278 Duel between Metahumans Part Two

    "Hmm?" Molon was also taken aback. He uncertainly took a few steps back.

    *Hiss* *Huff* As his throat was torn open, Carmel's breathing sounded like a ruptured, leaking bagpipe. Then, his eyes became blood red!

    "F*ck! What the hell is with this guy?" Jiang Fei muttered to himself. TO maintain his cover, he maintained a poker face.

    "Despicable!" Shroder glared at Brooke, his eyes filled with anger.

    "Hoho, by hook or by crook, for the sake of achieving our best interests. Isn't this something we both believe in? And I've not violated any rules!"

    Brooke looked extremely smug!

    Just as Shroder and Brooke shouted at each other, the situation on the battlefield changed!

    After committing self-harm, Carmel's eyes began to redden. In an instant, his whole body was bloody, and his pale sickly look had disappeared. Instead, there was a frenzied look in his eyes!

    Molon obviously understood the meaning behind Carmel's current state. He not only stopped his attack, but had also carefully switched into a defensive posture!

    *Eeek!* Carmel let out an inhuman screech, then charged towards Molon like lightning. While Carmel charged towards Molon, Jiang Fei's sharp Vision allowed him to clearly see that Carmel's nails were growing rapidly. When he arrived in front of Molon, the claws on his hands had already grown four inches long!

    *Swoosh* Carmel thrust his right hand straight into Molon's heart!

    "Ha!" Molon shouted, dodging to the side. However, with his speed, he was obviously unable to keep up with the transformed Carmel. Although Molon managed to avoid getting hit at a fatal point, he still got slashed near his armpits!

    Blood suddenly flowed down Molon's left rib! Carmel licked the blood that remained on his hands. He looked intoxicated, as if he had tasted something delicious!

    "Go to hell!" That flesh-wound did not slow Molon down. He launched a counterattack!

    Molon was planning to land a heavy punch onto Carmel's head. However, Carmel's speed was significantly higher than that of Molon's. Before Molon's fist could even reach him, Carmel had already avoided the punch by a paper-thin margin, clearly intentionally. Then, he looked at Molon slyly, as if he was looking at a toy!

    *Hmph!* Molon sneered. Then, Jiang Fei actually saw the arm of this brawny man extend. Although it had not extended much, it was an unexpected move. Carmel did not expect the blow to come from that angle, so the heavy blow slammed into his skull.


    With one punch, Molon sent Carmel's frail body flying four or five meters away. Jiang Fei even heard the sound of bones cracking!

    "Heh..." *Hiss* *Huff*

    Logically, if average people suffered such a heavy blow to their heads, they would definitely fall into a coma, even if they did not die. However, Carmel actually stood back up, laughing strangely. It did not look like he was even fazed!

    "Holy sh*t! Why are all these Metahumans so perverted?" Jiang Fei frowned and thought to himself.

    Although it was only two Level 1 Metahumans fighting, Jiang Fei now had a clearer understanding of the power of Metahumans. It was no wonder that these guys simply ignored the laws and rules of the world. These guys were so powerful that conventional forces were useless against them!

    Moreover, Jiang Fei was also more vigilant and curious about these Western Metahumans. These people were different from the Huaxia martial artists, especially the Mutants. Nobody knew what abilities they would get once they mutated. An example was Molon. Although his ability to extend his arm by one foot could not be considered particularly powerful, even Jiang Fei would fall for an unexpected attack like that!

    If you did not understand a Mutant, it was hard to tell a Mutant's superpower from their looks. You would definitely suffer when fighting them the first time.

    However, Jiang Fei's fears are also superfluous. Was there a possibility that the others had never thought of such things? This was why the Huaxia Martial Arts Alliance had started to collect information on Mutants long ago. It could be said that they understood high-leveled Mutants extremely well. It was just like how the other Metahuman organizations had compiled information about the masters in the Huaxia Martial Arts Alliance. If Jiang Fei really entered the Metahuman community, he would find out that it was tough to keep secrets.

    As Jiang Fei's thoughts wandered about, the battle continued.

    The lower the level of the Metahumans that were fighting, the bloodier the battle would be. Higher-leveled Metahumans were more inclined to using energy attacks. However, Level 1 Metahumans and most of the Level 2 Metahumans still focused on close combat. The two people on the battlefield were no exception. Basically, every attack involved blood, sweat and tears. Blood quickly filled the ground they stood on!

    Although Jiang Fei was half a layman, he could also tell that Molon was the one on his back foot. His Mutant abilities had been outclassed. For the first time, Carmel only fell for it because he lacked understanding. However, after he understood Molon's abilities, Molon no longer stood a chance!

    In terms of speed, Carmel had the absolute advantage. Molon could hardly touch him. In terms of attack, the sharpness of Carmel's claws was beyond anyone's imagination. Every attack from Carmel left Molon with a new wound!

    Although Molon tried his best to resist the attacks, he could barely avoid them. However, as he continued to lose blood, he was starting to look at pale as the sickly Carmel.

    "Hoho, sorry, it seems like the first battle is ours!" Brooke smiled smugly.

    "Despicable!" Shroder snarled. He had already expected such an ending when the two fighters stepped into the battlefield.

    There was nothing special about Carmel. He was just an ordinary high school student, but he was a high school student who had been bitten by a high-leveled vampire! Upon introducing him as a label vampire's henchman, anyone could figure out his identity and status.

    Although they were deemed to be Level 1 Metahumans, the bodies of these guys could forcibly be controlled by their masters. Then, at the expense of self-harm, they could instantly increase their own speed and strength. Their strength would become similar to that of a Level 2 Metahuman. Although they was relatively weak among Level 2 Metahumans, they utterly trounced Level 1 Metahumans.

    Although these guys would also die after the battle, would their masters care about their deaths? They were just henchmen.

    It could be said that Carmel was already dead before the battle even started. After he ripped his throat, his high-leveled vampire master took over his body. So, Molon's heavy punches became moot!

    However, during the negotiations previously, Shroder had not specifically banned the use of such forbidden techniques. Naturally, Brooke had pounced upon the loophole!

    With a Level 2 Metahuman fighting against a Level 1 Metahuman, the outcome was clear since the beginning of the battle. Shroder could do nothing except curse at the despicable Brooke!
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