298 The Show is Starting!

    As Han Tianyu's voice echoed in the air, Jiang Fei could vaguely hear shouts of aggression coming from the distance.

    Aside from Southern Azuresword who had silently betrayed the three big guilds, everyone else had come with a determination to end The Aristocrats once and for all after their previous failure.

    By then, the two big guilds from Dawnlight City had already been transported to the map through the Magic Circle. In fact, the Soul Trapping Magic Circle was also already activated. It was a battle to the grave for both parties. Therefore, Lady Casanova and the rest did not have the mind to even banter with Han Tianyu. They immediately charged towards The Aristocrats with their weapons.

    The group of over 200,000 people charging over shocked the players who were fighting little monsters without a care. Although more than half of the 200,000 people came from Dawnlight City, there were no labels above their heads. Who would have known that they were external backups recruited by the three big guilds?

    Since most players were unaware that there were external parties involved, the pub players of Dawnlight City naturally stepped aside to observe the fierce battle between the big guilds. They were ready for a good show while they killed monsters to level up.

    With the onslaught of a formidable army, the second line of defense placed in the outskirts by Happy Drunk naturally came forward to stop them. Unexpectedly, Lady Casanova took no time to converse with them and immediately killed members of The Aristocrats on sight. In the blink of an eye, more than 10,000 members of The Aristocrats were killed.

    "D*rn! They did not even say anything before attacking! This is absolutely disrespectful!" Han Tianyu stared blankly at the scene which unfolded before him as he sent a message to Southern Azuresword for him to retreat at a moment's notice.

    "Sigh! Alright!" Southern Azuresword a hint of bitterness crossed his face. It was obvious that The Aristocrats were doomed under such a lopsided circumstance. Since he had taken Han Tianyu's money, he must oblige to Han Tianyu's command. Although Southern Azuresword made quite a large amount of money in real life, he would have to quit the current game. His own guild would naturally collapse alongside The Aristocrats.

    "Brother Fei! Are you sure about this? What should we do now?" Happy Drunk asked fervently.

    "Don't rush! Kill the Boss first. Let your people retreat and defend. Try to avoid direct contact with the opponents!" Jiang Fei said.

    "Alright!" Happy Drunk glanced at the Boss which only had 20% Health Points left as he replied.

    Although the situation of the battle was at a crucial tipping point, it was a battle which involved a few hundred thousand people. A clear victory was not possible within a few minutes. Besides, the Boss' Health Points was nearing zero. At the rate at which Jiang Fei and Seven Stars Warrior were dealing damage, coupled with other players' attacks, the Boss would be defeated in less than a minute. There was no harm in killing it before dealing with everything else.

    As Happy Drunk issued the order, The Aristocrats' members began retreating to buy time and to reduce their casualties.

    The alliance of five big guilds continued charging forwards as they cheered loudly.

    Seeing The Aristocrats' retreat, Daemon's Grimace and two other guild masters from Dawnlight City began showing joy and surprise.

    "Something doesn't feel right!" Billy Boy murmured as his face darkened.

    "What's the matter?" Lady Casanova asked. She knew her husband's capabilities very well. Billy Boy was a famed PVP group leader. If he felt something was amiss, then there must be a problem.

    "By right, The Aristocrats should have already figured out that they would not be able to revive in the city after their deaths and yet they are not showing any signs of concern!" Billy Boy said.

    As these players could not return to the city after they died, they would revive on the spot with only two pieces of clothing with zero attributes. This meant they had absolutely no battle power on the map once they revived, on top of a single drop in their Levels.

    The Aristocrats originally had only around 100,000 battle members. They had already lost 10,000 people since the beginning of the battle. These people were left with little to no battle power after they revived. In the face of an enemy twice their size, they seemed completely unaffected. This made Billy Boy suspicious despite having prepared to kill all their people.

    "You're right! They seem far too composed with their retreat. It's as if they are still confident about defeating us!" Lady Casanova nodded in agreement.

    "Could it be that they are prepared to complete the quest forcefully?" The guild master of Heaven's Wargod, Supreme Wargod, asked.

    "Hehe..." Lady Casanova giggled without saying anything else. She did not feel the need to explain anything to an imbecile. On one hand, there was a quest to be completed. On the other, there was a massacre of their guild members going on. How could they not be aware of the priority of each incident? Lady Casanova was puzzled by how such an idiot could become a guild master.

    As the alliance's army pushed forwards, The Aristocrats were nearly forced to the end of their path of retreat. Right then, Jiang Fei and the others were finally able to defeat Fluer the Attacker.

    "Ding! You have eliminated Fluer the Attacker. Obtained 1,050,000 Experience Points. Obtained 1 gold coin. Obtained 1 Quest Contribution Point!"

    "D*mn! That was not worth it!" Jiang Fei pouted as he spoke. Apart from the reasonable amount of Experience Points obtained, the rest of the rewards were little to none.

    It was a futile grudge to hold. With a group of 10,000 people, coupled with the Captain Mode activated, the rewards were split between everyone involved. Jiang Fei could not possibly get anything of value.

    After they had completed the quest, Happy Drunk immediately pointed out, "Brother Fei, it's all on you now. The quest map has been sealed. Anyone who died would be revived here. The players would not be able to replenish their equipment. We cannot die here!"

    "Hehe, just enjoy the show!" Jiang Fei smiled as he summoned the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon.

    "Bella! It's our turn now!" Jiang Fei laughed gently as he called out to Bella.

    "Huh?" With Han Tianyu and Happy Drunk included, everyone was stunned speechless. They were not unfamiliar with Isabella. However, they were completely clueless about her background.

    This girl was never separated from Jiang Fei. However, she had never formed a team with Jiang Fei or anyone else. Moreover, nobody had ever seen her attack anyone. As Isabella's behavior appeared very intelligent and human-like, nobody had thought she was an NPC. Everyone had treated her as Jiang Fei's newfound girlfriend.

    Now that Jiang Fei summoned Isabella during such a scene, she immediately caught the attention of everyone present. People started guessing about Isabella's identity and capabilities.

    "Alright!" Isabella answered obediently as she hopped on to the dragon's back.

    "Take off!" Jiang Fei pulled at the handle. The Juvenile Skygliding Dragon let out a long roar as it took off into the sky.

    "What is he planning to do?" Happy Drunk turned around to face Han Tianyu as he asked.

    "How would I know? Perhaps he plans to take on the 200,000 people on his own." Han Tianyu said as he shrugged.

    "This is a serious moment! How are you still able to joke around?" Happy Drunk was nearly going crazy. He could not believe that Jiang Fei would be able to take on 200,000 players on his own. This was a myth.


    By then, Jiang Fei had already arrived before the alliance's army with Isabella in tow. He sent a message to Han Tianyu, "The show is about to begin. Ask Southern Azuresword to leave just in case he gets injured!"
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