295 Bella Leveled Up

    On the fourth day, Jiang Fei started off by visiting the three guilds alliance. The Magic Circle was half way done and with Isabella's confirmation, the two Magic Circles' effect was indeed as what Happy Drunk reported.

    Since it was already the fourth day, players who had been camping on the map had started to gain level faster than when they had just started. As such, Jiang Fei had to catch up with the rest and lead the party to locate and kill more bosses. Almost all of the sixty players who had been with Jiang Fei had reached Level 32. Even Seven Star Warrior had already reached Level 35.

    While others were trading their contribution points for equipment, Jiang Fei traded his all for experience points. As such, he had too had gained a level and at that point, he was already at 75%. 25% more to reach Level 42.

    "Ding! You have killed Destroyer Commanding Officer, obtained 110,000 experience points! Obtained 3 gold coins! Obtained 5 contribution points!"

    Unlike Han Tianyu, Jiang Fei had set the party loot settings to equal sharing. Hence, all the gold coins, experience points, and even contribution points were spread out equally among all the sixty players. Thus, even if the boss monster had only given 110,000 contribution points, it was worth it. There were just too many monsters to even be worried about not being able to kill any.

    "Ding! You have killed Destroyer Commanding Officer, obtained 110,000 experience points! Obtained 3 gold coins! Obtained 5 contribution points!"


    "Ding! You have killed Destroyer Commanding Officer, obtained 110,000 experience points! Obtained 3 gold coins! Obtained 5 contribution points!"


    "Ding! Congratulations to player Verdure Glider for reaching Level 42! All attribute +1! Obtained 5 Attribute points!"

    It was almost the end of the day when Jiang Fei had managed to kill a boss and gained a level. When he did, Isabella who was close by had also gained a level.

    She smiled happily and began chasing after Jiang Fei.

    "Hey! Verdure Glider!" cried Isabella as she tried to get Jiang Fei's attention.

    Jiang Fei noticed her and quickly informed Seven Star Warrior and others that he was going off.

    "Guys, it's about time to end today's session. I'm going back to the city for something." It was thirty minutes before the server shut down. Jiang Fei picked up Isabella and the both of them returned to the city via the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon.

    "What's all the fuss about?" Jiang Fei asked Isabella as he had never seen her so cheerful.

    "I've gained level!" said Isabella who was hugging him.

    "I know that. When I reach Level 42, you will also gain a level!" said Jiang Fei nonchalantly.

    "That's not what I meant! Hehe! I've unlocked two more skills! My transformation duration has been extended to five minutes!" cried Isabella proudly. That was why she had tried to call Jiang Fei earlier. It was to share the good news to the one whom she cared the most.

    "Five minutes you say? That's awesome!"

    Jiang Fei was delighted. Isabella's dragon transformation skill was his ultimate trump card. The only drawback to that skill was the extremely long cooldown duration and its short active duration. Now that it has been extended to five minutes, her overall power has been increased.

    "Fufu! That's right! I'm still the great Demon Dragon Princess!" said Isabella as she tilted her chin. However, what she was actually hinting was, "Praise me more!"

    "Hoho, that's my little Isabella! Always trying to be the best!" said Jiang Fei as he turned around and patted her on the head.


    Isabella fidgeted as she was being patted on the head. She was smiling so much that her eyes sparkled with cuteness. If it was possible, heart-shaped symbol would have floated up like bubbles above her head.

    "Do tell me, what are the two skills?"

    "Hmm. Both of them are AoE skills. One is a skill that can be used in human form; Rain of Fire, and the other is a skill that can be used in my dragon form, a Draconian Forbidden Spell-Apocalyptic Flame!"

    "Draconian Forbidden Spell?" Jiang Fei exclaimed. He remembered the one skill that she had used during her dragon form was a Draconian Magic that could deal 450,000 damage to the boss in a single hit. Yet that was just, Jiang Fei assumed, a common Draconian Magic. What would a Draconian Forbidden Spell be like?

    "It's Partial Forbidden Spell!" said Isabella as she emphasized on the word "Partial".

    "Alright. Partial Forbidden Spell. What's the skill for? How strong is it?" asked Jiang Fei. It did not matter whether it was a whole or a partial Forbidden Spell.

    "This skill has the same casting time as the Draconian Magic spell. It is two minutes of casting but the damage and the area of effect are only half of the whole Forbidden Spell, which is two kilometers range," Isabella explained.

    "That's good enough for me!" said Jiang Fei. There was no need for any more explanation since the skill range and damage was already strong enough. The Forbidden Spell skill book that Little Rain had obtained could only affect a fifty meters area. To enlarge the range of the area of effect, he must upgrade his equipment or consume more mana points. Isabella's skill may be partial, but the effective range was already spanning as far as two kilometers.

    There was a downside to it. Player's skill, Pet skill, and NPC skills were different in a way that only player's skill could be enhanced with equipment effect. Pet or NPC skills had a fixed effect in which they could not be enhanced with equipment effect.

    Hence, even though Little Rain's Forbidden Spell might have a smaller area of effect, there was a possibility that his skill could be enhanced to be stronger than Isabella's current Forbidden Spell when he reached Level 70 or Level 80. However, that would only come to be in the distant future.

    That being said, even if a player was only Level 30 or 40, when one obtained a Forbidden Spell, one would be granted with a huge battle advantage that could be used to crush the enemy.

    The timing of Isabella unlocking her skill was just too perfect. With that super-power weapon of mass destruction, Jiang Fei's plan of counterattack would be much more effective. Not that he needed it to succeed.

    "Bella! Thank you so much! You're my lucky star!" Jiang Fei was so happy that he pulled Isabella into his embrace. This time, having his revenge on Lady Casanova and Daemon's Grimace would be so much easier.

    Jiang Fei could no longer wait until the day where the three guilds alliance completed the Magic Circle and started their attacks on the Aristocrats. When their plan commenced, so will Jiang Fei's! He would give them a lesson that they would never forget!
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