279 Duel between Metahumans Part Three


    Shroder could not think of any way to deal with the situation, but there were a lot still happening on the battlefield. Molon was becoming slower due losing too much blood, causing his movements to become more rigid. In the end, his weakness was finally revealed. Right then, with a weird laugh, Carmel suddenly appeared before him!

    "Ah!" Molon shouted in surprise. It was too late!


    Molon could hear the sound of a sharp weapon piercing through human flesh. Carmel's fingers tightened as claws of four inches long pierced through Molon's heart.

    "Haha! Give up! Give up!" Brooke yelled out giddily toward Shroder.

    "D*rn!" Before Shroder could say a word, Jiang Fei's shocking exclamation caused the two to shift their attention back toward the battlefield.

    Molon had not died right away even though his heart had been pierced. He was forcefully standing upright as he grabbed at Carmel's neck with both his hands.

    "Open!" As Molon shouted out angrily, his right arm suddenly extended. There was instantly a foot long difference between his two shoulders. While he had this special ability, Carmel's neck did not have it!


    With that, Carmel's head was removed from his body while he was still alive!

    "Holy sh*t..." Jiang Fei nearly threw up when he saw what happened. Although he had had the experience of killing someone before, never had he witnessed such a gory scene in his entire life!


    Carmel's head fell on to the floor and rolled a few feet away. He was originally under a sealing spell, but the spell had broken now that he had lost his head!

    "Lockheed must win!" Molon used the last ounce of his life source to yell out the final sentence he would ever speak. There was no hope of saving him as his heart had already been crushed. However, he was determined not to fall as he stared at his defeated opponent!

    "F*ck!" Brooke shouted out angrily.

    He could not believe that his self-proclaimed victory had been taken away from him.

    Although Molon and Carmel both died on the battlefield, the results were clear. Carmel had been killed first and therefore, the first round of victory belonged to the Lockheed household!

    Brooke was a trickster, but he still had to obey the rules. A defeat was still a defeat at the end of the day. It was something he would have to admit, as it was how the Warner household had dominated Europe!

    "D*rn! These Metahumans are too cruel!" Jiang Fei did not care about who won. This battle had truly affected him. Although he had received a lot of information in the past about the barbaric ways of the Metahumans, he had not realized how cruel they truly were until today!

    Jiang Fei's frown deepened while Brooke and Shroder seemed barely affected. They were used to seeing people getting killed and killing others themselves. Hence, they were not really bothered by Molon and Carmel's mutual killing of each other!

    Both households sent people to retrieve the corpses of the two who had just died. Regardless of winning or losing, these people had sacrificed themselves for their respective households. Their corpses would be transported back to their hometowns where a grand funeral would take place. Their families would also receive a great sum of money for their loss.

    Very soon, the battlefield was cleaned and ready for the next battle. Not a single trace of blood from the previous battle could be seen.

    "Tobey, you're up! If you lose, don't bother coming back!" Brooke glanced at Tobey who stood next to him as he spoke. If their household lost this round, there would not be a third round. In fact, the Warner household might as well just scramble back home with their tails between their feet!

    "Don't worry, uncle. I will not lose!" Tobey said as he looked toward Jenny who was standing next to Shroder with a look, as if challenging him.

    "Harvey, go!" Shroder did not let his sister take on the challenge. Instead, he asked another person to join the battle.

    Jenny's ability was teleportation. There was a long cooldown time for that. She was more suited as a transporter on the battlefield for injured members or as an informant rather than a fighter. As her battle power was not great, Shroder could not possibly allow her to fight someone else on her own. It would be certain death for her if that were to happen!

    "Alright, big man!" A young man with golden hair walked out from the Lockheed household's side. His handsome features made Jiang Fei somewhat jealous!

    "These Metahumans are so annoying. There was no way one could tell what their abilities are from their appearances!" Jiang Fei mumbled to himself. He had a decent understanding of Tobey as Jenny had already explained about his abilities to him earlier. Tobey was a Level Two Lycanthrope with equal prowess in Strength and Agility. In fact, he was a great tanking Metahuman with extremely tough muscles!

    Harvey was a handsome golden-haired gentleman while Tobey was a muscle freak with a crazy-looking face. There was a huge contrast between the two on the battlefield in terms of their appearances!

    "Hehe... I had initially wanted to taste the fresh blood of a young lady. I did not think that a replacement would be here instead!" Tobey glared ferociously at Harvey as he spoke.

    "Rude young fellow, you are too optimistic. I advise you to be cautious for your own sake!" Harvey said slowly with a smile on his face.

    "Stop with your nonsense! Prepare to die!" Tobey was impatient and did not care for any exchange of words with Harvey. He immediately entered a state of preparation for the upcoming battle!

    "This Lycanthrope actually has hair!" This was the first time Jiang Fei had personally seen a Lycanthrope. Tobey's originally muscly face began to extend downward. Even his fangs started appearing. In an instant, Tobey's head took the appearance of a wolf's head. There were even claws on his hands that shone under the light's reflection. His claws seemed even sharper than those of Carmel's!


    Tobey, with a thick coat of grey hair, howled loudly like a wolf and immediately started attacking Harvey!

    "That was quick!" Jiang Fei murmured to himself. By then, the speed at which Tobey moved was already close to Jiang Fei's fastest. However, it seemed like Tobey had not even reached his maximum yet!

    "It seems that I may only be at the level between Level Two and Level Three!" Jiang Fei gave himself a thoughtful remark as he judged his own capabilities.

    Jiang Fei's speed was considered normal amongst the Level Two Metahumans. Naturally, he could not compare to Lycanthropes who were gifted with high Agility. However, he had his own strengths and advantages. With the help of his equipment skills, Jiang Fei's Attack Power and Defense were far greater than most Level Two Metahumans. In fact, even Level Three Metahumans with weak abilities could not overpower him in terms of offensive fighting!

    Therefore, overall, Jiang Fei was considered one of the strongest amongst Level Two Metahumans. If he were to fight against a Level Three opponent, he would have a chance of winning should he spot and target the opponent's weakness.

    Despite this, Jiang Fei did not have the intention of fighting any of the Metahumans. He was still pretending to be a Level Four Metahuman. After all, if he were to really fight against one, unless he killed his opponent, his true capabilities would be revealed!
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