293 Spring the Trap

    Jiang Fei noticed the progress that the three guilds had made with the magic circle and had made his own conclusion. If the magic circle or magic circle formation was to be completed, it would be three days later. Before it was completed, Isabella must be able to recognize and figure out just what kind of magic circle it was.

    At that point, Jiang Fei left the site and circled the map to locate all the mini bosses. After that, he would lead the Empyreal Dragon again to find and kill them.

    Due to the sheer number of monsters and the amount of experience points that they were worth, after a single day, almost all of Dawnlight City was Level 30. That means all the players in Dawnlight City were going to shift to their second class advancement.

    On the level ranking board, Chen Xi was at second place, being at Level 35. When everyone was gaining level at an incredible speed, the rankings of the top ten player levels were not greatly affected. All except Han Tianyu who remained the same when he alone had climbed one rank higher.

    Jiang Fei's experience bar was at 57%. As all MMORPG games, the higher one's level was, the more experience points were needed to level up. When everyone was having a good time gaining level, Jiang Fei was not. Even though killing the boss would reward him with a massive amount of contribution points, which in turn could be used to exchange for equipment or experience points, Jiang Fei was not killing the bosses alone. The number of contribution points were equally divided. Hence, the experience points that he gained was inadequate for him.

    Jiang Fei had no reason to exchange his contribution points with equipment since his current equipment set was much stronger in terms of attributes and they possessed skills! Jiang Fei would not sacrifice skills just for a few attribute points.

    Another day, another wave. Players were happily farming points while the three guilds alliance' activities remained unseen by the public. Jiang Fei was still waiting patiently to know what they were up to and continued to be passive.

    Jiang Fei did not understand why Han Tianyu had not made any move to counter the three guilds alliance. He had mentioned about having to slip someone into the three guilds alliance. If that was true, he should have already received some kind of information about their plans. His complete silence to the matter had only made Jiang Fei worried.

    On the third day, Jiang Fei headed towards the three guilds alliance and checked their progress. At that point, the construction of the magic circle was already halfway done. Yet, the key runes and markings were nowhere to be seen. As such, Isabella was unable to know just what kind of magic it was casting. However, Jiang Fei did not leave empty-handed.

    "Even though the runes were not set in, I can understand the magic behind the circle's structure. Whatever it is, those two magic circles are not going to be attack based!"

    "Not attack based?" Jiang Fei started to sink in his sea of thoughts. At the start, he had thought that the three guilds alliance would use an attack based spell to completely wipe out the entire Aristocrats. Now that Isabella had confirmed the magic circle was not for attacking, Jiang Fei was completely thrown away.

    "Just what are they up to...?" Jiang Fei bit his lips.

    Even after thinking for so long about Big Brother Bear and he even called in asking if things were alright, Jiang Fei could not put a foot down on anything. There were still too many unknown variables. Alas, Jiang Fei gave up and thought that he should wait at least until Isabella could determine the true purpose of the magic circle. He then joined the guild party and spent the entire day farming as many points as he could.

    Almost at the end of the day, Jiang Fei received a call from Han Tianyu.

    "Ah Fei! Come to the East Hotel! I've got something important to tell you!" said Han Tianyu sounding very serious. Jiang Fei knew that there was finally a development!

    "I'll be there!"

    Jiang Fei quitted the party and left Seven Star Warrior and Little Rain to be in charge and flew swiftly towards Han Tianyu.

    Jiang Fei then had Isabella hide in the pet slot and enter the hotel. Once he was invited to join Han Tianyu, he found out that Chen Xi and Happy Drunk were there with them.

    "What's going on?"

    "I'll be frank since there's no one but us here," said Han Tianyu as he sat down and crossed his fingers.

    "I have already found out the plan of the three guilds alliance! And, Southern Azuresword is one of my people now!" said Han Tianyu with a smile that could send shivers down anyone's spine.

    "I knew it!" said Happy Drunk.

    Amongst the member of the three guilds alliance, Southern Azuresword was almost the same as Happy Drunk. Southern Azuresword played the game with only one purpose; to earn money. As such, when Han Tianyu offered a large sum of cash to buy his loyalty, Southern Azuresword would gladly accept it.

    With his loyalty now compromised, the three guilds alliance plans were leaked to Han Tianyu. It was so merciless and brutal. The plan was to completely erase the Aristocrats from the game itself.

    Daemon's Grimace had made contact with the two strongest guilds in Twilight City. With their help, the two guilds had offered two extremely rare Recipes to build two Magic Circles that could destroy Aristocrats.

    The two Magic Circle Recipes were Soul Trap Magic Circle and Space-Time Transport Magic Circle.

    Back then, Jiang Fei observed the entire construction process, the smaller circle was the Soul Trap Magic Circle. Once the Magic Circle was activated, the map will be sealed. All players who had died could no longer be revived in the city.

    The other Magic Circle was the Space-Time Transport Magic Circle, which was extremely large. Its function was to teleport a large number of players from another place.

    The three guilds alliance plan was to have the two strongest guilds in Twilight City to attack the Aristocrats while they were engaged with the Lord tier boss! First, they would teleport the players from the two guilds of Twilight City and then activate the Soul Trap Magic Circle. With five guilds in league, all of the members of the Aristocrats would be killed until their level drop below ten.

    Naturally, the two Twilight City guilds would not be working for free. After the Teleportation Circle was completed, the two guilds would be able to move freely in between cities. By then, the three guilds alliance would give away one of the territories that belonged to the Aristocrats and Empyreal Dragon to the one of the two guilds, leaving one more for the three guilds alliance themselves. That sort of benefit was just too good to reject since they could reduce the overall strength of the city. Naturally, the two guilds from Twilight City would be more than happy to offer their help.

    "WHAT THE F*CK! THAT'S A TRAITOR RIGHT THERE!" cried Jiang Fei angrily. Even though rivalry between guilds was normal, betraying one's own city just for the sake of eliminating one's opponent was a move that was so evil Jiang Fei could not forgive.

    "Hahaha! That's just how the three guild alliance works!" said Happy Drunk as he too, could not believe what he had just heard.

    "It's inevitable. We had forced their hands! Like a cornered beast, they would retaliate no matter the cost!" said Chen Xi.

    "I don't care the reason! This treachery, I would never forgive!" said Jiang Fei, fuming.

    "Hoho! That's right!" said Han Tianyu as he stood up with his arms crossed. Those who dared to scheme against him shall pay the price!

    "I'll go and start my preparations! I'd say we destroy them before their Magic Circle is completed!" said Happy Drunk, agitated.

    "Brother Yu, do you trust me?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "You are my brother. If you tell me the sun is black, I'd still believe you!" said Han Tianyu without hesitating.

    "If you do believe me, you have to listen to what I say. Let the three guilds alliance finish the construction of their Magic Circle. If I'm lucky, we might even have a chance to crush the Twilight City guilds as well!" said Jiang Fei with an evil smile.
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