally evenly matched. If Shroder suddenly brought in another equal, then it was likely that the Werner family would suffer in this battle!

    Brooke was worried about what Shroder was trying to achieve. Shroder was not actually hoping that Jiang Fei would help him. This was because the Huaxia Martial Arts Alliance and Jiang Fei had connections with the Lockheed family. Additionally, Shroder just got to know Jiang Fei not long ago. They were not that close. It was simply wishful thinking if Shroder thought that he could make Jiang Fei stand on his side and take a stand against the similarly powerful Werner family!

    However, from their last conversation, Shroder could tell that Jiang Fei was not very experienced. Jiang Fei was probably a closed door student trained by a secluded Huaxia powerhouse. He had just entered the real world, so it was even less likely for the Werner family to have any sort of connections to him. Shroder could only pretend to be close to Jiang Fei and use this opportunity to put pressure on Brooke.

    From the looks of it, Shroder had achieved his goal by having Jenny bring Jiang Fei to the islet. Brooke was indeed distracted by Jiang Fei's status, and he began to compromise when he continued to negotiate with Shroder.

    Although he did not benefit too much from this, Shroder was still very satisfied. It was free leverage, courtesy of Jiang Fei merely standing there.

    The negotiations soon ended. Just as Jenny and Han Tianyu had expected, the final results were still per the usual practice. They were going to duel and determine the victor!

    When people's strength reached a certain level, they tended to believe in their fists more, instead of sitting down and negotiating. This was especially so when it came to Metahumans. They would only consider sitting down and reaching a compromise with each other at the negotiation table when the problem could not be solved with their fists, or if their fists risked causing the end of the world.

    According to the agreement between the two parties, there would be three battles, and the party with the best-of-three would win. The first battle was going to be a duel between Level 1 Metahumans, the second battle was between Level 2 Metahumans, and the third battle was between Level 3 Metahumans! Jiang Fei was going to watch the duels from the edge of the islet with Shroder and Brooke!

    The first duel between Level 1 Metahumans was about to begin. Their own lives and deaths were controlled by destiny. No one else could interfere!

    The Lockheeds sent a middle-aged White man. He looked dauntless, and he had a well-built body. He looked like a soldier from the military special forces!

    The Werners sent a young man with a pale face. He looked ill and languid. He seemed so weak he could drop dead anytime. There was no need for someone to beat him up at all!

    "Molon, Lieutenant of the Marine Corps. He has been rigorously trained. Although he only has Level 1 superpowers, his combat powers are not bad!" Shroder laughed.

    "Carmel, a high school student, a vampire's henchman!" Brooke's introduction was simple, but the corners of his mouth lifted up into a wicked smirk!

    "F*ck! Brooke, you b*stard! You've violated the rules!" Shroder immediately became angry!

    "Hoho, which rule did I violate? Although vampire's henchmen have the Blood Frenzy ability, they are recognized as Level 1 Metahumans!" Brooke smiled smugly.

    "Hmm?" Jiang Fei frowned. From the conversation between Brooke and Shroder, Jiang Fei could tell that the strong special forces soldier named Molon was definitely no match for the sickly-looking Carmel. It looked like this Carmel was extraordinary. Although Jiang Fei was not that clear about all the details, he did not want to ask too much. As Han Tianyu was not around, he might reveal his lack of general knowledge.

    As Shroder and Brooke were still arguing, the battle kicked off!

    Molon started his attack with the standard military fighting technique. He was focused on killing his opponent instantly. He gave Carmel a deadly blow as soon as he arrived in front of Carmel!

    "Mmm!" Jiang Fei nodded. Molon's fighting skills were way better than his own. Speaking of this, Jiang Fei also knew a little about his techniques. After all, he had previously learned how to fight from Chen Xi for half a month!


    Jiang Fei was horrified at what happened next. When Molon's attack was about to hit Carmel's throat, Carmel's nails suddenly turned into claws. Carmel grabbed his throat, then ripped his own throat with a huge amount of strength. Fresh blood instantly gushed out!
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