291 Quest: Mana Node

    Since the start of the quest, the prices of many materials skyrocketed as time passed. There were even cases where players had taken advantage of the situation and increased the price of other unrelated materials! What they were thinking then was that since a few of the materials had been chosen to be used as quest items, it would only be a matter of time before other materials that were not in demand now, would be in demand in the future.

    Hence, in just a span of a night, the prices of all materials in Dawnlight City had risen. Even with extra money in hand, Jiang Fei would not want to waste the money on greedy merchant wannabes.

    In the span of the entire week, players swarmed the same NPC, trying their best to submit as many rounds of materials as they could. Aside from the daily dungeon run, players would be outside the city, farming for materials, both pug players and guild included.

    Fields and swamps that had never seen the light of day was suddenly packed with players. Like a storm, guilds had started to claim their farming grounds while pug players had to live by farming the gap in between the guild's farming spot. After the week was over, the material collecting quest was done. The NPC had collected enough materials and had stopped accepting any more. The quest was then updated.

    "Ding! City-wide announcement: Mana Nodes has been activated!"

    Quest Title: Mana Nodes!

    Description: Due to the War of Shadow and Light, the four Teleportation Circles that connect all four main city has been destroyed. To restore the connection between the cities, you must first restore the Mana Nodes that were connecting the Teleportation Circles.

    Objective: Eliminate all enemies around the Mana Nodes and restore it.

    Reward: For every monster eliminated you will earn points, which could be used to trade with rewards.

    Node Wrecker (Normal): 1 Contribution Point

    Elite Node Wrecker (Elite): 10 Contribution Points

    Node Destroyer (Advance Elite): 50 Contribution Points

    Node Destroyer Commanding Officer (Leader): 300 Contribution Points

    Fluer the Attacker: 10,000 Contribution Points


    1 Contribution points can be exchanged for 10,000 Experience points.

    30 Contribution points can be exchanged for 1x Level 30 Green equipment.

    100 Contribution points can be exchanged for 1x Level 30 Blue equipment.

    The announcement was made citywide and every player received it. The quest was also sent to every single player that was online at that time. The choice to review it lied with the players themselves.

    As the reward was very luxurious, so was the difficulty. One normal monster was only worth one point. They would have to kill at least 10,000 normal monsters to trade for the best reward. Naturally, it was a matter of accumulation. Anyone with enough patience could do it.

    Along with the announcement and the quest update, the system had also included the coordinates for the monster's spawn points. In that instant, a sea of players swarmed out of the city like locusts! Even players who were severely under-leveled had also joined the fray.

    Usually, players would scatter around the city, hence, the number of players was not obvious. That day was different. The swarm of players, nay, the sea of players came out rushing like a tsunami as they gathered.

    The coordinates given to all players was a quest map. To fit that much players, the developers had adjusted the map size and purposely made it large enough to fit all players in Dawnlight City. Even with that many players, once the crowd started to adjust to the size of the map, one could clearly see that the number of players participating in the quest was... uncountable.

    "Oh my... That's a lot of monsters!"

    "Hoho, looks like there's no need to fight for monsters! This is nice!"

    "Well, what are we waiting for? Charge! Onward! To victory!"

    Once the monsters were seen, players started to charge towards them and started fighting. However...

    "Oh f*ck!"


    The charging troops of players rush on quickly, but they died just as fast. In that instant, the entire field was filled with blinking white pillars of light like a disco. Many players were sent back to the city due to death.

    "They are so strong! How are we supposed to fight them?"

    Everyone was stunned. They were only supposed to be normal monsters yet their strength and attack power were stronger than the average Elite monsters that they usually faced.

    "Level 30 monster farming party open for recruitment! Only accepting Level 30 players and above! Must be DPS class!"

    In that moment of panic, someone yelled out about forming a party. When that happened, others followed and started their parties as well.

    Originally, players did not want to form a party since killing one normal monster would only reward them with one contribution point. If they had formed a party, how would the system divide one point? However, the monsters had proven to be too difficult to be faced alone. Hence, everyone started to form their parties to increase their chances of survival.

    The truth was that even if pug players formed their party, it would be useless. Guilds, on the other hand, were different since almost all guilds would have already formed their main parties. Elite parties that had the power to fight a dungeon boss would hunt for the big ones. The other secondary parties would then split into smaller parties to divide their roles further. These monsters were indeed strong, but as stronger as they were, they were only as strong as a Level 30 Elite tier monster. Two to three players would be enough to kill them without much problem. However, a party of five players would have a better efficiency at killing them.

    "Big Brother Bear, take Little Rain and Seven Star Warrior and start to kill monsters. I'll go down and test the waters first!" said Jiang Fei as he left the party management to Big Brother Bear.

    The Empyreal Dragon was not big. That had been established. Ever since Jiang Fei had voiced his complaints to Rosette Rose about the girls, she had given them a mild warning not to continue their "harassment". Even though they still stuck to him, it was not as serious for Little Rain was still able to do his leveling without any hindrance from the girl.

    Without the drag, the thugs in the guild were able to perform admirably. Even if they had above average skills, they were just as strong as the top guild secondary parties. Even though they did not stand out, they were not weak. Even without Jiang Fei leading them, they could easily take down normal monsters easily. Elite or even Advance Elite were treated just as easily.

    Jiang Fei left them to deal with the monster confidently and summoned the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon. Once he was in the sky with Isabella hugging him tightly, Jiang Fei began to scout the map.

    The map was huge; almost ten times the size of Dawnlight City. The number of monsters spawning was so staggering that it filled every inch of the map. If every single one of the monsters was killed and all points were shared equally, every single player in Dawnlight City would be able to exchange for two or possibly three Blue graded equipment.

    From that high altitude, Jiang Fei was able to see everything. He knew where the normal monsters gathered, where the Elites and Advance Elite were, as well as the mini-boss!

    As he flew around more, he found one twenty meters tall monster.

    Fluer the Attacker (Distorted Beast, Leader)

    Level: 55

    Health Points: 35,000,000

    Attack Power: 15,000

    Skills: Heavy Slam, Distorted Breath, Earth Shatter, Earthquake

    Heavy Slam: Attacks powerfully once, dealing double damage. Knocks back a target.

    Distorted Breath: Deals powerful damage to all targets in front of it. Spawn one Distorted Parasite on each target that was hit with the skill.

    Earth Shatter: Attacks powerfully once, dealing quadruple damage. Damage is shared amongst all targets within three meters of the first target.

    Earthquake: Berserked, Fluer slams the ground with the force of the earth, dealing powerful damage to all targets within 100 meters. Causes 600 damage per seconds for 10 seconds. Targets inflicted by this skill is able to move or channel magic.

    "OH MY GOD! This boss is ten times stronger than the Gerbil mouse boss!" Jiang Fei exclaimed. He was so shocked at the boss' stats that he almost fell off the dragon. Luckily, Isabella noticed it and quickly hugged Jiang Fei tighter.

    So Leader boss might have been nerfed after the latest patch but the Lord tier boss was far, far stronger!
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