288 Guild Master’s Meeting

    "He's... busy with girls..." said Big Brother Bear after being pressured by Jiang Fei.

    It was then Jiang Fei found out that the girls from the Rosette Knighthood were not fond of training. Besides a few rare cases, most of them played the game just for the fun of it. There were male players in the game that chose to accompany them in their fun.

    Besides Jiang Fei, Seven Stars Warrior, and Little Rain, Zhao Feng the fatty bum and the others were not too easy on the eye. On the contrary, the girls were top class, super model types. They had their standards and none of them wanted to hang out with ugly bears.

    All that had the looks were always missing in action. Hence, the girls had the tendency to stick to Little Rain and Seven Stars Warrior. In the end, Seven Stars Warrior got serious and never smiled whenever he was with them. Every time they started to talk to him, he would be a rock, never smiling, never answering. In the end, the girls got bored and went to Little Rain, who had better attitude toward them, instead. Every day, every night, the girls flocked to Little Rain. As a result, he was unable to put enough time into training.

    "I see," Jiang Fei said calmly. He was not able to intervene in this sort of mess. On one side, there were the girls who want to have fun, on the other, there were the guys that wanted to level up. In between both sides was Little Rain who was caught in the line of fire.

    "Never mind then. I'll leave him be. Just remind him about his level gap. Don't let it fall too low," said Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei then did a mental calculation. If the group of babes would not stop hindering Little Rain's game play, he would have a word with Rosette Rose.

    In other news, Jiang Fei himself was contemplating on hosting activities for the guild members or recruitment drive. Rosette Rose had always been heckling about it. She was a woman with big dreams. Jiang Fei was at the far end of the spectrum. What he cared about was not the game itself but what he could get from it. As long as it could help him in the real world, he would be interested in it. Nothing else mattered.

    That was why he had not relinquished the rights to recruit players to anyone else. Not even Rosette Rose, the manager of the guild that had such authority. The decision had severely hindered the expansion of the guild. Jiang Fei's philosophy of "Small is Peace" was utterly rejected by Rosette Rose. What was the main reason she joined his alliance? Was it not to create an empire in the game? If that was her goal, managing a hundred members in such a small guild would not even be a stepping stone! It's a stepping pebble! Or worse, a small piece of sand on the beach!

    Jiang Fei would not have minded if it were just once in a while, but every time Rosette Rose talked to him, she would never fail to remind him about the benefits of having a larger community in the guild. At that point, Jiang Fei would never forget the reason why Rosette Rose had given up the solidarity of their guild and joined him!

    That was Jiang Fei's worry. There were many girls and boys in the guild that were just there for the fun of it. Some of them were following Jiang Fei. However, Rosette Rose, Little Rain, and Seven Stars Warriors were different. They had bigger dreams. They had the potential to become true symbols of strength. If Jiang Fei continued down this path, their potential would be snuffed out before they could even shine.

    "Miss Rose, I am giving you the authority and the responsibility for guild member recruitment."

    "No problem."

    A simple message, and a simple reply. However, both of them knew the significance of this short exchange. Jiang Fei was voluntarily handing the authority to Rose. He did not want too many people under his name since his motto had always been peace meant a smaller mess. He had never even been a class monitor before. How would he be able to handle such a large player base? However, since Rose was willing to take over the role, why not let her do it. He could be a silent partner!

    Knowing that opening the guild recruitment would invite spies from other guilds into his, he did not worry about it. Aside from the hidden underground Secret Dungeon, there was nothing else to be kept as a secret. No one besides Jiang Fei himself had the authorization to go down the main hall.

    Rosette Rose had been waiting for that day to come. Jiang Fei had been persistent in keeping the guild members at minimum, halting her big plans. Now that the doors were open, Rosa swore to herself that she would make the name Empyreal Dragon reach every corner of the world (game), not just Dawnlight City!

    Rosa's dream may be big, but Jiang Fei did not care. NOT ONE BIT! At that point, his attention was focused on something else.

    "Ah Fei! You free?" said Han Tianyu in a message.

    "Yeah. I am. What's up?"

    "City South Hotel. Something to talk to you about."

    "Be right there."

    Jiang Fei replied swiftly and flew over to the hotel at the southern of the Dawnlight City with the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon.

    When they were above the hotel, Jiang Fei hovered for a moment and turned to Isabella, who was hugging him happily.

    "Bella, I need you to stay in the Pet slot for a while. Someone will be there and they will invite me into their party. I don't want them to know that you're... well... a princess," said Jiang Fei.

    Perhaps Isabella was already head over heels for Jiang Fei, or perhaps she had misunderstood Jiang Fei's intention when he said princess. Either way, she nodded her head obediently.


    With a white flash, Isabella disappeared into thin air. Only then did Jiang Fei descend and enter the hotel.

    "Brother Yu, invite me into your party."


    Once he was in the party, Jiang Fei was shocked.

    "There's a lot of people here!"

    He was surprised to see that Han Tianyu was not the only player in the party. Instead, there were Happy Drunk, Lady Casanova, Southern Azuresword, Daemon's Grimace, Billy Boy, and many others that he had never seen or heard before.

    Jiang Fei entered the hotel room and found out that it was not a room but a hall with a long table that could fit in more than 50 players. Sitting on each side of the table were guild masters of all the named guilds in Dawnlight City.

    "WTF. What are we doing here? This is like a war meeting!"

    "Hoho! Ah Fei! You're here! I've been waiting for you!" said Han Tianyu aloud as he pulled out a chair next to him.

    After calculating, there were supposed to be more than a hundred guild masters present and most of them were guilds that had easily over 10,000 members under their wings. If the seating was sorted by ranks, he should be standing at the entrance, not even at the door!

    However, he was the Verdure Glider of Dawnlight City, the famous player that had conquered a Level 30 Heroic difficulty dungeon alone! Additionally, the man that had pulled a chair out for Jiang Fei was the young master of Dawnlight City! These two players were allies. Technically, if Jiang Fei wanted the frontmost seat, no one would complain. Or rather, they dared not complain.

    Back when the Level 30 dungeon first appeared, Han Tianyu had helped Jiang Fei by taking charge of the dungeon, allowing no one else to enter it. He had almost gotten into war with other guild members for the sake of Jiang Fei! With that feat, no average guild master dared to even squeak their dissatisfaction.

    Perhaps, the only people that had the power to stand in objection was the three guild alliance. However, they had a modus operandi and a goal to achieve that day...
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