284 Stealing the Fragmen

    Jiang Fei came out of the cabin and sneakily walked toward the back of the ship. At that moment, Han Tianyu and the helmsman were focused on the battle happening in the middle of the islet. With Jiang Fei invisible, no one noticed what was going on at all.

    Afraid that he might create ripples in the sea water, Jiang Fei did not dare to jump directly into the sea. Instead, he crept down the side of the ship and slowly sneaked into the waters. Although he did end up creating some ripples which made Han Tianyu turn to look, the ripples were quite small. So, Han Tianyu just ignored it, thinking that fishes were the cause.

    Everything went very smoothly. However, when Jiang Fei got into the water, he suddenly realized that he had been negligent!

    Moreover, it was about something quite serious! The mighty Jiang Fei forgot that he did not know how to swim!

    Also, the mighty Jiang Fei had an advantage in terms of speed. On land, he could naturally run very quickly. At sea, he was sinking really quickly!

    "F*ck!" Jiang Fei opened his mouth and he ended up swallowing two mouthfuls of salty seawater!

    Damn it! It'd be really stupid if I actually drowned here! Jiang Fei struggled desperately. He paddled hard with both of his hands as he tried to get back up to the sea surface. As he was panicking, he did not realize yet another point that was making him at a disadvantage - his head was facing downward. So, the more he paddled, the deeper he got into the sea!

    "Captain! Don't panic! Don't panic! I've made an underwater breathing apparatus. Just put it on and you'll be fine!" 0541's voice calmed Jiang Fei down. He quickly connected to the Spatial Ring and took the breathing apparatus that 0541 had prepared for him. Without wasting any more time, he immediately covered his nose and mouth with it.

    "F*cking hell! You scared me to death!" Jiang Fei was relieved as he took a few deep breaths, inhaling the air provided by the breathing equipment.

    "Captain, YOU scared me to death!" 0541 complained. It was not easy to find a captain. If Jiang Fei died just like that, 0541 did not have enough energy to look for a new captain!

    "F*ck you! Why didn't you tell me you had breathing equipment?!" Jiang Fei spouted angrily.

    "I didn't think that you would sink as soon as you got into the water..." 0541 was also helpless. Even if you did not know how to swim, you would be still able to paddle a little after getting into the water. This applied to any animal including human beings. Someone like Jiang Fei who sunk so deep as soon as he touched the waters was a rare species!

    However, it was also fortunate that Jiang Fei sank as soon as he did. Otherwise, he would have been discovered. Now that Jiang Fei was deep in the sea, the flow of the water he created when he moved around would not reach the sea surface. So, he did not have to worry about being discovered by anyone.

    As he no longer had to worry about breathing underwater, he quickly got used to it and learned to move around more gracefully. He may not pass with flying colors in terms of swimming, but his speed was acceptable.

    Under 0541's guidance, Jiang Fei swam all the way toward the Research and Development Laboratory.

    "Captain, slow down, swim a little slower. There are guards in front!" Jiang Fei heard 0541's voice.

    "Mmm!" Jiang Fei responded, then slipped into the middle of a school of fish and approached his target bit by bit.

    The invisibility effect provided by 0541 was perfect and very little light could reach the deep sea. Thus, even though they were behind the islet, the guards who were in wetsuits and carrying oxygen tanks did not notice Jiang Fei at all.

    The security here was actually pretty weak. They only sent a few guards because the R&D Lab was too big. One could only transport it away with the use of a large towboat. It could not be dragged away by a normal submarine. So, these guards just had to look after the fragment and make sure that no big submarine got close to it.

    They did not have to worry about Mutants like Jenny that could Teleport. Only a Mutant that was Level 5 or above would be able to teleport a fragment that was more than 300 meters long and more than 100 meters wide far away. If such a powerful person wanted this fragment, there was no way they would be able to guard it. If they managed to offend such a person, not only would they lose the fragment but they would also be in big trouble.

    Precisely because of this, the main surveillance targets of these guards were large ships and not small fries like Jiang Fei. After all, Spatial Manipulation was still at a theoretical stage in this current era. No one there would think that the reality of it was possible, so there was no need to guard against people stealing this spaceship fragment through this method.

    Jiang Fei who was still mixed into the school of fish managed to approach his target smoothly.

    "Holy! A fragment of it is already this big! How big is the whole Braveheart?" Jiang Fei looked at the huge 300-meter-long, 100-meter-wide giant fragment and exclaimed.

    Just a fragment of it was already equivalent to two aircraft carriers. Jiang Fei could not imagine the size of the complete Braveheart!

    "The Braveheart is 17 kilometers in diameter and is disc-shaped. It is the most advanced exploration vessel of Planet Namek," 0541 replied.

    "What the f*ck... 17 kilometers..." Jiang Fei was speechless. The size of this spaceship was actually nearly 200 square kilometers. It was technically a small city!

    "Okay! Captain, please get my main body in contact with the R&D Lab. I have activated shields nearby. These guards are looking at virtual images now," 0541 said.

    "Okay!" Jiang Fei extended his left hand and pressed it on the metal exterior of the R&D Lab, allowing the ring on his hand to come in contact with the metal exterior.


    The view in front of Jiang Fei became distorted. In a blink of an eye, the giant fragment that was right in front of him disappeared without a trace!

    "Amazing!" Jiang Fei was astonished. At that moment, he noticed a small metal box sitting on the seabed.

    "This is the device that creates the projection," 0541 explained.

    "Can we leave now?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Yes. You can leave now," 0541 replied.

    Jiang Fei carefully followed the school of fish and swam away from the guards. After he swam tens of meters away, Jiang Fei looked back. He realized that the R&D Lab that he had taken away had re-appeared on the empty sea floor!

    "The hologram device cannot release a projection near itself. So, you can only see it from a distance," 0541 explained, reading Jiang Fei's thoughts.

    "Mmm. I haven't been discovered yet, so let's get out of here quickly!" Jiang Fei nodded then swam toward his own boat. He could not stay here for too long. Once they find out that the fragment had been stolen, they would definitely carry out a search. If Jiang Fei was still in the sea by then, he would definitely be discovered!

    After he quietly climbed into the boat, Jiang Fei glanced at the battlefield on the islet. The battle was still going on, but Baldwin could no longer defend himself. He was going to bleed to death very soon. When the time came, the Lockheed family would send a towboat to retrieve the fruit of victory. They would naturally discover that the fragment had been stolen. Fortunately, he was nimble enough and was able to return to the ship before the end of the battle!

    Jiang Fei quietly walked into the cabin, returning to the lounge. 0541 had also removed the image of Jiang Fei created by the hologram device. Everything had been carried out perfectly.

    However, Han Tianyu was frowning because he had noticed traces of water on the ship that extended toward the lounge where Jiang Fei was, but he did not see anyone at all. Was this ship haunted?
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