297 The Guests Have Arrived!

    When Jiang Fei arrived before the Boss, his transformation was already complete.

    Rapid Frostburst.

    A wave of blue frosty air came out from his mouth and landed directly on the Boss' legs.






    After two continuous skills, Jiang Fei's Aggro was stabilized. A little damage from the other players could not create any Aggro at all.

    Jiang Fei waved the huge hammer in his hands, which emitted a frosty glitter, at the Boss. At the same time, Fluer the Attacker's Return Damage had also taken effect.






    -24,758 (Heavy Slam!)


    +3,324 (Critical Hit!)


    The Boss' attacks were indeed deadly. A single Heavy Slam took away nearly more than half of Jiang Fei's Health Points. However, fortunately, Jiang Fei had two hundred healers supporting him. With a rotation of four batches, there were, at any point of time, more than fifty healers continuously healing him. Therefore, although he lost a lot of Health Points rapidly, the rate of recovery was equally high.


    Once Ruthless Barrage was fully stacked, Jiang Fei's attacks became more powerful. The damage he dealt was even higher than he had initially expected.

    Just as Jiang Fei was in a fit of raging attacks, he suddenly noticed that he was not the only person dealing a significant amount of damage.

    "Eh?" Jiang Fei was stunned. He turned his gaze towards the source of the damage.

    All Jiang Fei could see was that, while Seven Stars Warrior was fighting, he was also losing Health Points. Jiang Fei knew that the Boss had not used any group skills until now. The Boss was also not attacking any other person apart from Jiang Fei himself. Despite this, lines of damage still appeared above Seven Stars Warrior's head.





    While he continued to lose Health Points, Seven Stars Warrior's Attack Power was also rather formidable.




    Although Seven Stars Warrior's Attack Power was only around 3,000 and dealt half of Jiang Fei's damage, he was still overwhelmingly powerful as compared to other players' insignificant damage output.

    "You're pretty good, young fellow!" Jiang Fei smiled at Seven Stars Warrior as he exclaimed.

    "My Hidden Class has very mundane explosive power and I even lose Health Points when I attack. However, my attacks are all Sacred Attacks!" Seven Stars Warrior wrote in a private message to Jiang Fei.

    "Sacred Attack! That's amazing!" Jiang Fei was slightly surprised. His perception of Seven Stars Warrior had shifted yet again.

    The Sacred Attack was only secondary to the Chaotic Attack. It was also a form of high-level Attack Mode. This kind of Attack Mode gave the attacker the ability to ignore an opponent's advantageous state of Level and Defense attributes. However, it could not ignore the opponent's Avoidability and Block the way Jiang Fei's Chaotic Attacks could.

    Despite that, it was already considered a significant ability. More importantly, Jiang Fei could only use Chaotic Attacks after his transformation whereas Seven Stars Warrior was able to use Sacred Attacks in his normal state.

    "This explains why you are able to attack monsters above your Level!" Jiang Fei exclaimed as he nodded. When fighting against high-level monsters, only people like them with special Attack Modes were able to showcase their battle power. Otherwise, like Happy Drunk who also had a Hidden Class, his Attributes interface showed at least three times the amount of Attack Power as compared to Seven Stars Warrior. However, he was only dealing a few damage points to the Boss. It was incomparable to Seven Stars Warrior's damage output.

    Besides that, for people with special Attack Modes like Jiang Fei and Seven Stars Warrior, they had a huge advantage during PK fights. This was especially the case when fighting against classes which had Invincible or shields like Paladins.

    The two special Attack Modes were both capable of ignoring Invincible's Damage Resistance effect, while Jiang Fei's Chaotic Attack could even ignore a shield's Absorption effect. It was as if Jiang Fei had equipped the Rainbow Blade, which granted him absolute Accuracy when attacking once he had transformed.

    With Seven Stars Warrior's strong complementing attacks and Jiang Fei's higher than expected damage output, the battle went on very smoothly. The only thing that threatened him was the Boss' Earth Shatter, which dealt four times its normal Attack Power. However, as there were about a dozen other melee attackers around Jiang Fei who would help dissipate the damage, the 60,000 damage from Earth Shatter did not seem as frightening anymore.

    "All of you, die!" When Fluer's Health Points dropped down to 50% after being attacked by Jiang Fei and the rest, the Boss was finally angered.

    The Boss suddenly swung at Jiang Fei and the people around him. Thereafter, Fluer started slamming the ground crazily.


    Jiang Fei and the rest suddenly lost their balance and could no longer move. The ground continued to shake as large volumes of damage appeared above everyone's heads.






    Earthquake! It was the Boss' Ultimate Skill. Jiang Fei had initially thought the Boss would only use this skill when its Health Points reached 20%. He did not expect Fluer to use it at 50% Health Points.

    He was losing 600 Health Points every second. Although the 6,000 damage points were not significant, the skill's biggest main effect was to halt all skills of the healer class. It also chipped away at the tanker's Health Points. Once Earthquake ended, the Boss would follow up with life-taking group skills.

    Heavy Slam!


    Distorted Breath!


    Two continuous skills caused Jiang Fei's Health Points to drop rapidly. As the healers were unable to heal him in time with their skills, Jiang Fei was almost instantly killed.

    Claret Aegis!

    Sensing that he could not count on the healers, Jiang Fei immediately activated his life-saving skill! Jiang Fei would only receive half the amount of damage from the next three attacks.

    Blood Pool!


    Jiang Fei's Health Points instantly recovered to the maximum.

    Earth Shatter!

    "D*rn!" Jiang Fei knew it was over when the Boss raised his hands. All the melee attackers around him would not be able to survive this attack.

    Earthquake's 6,000 damage coupled with Distorted Breath's 10,000 damage caused Jiang Fei's Health Points to reach the red state. With another incoming Earth Shatter, apart from Jiang Fei who could activate his life-saving skill and a few other Paladins with the Invincible skill, everyone including Seven Stars Warriors would not be able to survive.


    At such a crucial moment, Jiang Fei could not afford to care about others. He immediately used Intercept and stood guard in front of Seven Stars Warrior. Jiang Fei was prepared to bear the full brunt of the damage that was about to befall upon Seven Stars Warrior.



    Two 6,000 damage attacks only dealt half the amount of damage to Jiang Fei due to his Claret Aegis.

    Although Jiang Fei was fine, the other melee attackers were all in trouble. In an instant, more than ten people collapsed next to Jiang Fei.

    "Ding! Your teammate xxx has died on the battlefield!"

    "Ding! Your teammate xxx has died on the battlefield!"

    "Ding! Your teammate xxx has died on the battlefield!"


    A series of system notifications rang in Jiang Fei's ears. However, he did not have the time to mourn for these people because the next attack was about to come.

    -12,087 (Heavy Slam!)

    As Jiang Fei's Claret Aegis was still in effect, it reduced the damage he received by half.

    "Happy Drunk, send the replacements over for the melee attackers. There must be other people here to distribute the damage!" Jiang Fei immediately exclaimed in the group channel.

    "Alright! Healers, do your best to heal Jiang Fei. The rest of the soldiers on standby, make your way over to Jiang Fei now!" As it was a crucial stage in the battle, Happy Drunk did not dare to delay the reinforcements.

    Soon enough, the replacements were all in place. The healers were also able to recover Jiang Fei's Health Points completely. The situation was finally stabilized as the Boss' Health Points went below the 50% threshold. Just as the Boss was about to be defeated, Han Tianyu's voice was suddenly heard. "Our guests have finally arrived!"
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