294 Wanting You to Die

    "Are you 100% sure about this? Brother Glider?" asked Happy Drunk. Even though they had Southern Azuresword jumping ship to their side, things could be dreadful if Lady Casanova and Daemon's Grimace were allowed to finish the Magic Circle. Having four guilds attacking the Aristocrats, things would be easy.

    With the Soul Trap skill in effect, no one could afford to lose. The consequences of losing the war would be too severe that they might never be able to make a comeback.

    "Trust him! I have my absolute trust in Ah Fei!" said Han Tianyu when Happy Drunk was clearly hesitating.

    "Don't you think you're taking a huge risk here? I mean, could we even afford taking such a risk?" asked Chen Xi. Unlike Happy Drunk who valued his guild dearly, she was trained in the military to have sixth sense. Not to mention the attitude that did not allow her to lose even if it was just a game.

    "Relax! I'm 101% sure that I will win this. I don't take people's wellbeing as a gambling chip. You might think that whatever happens depends on luck, but what I have in mind has nothing to do with luck!" said Jiang Fei.

    "What are you talking about man... Don't worry about this or that! If you want this guild, this big brother will give it you!" said Han Tianyu earnestly. He had no attachment to this guild nor the game! As mentioned before, Han Tianyu played the game for the sake of Jiang Fei.


    Happy Drunk could not help but cringe a little when Han Tianyu spoke about giving his guild away as if it was just an insignificant thing. Han Tianyu had always been a man with zero common sense. Even though he did not trust Jiang Fei's decision, he dared not say anything else for he feared the possibility that Han Tianyu would just give the guild to Jiang Fei without thinking.

    "Haha! According to my calculation, there is absolutely zero chance for us to lose. In fact, I can even ensure you that we will have a piece of Twilight City!" said Jiang Fei.

    "That's good! When that time comes, we will walk around Twilight City!" Han Tianyu played along.

    "Happy Drunk, about the two guilds from Twilight City. Do you have any information about them?"

    "According to my sources, Twilight City had only made the same amount of progress as Dawnlight City. There's one guild that has managed to get their hands on a Territory Order and has dominated the entire city in terms of guild strength. On the other hand, other strong guilds had had better days compared to us. Mind you that there is no superman like you in that city, nor a rich guy that could buy anything..." Happy Drunk rolled his eyes when he spoke about Han Tianyu. The situation of the two guilds was unbeknownst to Han Tianyu. Hence, Happy Drunk had to step in to explain.

    The situation in Twilight City was as Happy Drunk explained. The strongest guild, Iron-Blood Alliance had relied on their Territory to pressure the other guilds. The two other guilds that were almost as strong as Iron-Blood Alliance were also able to obtain their own Territory Order and had gained more strength. Even though they were pressured, their situation was not as severe as in Dawnlight City.

    The two guilds that Daemon's Grimace had made contact with were the second and third strongest guilds in Twilight City. They were Fantasy World and Heaven's Wargod. These two guilds had indeed lived their days better than Lady Casanova and Daemon's Grimace. Even though they had not been severely pressured, they did not like the feeling of having someone stepping on their heads.

    On one hand, the guilds were fighting to survive, on the other hand, the guilds were fighting to gain more profit. When two sides collide, an agreement was form and the downfall of the Aristocrats was planned.

    "Fantasy World has almost the same number of players as Magithieves. Roughly around 80,000 players. Heaven's Wargod has only slightly lesser members at around 70,000 players. With Magithieves and Arkosios Sanctuary working together with Fantasy World and Heaven's Wargod, the total number of players would be 212,000!"

    Happy Drunk explained the situation and had provided Jiang Fei with a rough estimation of the enemy's attack force.

    "Our guild has only over 140,000 players and the ones who can really fight are only about 100,000. The odds are greatly against us. I fear that even..." Chen Xi glanced at Jiang Fei.

    "Yo... Don't look at me like that. My own guild has less than a hundred people now! In fact, we have only started the recruitment phase!" said Jiang Fei as he waved his hands. Even though Rosette Rose had started the recruitment drive, she had also set up a pretty strict requirement. At that moment, she was still forming a stronger management system. Once the guild recruitment was less strict, it would not be a mess.

    "URGH! YOU-- How dare you to tell us to wait for the Magic Circle to be completed when you have no players on your side!" Happy Drunk snapped and yelled at Jiang Fei. The Aristocrats meant the world to Happy Drunk and he would not stand by idly, allowing Jiang Fei to crush his guild.

    "Relax. I don't mean to be an asshole but, don't you think you're overstepping some boundaries here?" asked Jiang Fei, rolling his eyes at Happy Drunk.

    "That's right! My brother here had single-handedly raided the Heroic difficulty of a dungeon! He might even have the power to stand against 200,000 players!" Han Tianyu laughed.

    "F*ck me! Are you thinking with your ass? How is a dungeon compared to 200,000 players? Do you think 200,000 player would just stand there and let you attack them one by one?!" Happy Drunk was at his limit. How could the two most unprofessional players make such a decision and were still calm about it?

    "I don't know why you're so nervous about this. Relax, if my brother says he can do it. He can do it!" Han Tianyu gave Happy Drunk a thumbs up. From Happy Drunk's perspective, that man was delusional. Jiang Fei said that he had the confidence to face the four guilds and if he failed to do so, and got Aristocrats destroyed, Han Tianyu would laugh about it!

    The game meant nothing to him, but if Jiang Fei felt like he owed Han Tianyu a huge debt because of his failure, he would laugh so hard that he would wake up even from his sleep. He knew that the Aristocrats was a huge guild and if Jiang Fei screwed it up, he would feel so bad about it. However, if a Level 4 martial artist owed Jiang Fei a favor, not to mention the Aristocrats, Han Tianyu would even buy the entire game just to forgive Jiang Fei.

    That was the reason he was so relaxed about the entire situation. When Jiang Fei said that he had a plan to stop the downfall of the Aristocrats, Han Tianyu had not the slightest hint of doubt for Jiang Fei. Technically, if Jiang Fei won the battle, the Aristocrats would prosper. If he failed, Han Tianyu had nothing to lose. It was a complete zero-lost-only-gain situation for Han Tianyu.

    What was there to be afraid of? Hence, even if Happy Drunk was strongly against it, Han Tianyu was the one who would be making the final decision. There was nothing that could change his mind.

    Once the final decision was cemented, Jiang Fei bid everyone farewell and logged out.

    On the next day, when Jiang Fei returned to the game, he ignored the three guilds alliance and went straight to hunt for mini bossed and leading his party to farm contribution points. Jiang Fei was relaxed when he already knew what they were up to. Right now, all he had to do was wait for the three guilds alliance to bring the two guilds of Twilight City and wait for them to die.

    "Tsk. Now that I think of it, Azuresword was lucky to have escaped this death sentence. Lucky bastard! He had gotten away with a small earning and was still able to slide his way out of this tight situation!" said Jiang Fei to himself as he glanced in the general direction of the three guilds alliance.
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