292 Magic Circle

    Bewildered, Jiang Fei had no idea what to do with the monster that was so obviously much stronger than the pre-patched version.

    "Erm... C-could you defeat him? If you have your transformation skill?" asked Jiang Fei.

    Isabella pondered a little and cocked her head ever so cutely and said, "Yes. Yes, I can! If I have the preemptive strike!"

    "That's reassuring to hear!" Jiang Fei patted her head. Despite asking, Jiang Fei had no plans to have Isabella fight.

    When the quest had just started, Han Tianyu had informed Jiang Fei about matters of the three guilds alliance. Apparently, Happy Drunk still had not discovered what the three guilds had planned.

    According to Han Tianyu's report, Happy Drunk had done his best in scouring for leaks. He had a spy that had already climbed up the ranks in the Omnisword guild. However, the plan was kept tightly as a secret by the three guilds. Besides the three guild masters and Billy Boy, there would be a fifth player who would know about the plan.

    "I see. It would only seem that the more they try to hide it, the bigger the plan is. Happy Drunk might not be able to finish the job, but I surely can!" said Han Tianyu without blaming Happy Drunk.

    Jiang Fei had no idea and had no interest to know what Han Tianyu plans to intervene were. However, that jeopardized Jiang Fei's movement. Isabella's dragon transformation was Jiang Fei's trump card. Without knowing what would be unleashed upon him, Jiang Fei would have to prepare for the worse.

    After circling the field a few more times, Jiang Fei had finally found an oddity that was the three guilds alliance. In fact, it was hard to miss since all of them were gathered at a spot. They were killing monsters strategically, unlike the other guilds that were killing at random to fight stronger monsters.

    "What are they up to? Could there be a new quest information they are trying to hide?" Jiang Fei flew higher in the air to avoid detection and started to ponder for a while.

    "I think they are trying to build a magic circle!" said Isabella.


    Why would the three guilds build a magic circle for?

    Even though that map was a quest map, every three hours, there would be an NPC patrolling the map. Once they leave, the entire map would be a free-for-all PvP grounds. Attacking others would be punishment-free.

    "Bella. Could you see what are they working on?"

    "Hmm. I can't the formation is just too basic to know what the effects are. I'm sorry..." said Isabella dejectedly, as if she was not good enough.

    "Don't worry about it," Jiang Fei patted her head again.

    "Looks like the three guilds are planning something and that magic circle must be related!"

    The entire formation was huge as no matter how many players were involved in building it, it could never be done in a single day. Jiang Fei planned to stick around more and continue his observation before he reported this. When Isabella could finally recognize the magic circle true purpose, he will report this to Han Tianyu and start to plan a counterattack.

    Once he calculated the progression speed of the magic circle, Jiang Fei realized that there was no point hovering around that area anymore. Jiang Fei then flew towards his own guildmates and formed a team. When everyone was ready, Jiang Fei personally led them to start hunting for the big fishes.

    When he was in the sky, Jiang Fei had noted down the location of the mini boss. With that in mind, Jiang Fei easily led the entire party to find the big one. Still, he would have to kill the monsters that were blocking their path. Even though it was considered to be a mini boss, it was a Leader tier monster. In fact, all the monsters that spawned on this map were enhanced. Their combat power was strong. Without his own transformation skill, Jiang Fei had to rely on his entire team to survive and kill them. Jiang Fei knew that such a situation would arise. Hence, he had ordered Isabella to stay at the rear, never to engage in a fight unless Jiang Fei gave the permission.

    A Leader tier boss was worth 300 contribution points and since Jiang Fei's current number of party member was only sixty, each member will be receiving 5 contribution points for every kill! Perhaps, the only drawback for this sort of event was that the monsters would not drop equipment. Gold coins would be dropped but the amount was so little. A normal monster would drop two silver coins, an Elite would drop ten or more silver coins, and an Advanced Elite would drop over fifty silver coins.

    With money in the eyes, everyone charged into battle with fury and vigor that no one had noticed what the Alliance of the Three Guilds were doing.

    On the next day, when Jiang Fei got into the game, everyone was still camping on the new quest map. It made sense since the experience and reward gained from the monsters were considered to be well worth to average players. Especially for pug players who did not have solid parties to raid dungeons, they were better off with farming on that map.

    "You guys go ahead without me! I'm going to scout the area and find something new!" said Jiang Fei as he left Big Brother Bear in charge. At the end of yesterday, the entire party of sixty members had accumulated a good number of contribution points. Each player had even managed to exchange two to three Blue graded equipment. While the others were still farming their way to exchange their first Green equipment, the Empyreal Dragon had already reached the point where Blue equipment was the norm. It was all thanks to Jiang Fei who had led the team to only target and kill mini bosses instead of wasting their time on killing normal monsters.

    Repeating the same actions as he did yesterday, Jiang Fei soared to the sky and flew directly towards the location where the three guilds were building their magic circle. At that point, the basic circular structure of the magic circle was established. However, Isabella was still unable to recognize its effect. However, the one thing that has changed was that there were now two magic circles.

    "Two magic circles... Each of them has different effects..." Isabella muttered to herself.

    "Bella? What do you mean?"

    "Ah. I just noticed that the basic structure of both of the magic circles are different. If they have their own functions, then we would have less to worry about. But if it is a magic circle formation... that would be troublesome," said Isabella worriedly.

    "Magic circle formation?"

    "In simple terms, if a magic circle formation is built for attack, their potency would be the as same as a Forbidden Spell. However, the magic circle could only be used once and the cost and material to build one would be extremely too much to bear. On the other hand, the construction of the magic circle alone would take far longer than to chant the Forbidden Spell. In a way, a Forbidden Spell Book is far more valuable than a Magic Circle!"

    "I see. A magic circle has the same potency as a Forbidden Spell. But what about a magic circle formation?"

    Jiang Fei was shocked. Jiang Fei had never seen how strong a Forbidden Spell was. Even though Little Rain had it, it would be a long time before the poor fellow could use it.

    At that point of the game, average players would have five to six thousand maximum mana points. Little Rain had been working hard to be ahead of that yet if he wanted to use the Forbidden Spell, he would have to wait until he reached Level 50.
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