282 Theft Plan!

    "What?" Jiang Fei was startled by 0541's sudden message.

    "Jiang, what's up?"

    Jenny turned to him, confused with his abrupt shout.

    "Oh! Nothing!" Jiang Fei shook his head. Then, in his heart, he said to 054, "Did you just say that the fragment of Braveheart is somewhere around me?"

    "Yes! Captain, it looks like the signal is coming from the Research and Development Laboratory!" 0541 replied. As both of them were using telepathy, no one else knew what was happening.

    "The Research and Development Laboratory?" Jiang Fei was puzzled. Although he did not know what it was or where it was, it was a piece of good news!

    "Yes. This is Braveheart's laboratory, used for researching and developing civilian facilities," 0541 replied.

    "Can you confirm the location?" Jiang Fei asked. While it may be a civilian laboratory, as long as it was the fragment of Braveheart, it was Jiang Fei's private property. He was absolutely not going to let outsiders have it!

    "No problem! Because you're too near it, I can locate it even without using the search function." Came 0541's reply.

    "Okay! Then we..." Jiang Fei was about to say that they should go and get the fragment back, but he suddenly thought about what Han Tianyu had told him before he came here.

    The truth finally dawned upon him. It was obvious now that the Lockheed family and the Warner family were fighting for the fragment of Braveheart. Moreover, as this fragment was within the territory of both of these families, even Han Tianyu who was a powerful person in China with the China Martial Arts Alliance backing him up did not have the powers to lay his hands on this treasure. So, how could someone like Jiang Fei take it away?

    As he had the title of a Level 4 Metahuman with a fictitious Level 5 master as his backing, as long as his aim did not clash with anyone else's interests, everyone might just let Jiang Fei have his way with things as they feared the Level 5 master behind him that possibly existed. However, with their interests on the line, that Level 5 master of unconfirmed existence would be useless unless he appeared and stood in front of Jiang Fei immediately!

    If he could not scare people off with his imaginary Level 5 master anymore, then things would become even worse for Jiang Fei who was a fake Level 4 Metahuman. In fact, it would not help even if he were really a Level 4 Metahuman. Currently, there were only two Level 4 Metahumans here, and they were both fighting each other. If Jiang Fei expressed his intention to possess the fragment, these two Level 4 Metahumans immediately forming a united front might just happen!

    In any case, they were both White people so they had the same skin color and beliefs. There was a natural barrier between them and Jiang Fei who was Chinese. So, if he showed his interest in the fragment, the two of them would definitely try to get him out of the picture first!

    "According to what Han Tianyu said, the only way is to steal it is without anyone knowing. But just by its name, I can tell that this laboratory is not something small. How can we possibly steal it?" Jiang Fei questioned.

    "Captain, the R&D Lab still retains some energy. I can remotely manipulate it to create some equipment and create certain conditions to enable you to get close to it," 0541 said.

    "Oh?" Jiang Fei was happy. This way, he would have an opportunity to come in contact with the fragment. However, there was another problem. Even if he had the opportunity to steal, how was he going to take such a big thing away?

    "Captain, my main body has a Spatial Manipulation function. You can store the R&D Lab in my main body." 0541 took the initiative and gave a suggestion.

    "Spatial Manipulation?" Jiang Fei was surprised.

    "Yes! At planet Namek, spatial powers are quite advanced. The use of Spatial Manipulation can greatly improve space utilization and allow people to easily carry large objects," 0541 explained.

    "I see." Jiang Fei nodded. 0541 had previously mentioned that his potions and equipment were made by the factory inside the main body. Those factories were probably stored inside the ring through the Spatial Manipulation!

    "So, is there a way we can take the R&D Lab away without anyone knowing?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "That's very simple," 0541 said.

    "Let me hear it." Jiang Fei immediately became excited. He had long lost interest in the ongoing battle now that he had this new piece of information swimming in his head.

    "I can remotely control the R&D Lab and create a hologram device, and then use it to cover the nearby waters. Captain, as long as you find an opportunity to get close to it, I can transfer the laboratory into my main body through Spatial Manipulation," 0541 elaborated.

    "Where's the fragment?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Under the islet. There are several Level 2 and Level 3 Metahuman guards guarding the area, but after the hologram device is completely installed, it can provide you with cover, Captain," 0541 said.

    "Is your plan reliable?" Jiang Fei asked. This was pretty risky. If he gets discovered, he would have to face the anger of the two families. There were no Level 5 master behind him to protect him and he himself was not a Level 4 Metahuman. If things went awry, he might not be able to walk out of this place!

    "Hmm..." 0541 stayed silent for a moment, which was rare.

    "I've carried out 130 trillion calculations. Other than the 1,700 times which failed because of all kinds of accidental failures, all the others succeeded!" 0541 said.

    "Damn! As expected of an intelligent program. You actually calculated everything!" Jiang Fei nodded secretly. Although 1,700 times of failure sounded like a lot, one had to know that this was based on a total calculation of 130 trillion times. In other words, this plan was almost foolproof!

    "Alright! Let's do it according to your plan!" Jiang Fei nodded once more. He was ready to risk everything. He refused to believe that he would have rotten luck. Should he actually fail even when the chances were that low, he would be more than willing to accept his fate!

    When 0541 controlled the Research and Development Laboratory remotely in order to produce a hologram device, the battle in the middle of the islet was at its climax! Black Widow Rosita reappeared and disappeared repeatedly. The dagger in her hand maintained its brilliance as it continuously left wounds on Baldwin's body.

    As a green wolf, Baldwin's had high defense. Normal bullets could not penetrate his fur. However, the dagger in the hands of the Black Widow had obviously been buffed with her powers. So, when she stabbed him, every attack created left an injury.


    Baldwin who was being suppressed by Rosita snarled constantly. Being against Rosita who had the superpower of Invisibility with his mighty sense of smell having been rendered useless, the powerful Level 3 Lycanthrope Baldwin could not put his strength to use. If it were not for Level 3 Lycanthropes powerful regeneration abilities, Baldwin would have been killed by Rosita long ago.

    "Captain! I have installed the projection device. You can now find a way to get away from these high-leveled Metahumans. We can then begin with our plan!"

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded. He knew that the time to take risks had come!
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