289 The Objective of the Three Guilds Alliance

    Once everyone was seated, Han Tianyu did not bother about the rest of the guild masters when he shouted at Lady Casanova.

    "Let's get things moving now. Everyone's here!"

    Lady Casanova did not acknowledge him but Daemon's Grimace talked.

    "Every player has already reached a certain level and those levels will only get harder and harder to break through. Being focused on leveling would be extremely boring hence, we would like to take this chance to gather all of Dawnlight City to build a connecting Teleportation Circle to the other three main cities!"

    "Connecting Teleportation Circle?" Han Tianyu raised his brow and immediately turned to Happy Drunk. Like Jiang Fei, he was a silent partner. Most of the guild was handled by Happy Drunk. That was why the first person everyone turned to was Happy Drunk.


    Happy Drunk kept quiet. Technically, building a Teleportation Circle would be a good thing but since it was the three guild alliance who was the one that brought it up, Happy Drunk was convinced that something was amiss.

    "Our current goal is to connect Dawnlight and Twilight first. We had already contacted that city and half of the quest given had been completed. However, the last step can't be completed alone. We need the support and cooperation from all of Dawnlight City," said Daemon's Grimace.


    Happy Drunk merely nodded without giving any feedback.

    "What do you think? Ah Fei?" asked Han Tianyu in a private message to Jiang Fei.

    "Might as well connect it! The more the merrier!" Jiang Fei replied. After the latest game patch, most of the bosses were weakened.

    "I don't think building a Teleportation Circle is their main goal. They were just borrowing this topic for something else. I don't feel right!" said Han Tianyu. He was thinking far ahead. Even though he was not like Happy Drunk who cared about the wellbeing of his guild. Moreover, Han Tianyu knew anything that had happened and would happen between the three guild alliance and Aristocrats. Even though connecting the Teleportation Circle to other main city had difficult to complete quests, the reward would be worth it. If that was the case, the three guild alliance would have to think about having the Aristocrats in league. The sun would rise from the west if there was no trap!

    Daemon's Grimace said that the combined manpower of the three guild alliance was not enough to complete the quest. Was it not be enough when he had dragged so many average guilds into the equation? Supposedly, they should be able to complete the quest with the help of half of Dawnlight City. Even though the Aristocrats was one of the biggest guilds in the city, there would not be any difference with or without the guild when almost all of Dawnlight City was there in the room!

    Additionally, if the Aristocrats was asked to join, most of the leaders and managers would fall in the hands of the Aristocrats. There is no such thing as free lunch in the world. Why would they just hand over the authority to the Aristocrats without asking anything in return? The three guild alliance must be up to something!

    "What is the problem?" asked Jiang Fei. He just got into the society. Only humans could be as evil as it can be. He knew that. But what sort of scheme did the three guild alliance have that he could not think of?

    "It's hard to pinpoint one right now. Let's see how Happy Drunk answers them."

    "Very well. In my opinion, I think the Aristocrats should help!" said Happy Drunk.

    "That's wonderful! With the Aristocrats participating, the quest will be completed in a jiffy!" said Daemon's Grimace as he complimented Happy Drunk.

    "Don't start popping the champagne! I do have a say here. The real guild master is right there," said Happy Drunk as he pointed to Han Tianyu.


    When Happy Drunk passed the baton to Han Tianyu, Daemon's Grimace, Lady Casanova, and Southern Azuresword furrowed their eyebrows immediately.

    There was no way to reason with the rick folks. That was why these guys only spoke to Happy Drunk. At the same time, they did not want to incur the wrath of Han Tianyu. If Han Tianyu wanted something done or the other way round, no one could properly reason with him. No one in that room, technically.

    "W-What say you?" Daemon's Grimace shuddered as he asked Han Tianyu.

    Han Tianyu crossed his arms menacingly and turned to Jiang Fei. "Brother, what do you think? Should I help them?"

    "HUH?!" Jiang Fei jumped when Han Tianyu unexpectedly passed the metaphorical baton to him.

    'What the hell man? When we were talking about it, I told you I was all for it. And then you told me someone was off! Yet you still openly ask for my suggestion? Why would you want me to bear the responsibility? I'm done. I don't care!'

    "Up to you man. I don't really care much..." said Jiang Fei as he rolled his eyes at Han Tianyu. At the same time, he was cursing at Han Tianyu for actually dragging him into the loop.

    "Gotcha! Now that my brother has voiced his opinion, we are in!' said Han Tianyu as he slammed the table.

    "WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK! What did I say?!" cried Jiang Fei to Han Tianyu. Jiang Fei should have known that no matter what people said, if he wants it, he gets it.

    "HAHA! This is good! Good!" Daemon's Grimace exclaimed happily. He had thought that Han Tianyu would be trying his best to cause trouble.

    "Are you daft or just stupid? Didn't you say there's something wrong? Why would you just jump into the grave they dug for you?" Jiang Fei scolded Han Tianyu in a private message.

    "Relax. You wouldn't understand these kinds of things. These guys are here with the mass. There's no way we could deny their help in front of the entire Dawnlight City!" explained Han Tianyu as to why he still voluntarily agreed despite knowing that something was off.

    Han Tianyu could see through the fog of deceit. This task was not only for rewards, but mainly to create a pathway to and fro main cities. It was for the good of the entire Dawnlight City. If he had rejected to help, he would be branded as a traitor. That was not a good marketing strategy.

    The Aristocrats was the dominating guild in Dawnlight City. Even so, a guild with no more than 200,000 players would only be a drop of water in the ocean of over ten million players. Players tend to jump on the bandwagon. If that was the case, might as well be the heroes of Dawnlight City instead of incurring the wrath of all the players in the city. When that happened, no matter how powerful you were, no one would respect you.

    Since there was no way he could reject the request, he would have to be extremely cautious of the three guild alliance since there was still the prize of the quest reward. Han Tianyu was not a manager type of person hence Happy Drunk was taking charge in that sector. He had planted ears and eyes in other guilds. Soon, the plans of the three guild alliance would be unfolded and Han Tianyu would turn the table around then.

    Even though Han Tianyu currently had no idea what the three guild alliance had planned, he would not stop at anything to retrieve them. The man was not known to obey the law. Even well-known weapons manufacturer were treated like common civilians. What he had was a goal and once his goal was achieved, he would make sure that the three guild alliance pay for scheming against him.

    "What the hell, you guys are so cunning! Every single one of you!" said Jiang Fei. However, he had only learned about it through Han Tianyu. That meant his own judgment was still too weak. If he had met with this sort of enemy, he would be completely pulverized like a used puppet and not even know it!
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