287 Guild Building

    "Okay!" Jiang Fei agreed. He wanted the resources of the alliance and as for contributions, Jiang Fei had never worried about it. There were bound to be people sustaining heavy injuries, and so that was his chance to provide the healing potions, which might come in handy in terms of contribution points.

    "Very well! In that case, my business here is done. I'll go back and sort things out with the alliance. In a few days, I'll have little Yu send the Honorary Elder Command Plate to you!" said Old man Hai. Without even saying goodbye, the old man got up from his seat and leaped out of the window.

    "Oh my..." Jiang Fei stared at the window. He was at the 100th floor, with a distance of hundreds of meters from ground level. The old man may be a martial artist but he was still human. If anyone but birds did that, they would fall and splatter on the ground. Perhaps even Metahumans would end up like that without the proper flight ability.

    However, when Jiang Fei looked out of the window, he saw Old man Hai was not on the ground. Instead, he was crawling on the wall like a gecko! So, that was the art of Gecko's Wall Climbing style that Old man Hai had. Jiang Fei would not know about it since he had only just been introduced to the world of Metahumans. However, if Old man Hai was willing to teach him, all he needed to do was inject True Qi into his limbs and apply them to the wall like adhesive. Even a vertical pole would not be a problem if Jiang Fei could master this art.

    Noting that the old man was safe and sound, Jiang Fei closed the window and prepared for game time.

    The first thing Jiang Fei did when he entered the game was head over to his guild territory with Isabella. The original odor of smelly mud and rotten trees were no more. There were many NPC workers that were working hard to clear everything up to build the castle. Big Brother Bear and the rest of his lot were also there to transport materials needed for the building. Only a few of them were spoils from hunting monsters and completing quests. Most of them were bought from or given by Happy Drunk!

    The girls of Rosette Knighthood were also present then. The monsters around the vicinity were of lower levels. Approximately around Level 20 crocodiles, which were a nuisance since they were hard to defeat. Since the area had no resources of that manner, there were very very few players that would venture into this part of the map.

    No NPC meant no quests, that was the reason why Jiang Fei had chosen the place to be set up as his territory. No monsters to farm, no quests to take, no resources to harvest, and no players to do anything there. It was a completely desolated area!

    "Ah Fei! Are you sure it is wise to set up a guild territory here?" said Rosette Rose as she dragged Jiang Fei to an empty corner.

    "Yes. This place is the best for me," said Jiang Fei without lying. It was indeed the best place for him, technically, only for him. The guild territory was set as a mask to protect the Ant Queen.

    "Very well. Since you're so sure about it, I'll your decision. I'll head over to the supervisor for a bit. These workers here will start slacking once there's no one to supervise them! HURH!" Rosette Rose grunted angrily as she stomped her way toward the construction yard.

    Jiang Fei looked around quietly and no one noticed him. He was able to bring Isabella along without anyone spotting her. There, the main hall had already been built and Jiang Fei could enter it. Even though the construction of the territory was still in its infancy stage, entering the hall already required the permission from the guild master.

    After the main hall, Jiang Fei entered one floor below and saw a black hole. That hole was the entrance to the one-man Secret Dungeon! The Underground Swamp Cavern!

    Jiang Fei entered the dungeon and claimed the daily Ant Eggs and Ant Milk. From there on out, that would be Jiang Fei's daily task.

    After that, Jiang Fei went on to raid the bottom of the Bloodpool twice, once on Normal difficulty and once on Elite difficulty. However, at the end of it, Jiang Fei felt like it was a complete waste of time.

    The Heroic mode could only be entered once every week. On the other hand, even if that difficulty could be completed everyday, Jiang Fei would not able to fight until the end without Isabella's dragon transformation.

    At Level 40, the effective Level Suppression systems kicked in. As such, even though the dungeon run was easier than before, the experience points gained was so low that it was no longer efficient to do the dungeon anymore!

    Once he got out of the dungeon, Jiang Fei went to the guild storage and dumped all of the trash tier equipment he had obtained from the run.

    With his inventory cleared, Jiang Fei casually opened the level ranking board and found out that he was still at first place!

    1. Verdure Glider, Level 40

    2. Cold Feather Hee, Level 35

    3. Night Shadow, Level 34

    4. Lady Casanova, Level 34

    5. Happy Drunk, Level 34

    6. Demondawn Master, Level 34

    7. Beast Master, Level 34

    8. ImRichieRich, Level 33

    9. Sky Beyond, Level 33

    10. Seven Stars Warrior, Level 33

    "Hoho! Not bad! There's even members of my guild in the board!" Jiang Fei laughed happily. Chen Xi had planted her position as second place. That was expected of her since that little girl had always been competitive with the other players, especially guys. At that moment, he felt extremely lucky to have picked up 0541. Without this cheating device, he would not have been able to exceed anyone in the game! That girl might have already been in first place in the level ranking board without anyone being able to even step into her shadow!

    As for Han Tianyu, he was so lazy that he had hired players to babysit him instead. That was how he was able to stay at number 8! Perhaps, if no one was willing to work for him, he would not even be Level 30!

    The only surprise he had was Seven Stars Warrior. Even though he was a Hidden Class, he had never really drawn Jiang Fei's attention. The communication he had with Seven Star Warrior was during the time they worked together to kill a boss. On the contrary, the other player, Six Fans the Pill Alchemist was more prominent than him.

    That was why when Jiang Fei noticed his presence in the level ranking board, he was happy. The man had put in effort into rushing his level. Even though he was still in the lower ranks, it was still considered to be an honor. Jiang Fei's guild, Empyreal Dragon, was not a big guild. In fact, there were only a handful of players in there. Seven Stars Warrior had achieved such a feat without even relying on any of the guild members!

    While he was busy thinking about Seven Stars Warrior, he suddenly remembered about another player in the guild that was really good at fighting. He opened the guild member list and noticed Little Rain was only Level 31. It was a huge gap!

    "Big Bear, did Little Rain get himself killed?" asked Jiang Fei as he was too shy to contact Little Rain himself.

    "Oh? I didn't hear anything about it. What's wrong? Did someone step on our members? Give me a name and I shall bring heaven's judgement upon that person!" cried Big Brother Bear furiously.

    "I want to know the reason why he's only at Level 31."

    "AH... That..." Big Brother Bear suddenly stuttered. If Jiang Fei could see him, he would be able to see him starting to flinch.

    "Talk." Jiang Fei's voice had gotten serious.

    "He's... He's been a little busy..." said Big Brother Bear after delaying his response.

    "Busy? With what? How busy is he that he ignored leveling?" said Jiang Fei. If he had trouble, Jiang Fei would not mind helping out.
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