290 The Last Straw

    All four strongest guilds in Dawnlight City had gotten together after Han Tianyu vocally expressed his agreement in joining forces with the three guild alliance. Naturally, all other smaller guilds agreed to join forces as well.

    "Tell me, what is your current progress?" asked Han Tianyu.

    "Currently, we have completed all miscellaneous fetching quests. The last step would be to submit the materials," said Daemon's Grimace.

    "The quest will be simple. Go to the NPC and receive the quest. Submit the materials to the NPC. At the cost of the materials, the NPC will grant experience points and even Level 30 Green tier equipment!" Lady Casanova added.

    "Hm." Han Tianyu nodded, but Jiang Fei started to frown.

    Based on what Lady Casanova had just said, Jiang Fei could predict that "repairing" the Teleportation Circle would require an absurdly large amount of materials. The worst part was the fact that the materials needed for the Teleportation Circle restoration were the same as the one used for Territory building. If all of Dawnlight City participated in this quest, the price of the materials would surely increase. There would be cases where prices some of the rarer materials would be so high that money simply could not buy. All was for the sake of easy experience points and equipment. In the end, Jiang Fei could see the negative effect on him. All of this mess with the Teleportation Circle would disturb the flow of materials to his own Territory building.

    'Sh*t. Could the three guild alliance have purposely initiated the quest just to slow down my territory building?' Jiang Fei wondered to himself. If that was the case, that must mean that the three guild alliance must be at their wits' end. They must have thought it well since Jiang Fei was greatly affected.

    The truth was that Jiang Fei was just overthinking. Even though Empyreal Dragon had just started their Territory construction, his guild was very small even though Jiang Fei had given the permission to Rosette Rose to start recruiting members. Hence, due to his guild size, the three guild alliance was not targeting him. Jiang Fei was merely caught in the line of fire. In fact, the three guild alliance had no idea that the material requirement for the quest was the same as what was needed for a Territory construction. After all, they had never been able to obtain a Territory Order. The incident with Jiang Fei was completely accidental.

    At the beginning of the quest, the three guild alliance wanted to claim the quest reward for themselves. However, they had failed to predict that the material cost would be too much for them to bear. They did not have powerful support or resources stocked up. After everything had been done and spent, the quest could not be completed. Hence, they had resorted to open the quest to everything, allowing the whole of Dawnlight City to share the benefit. If they could have done it alone, they would never have shared this benefit, especially since the NPC was located at their pseudo-territory.

    "Brother Glider, I'm sorry but we might have to stop the support of material for your cause."

    As expected, Happy Drunk had wanted nothing more for the wellbeing of his guild. Since the reward was good, luxurious equipment and abundant of experience points were just too good to be ignored.

    Every tenth submission of a material was considered one round and each round of submission would be rewarded with a Level 30 Green grade equipment. As such, the reward had its value and even though it was just a Green grade, it was valuable to everyone other than Jiang Fei. Not everyone had a full gear of Violet and Golden grade equipment.

    Even the elite party of the Aristocrats was a mixture of Green and Blue and most of them were either Level 30 or below. Happy Drunk could not afford to allow his guild to fall behind in the race of power especially since the quest was opened to the public.

    Unlike Happy Drunk, Han Tianyu played the game to be with Jiang Fei. Materials aside, even if Han Tianyu had given the entire guild to Jiang Fei, Han Tianyu would not feel anything. On the other hand, Happy Drunk was too devoted to the game. The guild was built from scratch and it was like his own son to him. If it did not affect the growth of the guild, Happy Drunk would not mind supporting Jiang Fei with his own progress. However, since the current situation mattered a lot to Happy Drunk, he could not let Jiang Fei affect his judgment.

    However, Happy Drunk had to circumvent Han Tianyu and directly inform Jiang Fei. If Han Tianyu knew about it, the man might just command his guild to supply every material they had to Jiang Fei. If that happened, the guild members would never have any chance to submit the quest.


    Since the supply of materials had been cut off, Jiang Fei would have to start finding ways to resume supplying materials to his territory. The guild armistice will only last for one month. In that period, he must, at the very least, build a wall surrounding the castle ground. If the wall was not built, the territory would be very weak and prone to attack.

    After the decision to connect the Teleportation Circle was made, the guild masters had started to discuss the next step after all the materials needed had been submitted. However, because the NPC did not provide any extra information in regards to that matter, no further planning could be done. One thing that was certain was that the commanding leader would be none other than the Aristocrats. The three guild alliance would have advisory power while the other guilds could do nothing but to obey.

    Jiang Fei did not bother to listen to the rest of the meeting since his priority was only the materials. Since his guild only had over a hundred players, even if he tried to pull strings with Han Tianyu, he could not be one of the commanding officers. It was different from seating as it only depended on honor. The commanding officers would have authority over matters and most importantly, distribution of reward.

    Jiang Fei knew that even if he could be one of the commanding officers, with only over a hundred players in his guild, there was little persuasive power.

    Currently, Jiang Fei's guild had a large amount of funding. Counting the sales with Happy Drunk not too long ago, he had over 60,000 gold coins. Additionally, the auction of the Pet Eggs was going to be concluded soon. Jiang Fei was not worried about coins at the moment and he might even be willing to spend 60,000 gold coins on materials. Hence, he planned to spend all that money on buying materials from the market before the news spreads too far.

    With the materials bought for and the ones gained from Happy Drunk yesterday, Jiang Fei predicted that he could last for ten days. All he could wish for then was that the quest would end in ten days. If it lasted longer than that, Jiang Fei would have nowhere else to gather materials.

    Just as Jiang Fei called for Big Brother Bear and his lackeys to consolidate all the materials bought from players, the news about the material submission quest had started to spread. What followed next was a chain of angry scolding from the players who had sold their materials. Jiang Fei was not the only guild that had started this trend. The only difference between the guilds was the number of materials bought with their own guild budget.

    Lucky for Jiang Fei that he acted sooner than the others or else he might not have managed to buy them.

    Now that most guilds had their materials, the other pug players were in a bad time. At first glance, they were happy to sell their materials for a slightly higher price since most of them thought that the materials were just random ETC items. However, in just a blink of an eye, the ETC trash that they had just sold became treasures. It was only normal for the players to start scolding the buyers, accusing them of cheating and whatnot.
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