281 Braveheart’s Fragmen

    By the time Jiang Fei got over the scene he just witnessed, Tobey had already killed Harvey and the battlefield had already been cleaned up!

    "Jiang, are you okay?" Jenny came over and asked with concern.

    "I'm fine..." Jiang Fei tried his best to suppress the nausea. Had a man come over and asked him that, he would have probably lost his composure and cursed. However, since it was a girl who was about his age and had not been affected by the scene at all unlike him, Jiang Fei felt like it would be inappropriate to get angry.

    "Here, rinse your mouth." Jenny handed Jiang Fei a bottle of water.

    "Thank you." Jiang Fei took the bottle of mineral water and did just that. Just then, two other people appeared on the battlefield!

    This time, the ones who appeared were the main characters of today's show. They were Level 3 Metahumans. Han Tianyu brought Jiang Fei here just for this.

    All battles between Level 3 Metahumans basically involved the use of energy. Even the melee-type fighters would use energy to strengthen themselves. This was quite different from the previous fights that were purely close combat.

    Representing the Warner family was an old man that looked about fifty. Many Western men started going bald and developing wrinkles from the age of twenty, so people who were above fifty did not really look that old.

    The Lockheed family sent a young woman that was in her thirties. She was in a black tight-fitting dress which bared her shoulders, exposing her snow-white skin. She had a beautiful figure. When paired with her delicate face, it could be said that she was absolutely stunning!

    "Black Widow! Why is she here?!" Brooke exclaimed!

    "Pfft, stop the nonsense. You called the old man Baldwin here too," Shroder said in a dissatisfied tone. He was obviously still angry about how Brooke was unwilling to let Harvey off the hook just now.

    "Hmm?" Jiang Fei was surprised. Listening to the tone in their voices, Jiang Fei could tell that the two people on the battlefield were relatively famous in the Metahuman community.

    "Rosita is a direct relative of the Lockheed family. She's one of the strongest among the Level 3 Mutants. People call her the Black Widow because she kills without mercy!" With Jiang Fei's recent vomiting incident, everyone knew that he was an amateur that had never seen the real world without him saying it. So, Jenny took the initiative to explain to him. "As for Baldwin, he's a veteran fighter who has worked for the Warner family for many years. He has killed more than a dozen of Metahumans of the same level!"

    "Oh... they're both really strong!" Jiang Fei could not help but gasp. An ordinary-looking old Westerner and a blonde lady with unparalleled beauty. Both of them had killed more than ten people. It seemed that the world of Metahumans was really bloody. It was either killed or be killed, there was absolutely no third option!

    After the first battle, Jiang Fei now knew that between the two new competitors, Rosita and Baldwin, at least one of them would die on the battlefield. It would be a battle to the end for both of them!

    "Hey, chick, I heard that you're called the Black Widow? The name sounds pretty scary, but nobody knows for sure whether or not you really have any skills, right?" Baldwin mocked Rosita with a chuckle.

    "Old man, maybe you should only judge me if you manage to survive today!" Rosita was not an easy target. She was not called the Black Widow for nothing. Mere mocking could not possibly throw her off.

    "Sure! Let me see what you've got then!" Baldwin rushed forward as he spoke. As he approached Rosita, his body started changing rapidly!

    In a blink of an eye, Baldwin had transformed from an ordinary old man into a strong green wolf. To Jiang Fei, this old guy was not much different from Tobey who had also transformed previously. Both of them had wolf heads and their bodies were covered with rough fur! The only obvious difference was their color.

    To these Lycanthropes, there were clear distinctions between their looks that ordinary humans were not able to notice.

    The color of Lycanthrope fur was actually a big giveaway. Level 1 Lycanthropes were still at an incomplete stage so they were not able to transform completely. Gray wolves were of the lowest level, equivalent to Level 2 Metahumans. Green wolves came next, equivalent to Level 3 Metahumans. Next were silver wolves and followed by golden wolves. With just a glance, it was clear how strong these wolves were.

    When she saw Baldwin approaching her, Rosita remained calm. She moved ever so slightly before disappearing into thin air!

    "Teleportation?" Jiang Fei wondered. After all, Jenny who was beside him had that Mutant ability.

    "No, Rosita's superpower is Invisibility!" This time, Shroder did not conceal the superpower of his member. After all, the Black Widow was very famous and her superpower was no secret!

    "Seriously? That powerful?" Jiang Fei was shocked. Invisibility was too invincible an ability. One could both attack and retreat easily. It was also easy to seize opportunities!

    "Hmph! It's not that great!" Brooke snorted coldly.

    At this time, Baldwin who was on the battlefield suddenly slammed fiercely onto the ground. His black nose twitched continuously and he soon locked onto a certain position!

    "F*ck! You get a better sense of smell after you transform into a werewolf?" Jiang Fei was surprised.

    "Hmph! Invisibility may be useful against other Metahumans, but against us Lycanthropes, it's useless!" Brooke sneered.

    "Don't come to conclusions so early. Rosita has killed quite a few Lycanthropes before!" Shroder countered.

    "Ding!" Following a crisp sound, it seemed like Baldwin's claws that shimmered with green light had hit a certain weapon and his powerful force sent Rosita flying out of the battlefield!

    At the same time, Rosita appeared at the space that was originally empty. The glamorous young woman held a dagger in her hand. The dagger also shone with brilliance. Obviously, she had managed to block Baldwin's attack. However, as she was weaker than him, she was pushed backward!


    Rosita who was pushed a few steps back took a few small bottles out of nowhere. Then, she threw them at the rocks around the battlefield, shattering them!

    A strong aroma filled the air. It was an extremely alluring perfume!

    Even Jiang Fei and the others who were watching the battle could clearly smell the perfume. One could easily imagine how strong the fragrance on the battlefield was!


    Rosita's figure disappeared again. Now, it was difficult for Baldwin to locate Rosita once again. The smell of the perfume on the battlefield was too strong. He could not figure out Rosita's exact position at all!

    "Smart move!" Jiang Fei praised her. He had not expected such a quick counter against Baldwin after only one attack!

    *Hiss!* Brooke sucked in a deep breath and frowned.

    Just as Jiang Fei was concentrating on the battle, a voice rang in his mind. "Captain! I've picked up a signal from the fragment somewhere near you!"
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