280 Ferocious Lycanthrope

    At the same time, the two people had begun fighting on the battlefield.

    "Die!" In the blink of an eye, Tobey had rushed in front of Harvey and was prepared to strike with his claws. He aimed his attack at Harvey's throat!

    "Get lost!" Harvey laughed coldly. Before Tobey could even touch Harvey's collar, he was instantly pushed back by an invisible force!

    "Vector Recoil?" Brooke said as he started frowning.

    "Hmph!" Shroder laughed coldly. He could not help but lift the corners of his mouth as he smiled.

    That was right! Harvey's mutant ability was to use Vector Recoil. He was able to change the direction of any force. Before someone could even reach him, he could easily push them away! This was a very strong mutant ability. However, it was merely one of the few positives within his pool of shortcomings. That explained why he was still categorized as a Level Two Metahuman.

    "Vector Recoil?" Jiang Fei asked confusedly. Brooke had said the term as a guess at Harvey's mutant ability. However, Jiang Fei was confused about what the words meant!

    "Hmph! Again!"

    Just as Tobey crashed into a boulder having been knocked back on the battlefield, he immediately started charging toward Harvey again without delay! For a Lycanthrope with thick flesh, that kind of impact was nothing to him and it barely injured him!

    "Go back!" Harvey waved his hand as he shouted. It was as if he were flicking away an annoying fly. Right then, Tobey collided against yet another boulder and was stuck to it like a picture on the wall.

    "Hehe, Brooke. You should just give up now. Your nephew wouldn't last at this rate!" Shroder said as he turned his head toward Brooke.

    "Hmph! Shroder, don't gloat so soon. Your mutants may be strong, but the low-level ones have weak points. As long as Tobey can find his, this golden-haired young fellow would definitely be torn into pieces!" Brooke was not a newbie like Jiang Fei, so he was not one who would easily be misled by mere words!

    Mutants' powers came from genetic modifications with the use of elixirs. It was easy for them to acquire abilities. Some kids could already have the power equivalent to a Level Three or even Level Four Metahuman at the age of six or seven. However, most mutants had different levels of shortcomings. A lot of these shortcomings could cost them their lives!

    "Eh?" Although Jiang Fei was paying attention to the conversation between Shroder and Brooke, he was still focused on what was happening on the battlefield. Under his close observation, he discovered that Harvey's nose was beginning to get sweaty despite him having complete dominance over the situation. In fact, Harvey looked as if he was zoning out. His originally calm demeanor was also beginning to falter!

    "Could it be that this young fellow's weakness is that he can't use his abilities for too long?" Jiang Fei guessed in his heart. A limited reservoir of energy was one of the common weaknesses of mutants.

    Han Tianyu had once told Jiang Fei a story about a fire-type mutant. The mutant completely dominated his opponent at first, with each of his Fire Balls containing great explosive might, to the point where he was almost believed to be a Level Three Metahuman by his opponent who was only a Level Two Metahuman. His opponent even requested to surrender several times!

    However, while they were still fighting, the mutant suddenly stopped attacking. The energy in his body had been completely depleted. In the end, the Fire Ball he emitted was not even strong enough to light a cigarette. One could imagine what happened to this guy as his opponent who had been suppressed for a long time went on a rampage and tore him into pieces.

    As time ticked, Jiang Fei was all the more confident that his guess was right as he noticed the growing concern on the golden-haired young man's face. Although this young fellow had a strong ability, it was clear that his weakness lied in his limited reservoir of the energy needed to use it.

    He would not even last ten minutes in the battle!

    In a short few minutes, Tobey had already been badly bruised. Although he was a Lycanthrope, and was naturally tough, several big and strong boulders had already been crushed by the impact of his body. If he could recover from those injuries, he would not be a Level Two Lycanthrope!

    Right then, fresh blood streamed down the corner of Tobey's mouth. There were clear injuries to his bone and cartilage. Even his right shoulder seemed slightly sunken. Although a Lycanthrope had great vitality, this young man was nearly half-dead!

    "Haha! Young fellow, you're almost done!"

    "You ought to kill me quickly before you run out of energy!"

    "Young fellow, I wonder if your heart is as tasty as I imagine!"

    "Hehe... I can smell your fear. Young fellow, are you afraid now?"


    Tobey stood up excitedly each time he was flung on to the boulders. After each time, he would still charge toward Harvey.

    The two were closely matched in terms of their capabilities. It was a brutal heads-on fight against each other. Tobey was using his life force to go against Harvey's ability. As soon as Harvey ran out of energy, and if Tobey still had any energy left in him, Harvey would most definitely become his dinner!

    "Eh..." Shroder began to frown. Although he had wanted to mislead Brooke and pressure him into surrendering so that Tobey could be spared, it was now clear that that was not going to happen. The only thing that mattered now was who could last till the very end!

    "It's done! The golden-haired young fellow can't handle it anymore!" Although Jiang Fei was not an expert, he could tell that Harvey was out of energy. After Tobey's continuous charges against him, he could no longer fling Tobey to the boulders and was only able to push him aside.

    Clearly, Harvey was running out of energy and was unable to continue injuring Tobey!

    "Golden-haired young fellow! Are you done? In that case, it is now my turn to taste your blood!" Tobey laughed excitedly.

    "Alright! We give up!" Shroder said right then.

    "I disagree!" Brooke called out and laughed coolly.

    Such was the cruelty of the rules of the battle. The battle would not be stopped with just one side surrendering. The only two ways it would end was when both sides come to the same agreement or when one side lost its participant.

    "Brooke! Don't go overboard with this!" Shroder shouted angrily as he stared at Brooke.

    "Hehe, it's a battle after all. There should be deaths involved! Shroder, has your heart gotten too soft?" Brooke asked coolly.

    "D*mn it... Why are these people so crazy...?" Jiang Fei mumbled to himself after overhearing the conversation between Shroder and Brooke.

    A tearing sound could be heard just as Jiang Fei turned his gaze from Shroder and Brooke to the battlefield.

    Harvey had already become a normal human being after he used up all of his energy. He was no different from a standard soldier before the Level Two Lycanthrope. Tobey may already be badly injured, but as a normal human Harvey was absolutely no match for a Level Two Lycanthrope.


    With a pitiful cry, Harvey's entire arm was ripped off his body. The cruel Tobey tore a large piece of flesh off the broken arm with his teeth and started chewing loudly.

    "D*mn it! Ughh..." Jiang Fei could not take it anymore. He threw up on the spot.

    "That's it! Tobey! Just kill him!" After seeing Jiang Fei's reaction, Brooke stopped Tobey who was still planning to eat his opponent's heart!

    To Brooke, Jiang Fei was akin to a flower in a greenhouse that had not been exposed to the darkness in the world despite having very strong innate capabilities. However, when Brooke considered the fact that Jiang Fei had a master who might be a Level Five Metahuman, he was determined not to let Tobey's rashness cause Jiang Fei to hate the entire Warner household!
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