286 Honorary Elder

    After the entire ordeal with the Metahuman fight, Han Tianyu sent Jiang Fei back to Manda Square. The fact that Jiang Fei had stolen the R&D Lab was unknown to everyone. Naturally, he kept it to himself and went to his room.

    When no one was around, Jiang Fei started to ask about the lab.

    "The Research and Development Lab mainly researches and produces facilities for the crew member of Braveheart. With this laboratory working, you would not have to go into the game to keep on taking out items via the ring. When an item has been brought out once, the laboratory will keep a record of it and produce them," 0541 explained.

    "Is that right...?" That explanation piqued his interest. Even though health points were low on value, there were a few potions that were extremely rare. Trying to collect them in the game was already a challenge to begin with. With the R&D Lab in hand, all he had to do was obtain just one potion of his choice, and he could mass produce them in the real world.

    "OH NO!" cried Jiang Fei as he slapped his fist.

    "What's wrong, captain?" asked 0541.

    "I should have saved at least one Evolution Blood!"

    A while back, he had taken and consumed all ten Evolution Bloods! If he had kept just one, he could actually mass produce that potion!

    "Captain, I have confirmed that the laboratory does not possess any data regarding the Evolution Blood. Production of it would be impossible without a sample," said 0541.

    "How about armor?"

    "Captain, the laboratory is unable to produce armor. The laboratory could only produce civilian class facility. Enhanced armor is a military class usage," explained 0541.

    "Hm... I see. That Spatial Manipulation thing that you used on the ship fragment, can I use that?" asked Jiang Fei. If he had that sort of ability, it would be the same as having a spatial ring like the ones he had read in novels.

    "It is possible but improbable."

    "What do you mean?"

    "In the current situation, the usage of Spatial Manipulation would consume a lot of power which at this moment, I do not possess enough of. So, captain, please be considerate in using its ability," said 0541.

    Hearing something that he did not like, Jiang Fei thought what then could he use the ring for to help him at this point since there was so many restrictions to what he wanted to do.

    "What does the lab do for me now?"

    "At its current state, the laboratory would be able to produce items of civilian class, including Super Quantum Computer and Anti-Gravity Vehicle."

    "Woah! Those are real?!" Jiang Fei exclaimed. If the ring was able to produce that sort of thing, could he achieve the so-called technology revolution?

    "Yes. They are real. Technically, you could produce them."

    "Technically?" Jiang Fei was extremely sensitive to that word.

    "Captain, it all comes down to power. With its current power state, the laboratory cannot be activated. Furthermore, it would be for the best interests of the captain to not produce anything that would exceed Earth's current state of technology.

    "Why is that?" asked Jiang Fei, disgruntled.

    "Captain, you have taken a fragment of Braveheart under the noses of two powerful clans. Exposing technology far superior than what is available now on Earth would be detrimental to your well being. It is akin to show your hands to the enemy."

    "Well said." Jiang Fei acknowledged 0541's advice. He had just stolen something from powerful clans and if he were to show something outrageously impressive, it would be as if he were telling the world to target him. Even though he could claim that the ship was his, no one would take his word literally.

    Having said that, he now knew that he should not make anything that would expose the alien technology. However, he could still produce smaller items that could improve his own strength. The main problem was that the lab required power. Nothing would start without power!

    "Why does everything require power?!" cried Jiang Fei. He had not even solve the problem with the ring's power and now he had the laboratory's power issue to handle as well?

    "It is the law of energy. Energy cannot be destroyed or created."

    "Yeah yeah... At this point, the laboratory is a secondary problem. The main issue right now is the ring. Through powering the ring, 0541 could start the search and locate the other part of the ship. If I can find the power core of the ship, I'm bound to find large quantity of Energy Crystals! With that, the other problems in regards of power would be solved!" Jiang Fei started talking to himself.

    "Captain, you have come to a fair conclusion and solution to the current predicament. You have finally shown the qualities of a captain!" said 0541 as she tried to compliment Jiang Fei. However, as an artificial intelligence, she could still learn much about proper compliment.

    "That's enough for you. If you don't know how to properly praise someone, just don't do it at all. It's weird."


    That night, Jiang Fei had dinner with his mother. She found Jiang Fei behaving very normally, not knowing that her little baby boy had already transcended into the next realm of humanity. The dinner scene was so normal that Jiang Fei could not help but want to protect it. His parents were as normal as anyone could be. No matter what, Jiang Fei made a promise with himself to never involve them with the Metahumans.

    After dinner, Jiang Fei returned to his room. 0541 had already entered hibernation mode to preserve as much power as she could. Jiang Fei crawled onto his bed and tried to think of ways to obtain as much energy as he could.

    At that point, Jiang Fei thought of energy as fuel. Technically, he should be trying to obtain any kind of fuel. The problem was that it may not be from a weaponized power. All kinds of high energy power source would be highly regulated or protected. Nuclear power for example. Jiang Fei would need an even larger amount!

    As he pondered, he saw the clock was almost ticking to ten. Jiang Fei got dressed and was ready for the game. At that moment, he heard a knock akin to a door coming from the window.

    "Who's knocking... That's not possible. This is a hundred-floor tower! How could someone be on the outside?"

    Jiang Fei ran to the window with his guard up and pulled the curtain.

    "Holy cow! Old man Hai?!" Jiang Fei jumped when he saw the old man waving hello from outside the window like a ghost.

    Jiang Fei pulled the window open and frowned at him.

    "Is it that difficult for you to just walk through the door?" said Jiang Fei angrily as he helped the old man into his room. He noticed that the old man was not using any kind of tool to help him adhere to the walls. Instead, all he saw was his hands was just sticking to the wall without any assistance.

    "Sheesh! Don't be so strict about it! I'm already so dizzy from the height!" the old man laughed as he entered the room.

    When Jiang Fei closed the window and the curtains, he helped the old man sit down on his chair as he proceeded to sit on his bed.

    "Hmm. Young man, have you thought about my invite?"

    "About that... My master said he had no interest to participate. In a way... I sort of have to follow his footsteps..." said Jiang Fei as he apologized awkwardly.

    The truth was that Jiang Fei wanted to join the China's Martial Art Alliance and use its privileges to gain resources. However, the main problem was the test itself. He was scared that he might be exposed!

    "I understand. Don't worry. I truly do. I've indeed predicted this. So, how about we bestow on you the title of "Honorary Elder" instead? There's no mission. No test. At the same time, there's no fixed reward for you as well. However, you could still gain contribution points by... well... contributing to the alliance."

    Old man Hai was determined to have Jiang Fei to join the alliance. Once he was in, the alliance would have a connection to Jiang Fei's Level 5 master!
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