299 Apocalyptic Flame

    Although Southern Azuresword did not know what was going on, he still obeyed Han Tianyu's orders upon receiving them. He led his people and slowly moved back. Soon, they were standing behind more than 200,000 troops.

    "Coward!" Daemon's Grimace glanced at Southern Azuresword and did not care too much about it. Although the three major guilds were considered to be allies, both Lady Casanova and Daemon's Grimace looked down on Southern Azuresword. They felt that Southern Azuresword was too afraid of death and would do anything for money.

    Similarly, Lady Casanova sneered in contempt when she noticed Southern Azuresword moving back. Southern Azuresword probably wanted to protect his guild. He did not want his people to suffer too huge of a loss in The Aristocrats' counterattack.

    Jiang Fei rode his Mount and went straight towards the joined army. The commander of the joined army saw him coming but did not do anything. After all, no matter how strong Jiang Fei was, what could he possibly do? There were more than 200,000 people here. Even if they just stood there without attacking, it would take Jiang Fei forever to kill every single one of them.

    "Hey! Players below, listen up! I don't care if you're from Dawnlight City or Twilight City, but I advise you to retreat immediately. Otherwise, don't blame me for having no mercy!" Jiang Fei had spent some money to make a regional broadcast.

    "Sh*t, what's going on? Are there players from Twilight City here?"

    "That's impossible, right? The Teleportation Point Quests are not complete yet. How could players from other cities possibly come here?"

    "But someone like Verdure Glider won't spread rumors publicly, right?"


    Sure enough, Jiang Fei's words immediately triggered discussions between the pub players on the sidelines. Some players believed him and some did not. However, regardless of whether they believed Jiang Fei, these pub players were not interested in getting involved in this guild war.

    "Hmph! Verdure Glider, stop spreading rumors! There are no players from Twilight City here. The Teleportation Points have not been activated. How could players from Twilight City possibly come here?" Daemon's Grimace immediately countered.

    Daemon's Grimace could not let Jiang Fei say whatever he wanted. If the pub players around believed Jiang Fei's words, these tens of millions of pub players would become angry. If that happened, even the joined army of 500 guilds would not be able to handle all these pub players, let alone the joined army their five guilds.

    "Hoho, don't quibble over such a small matter. My words were clear enough. I don't care where all of you are from. This is your last chance, get out of here now or die!" Jiang Fei who was sitting on the back of the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon sneered.

    "Hmph! Verdure Glider, stop acting all high and mighty! Today shall be the end of The Aristocrats!" Daemon's Grimace was full of confidence. His huge army was an absolute advantage. Moreover, the Soul Trap Magic Circle had been activated, so he did not believe that Jiang Fei could beat them.

    "Lady Casanova, do you agree with him?" Jiang Fei turned toward the Magithieves and asked.

    "Yes! Today, in this battle with The Aristocrats, only one side shall survive!" Now that things were already at this stage, Lady Casanova could only go down this path.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded, then said to the players below, "It's hard to persuade a stubborn person with nice words. Today, you can only blame yourselves for joining the wrong guilds and following the wrong guild masters!"

    After speaking, Jiang Fei no longer wanted to drag things on by talking to Lady Casanova and the others. He turned to Isabella and said, "Bella, it's your time to shine!"

    "Okay!" Isabella said as she stood up on the Dragon's back. Then, she jumped down from the back of the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon.

    "Damn! What's going on?" Han Tianyu was watching everything. He did not know what Jiang Fei was planning to do. At this time, Jiang Fei was quite high up in the sky on his Juvenile Skygliding Dragon because he was worried that the joined army below him would attack him. Even Bandits with fall damage reduction would fall to death if they fell from that height at such a high speed.

    Isabella who leaped down from the Dragon's back immediately caught everyone's attention. Even the joined army stopped marching forward. All the players were looking up at the girl who jumped down.

    "Hoho! The show has begun!" Jiang Fei pulled the Reins and the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon flew up another ten meters or so, making room for Isabella to transform.

    At this time, Isabella who was falling let out a dragon roar. Then, her body suddenly stretched. In a blink of an eye, she turned into a beautiful black dragon.

    "The f*ck? Another dragon?" Han Tianyu who was watching from below was shocked. He did not expect that this little chick who had never shown her powers could actually become a giant dragon.

    Han Tianyu and the others had always thought that Isabella was just a player, but a lucky player who had managed to advance into a Hidden Race. After all, Jiang Fei was an example of a player who had transformed into a Nephilim. So, even though Isabella received the inheritance of the Nagas, it was not something new.

    Following a roar, Isabella started to spit out words in Draconian. This Draconian spell was extremely difficult. Jiang Fei could not even recognize a single word.

    "What do we do?" Supreme Wargod became a little panicky. Didn't we come here to bully them? Why did a dragon suddenly appeared out of nowhere?

    "Everyone stay where you are and be on guard!" As they did not know what was going to happen and they could not attack Isabella due to her current position, Billy Boy could only play it safe.

    *Phew* "They really came up with countermeasures! Seems like I'm on the right side!" Southern Azuresword who had retreated all the way back felt a hint of relief. He did not know how powerful this dragon was. However, looking at how calm the players from The Aristocrats were, this dragon was probably their killer.

    Two minutes of casting soon ended and the sky suddenly turned dark. The atmosphere was heavy.

    "I have a bad feeling! We might lose this time!" Billy Boy looked ghastly.

    "What should we do?" Lady Casanova asked.

    "I'm not sure!" Billy Boy shook his head.

    "Can you guys stop scaring yourselves? Yes, it's a dragon. So what? She's probably just a player who can transform into a dragon or Jiang Fei's pet. How strong can she possibly be?" The guild master of Fantasy World, Lucid Starsoul Dreamer, said with disdain.

    "Exactly! Even if this dragon could kill hundreds or even thousands of our people, so what? We have a huge advantage, we can't possibly lose!" Daemon's Grimace added.

    "I still have a bad feeling. I feel extremely uneasy!" Billy Boy said, frowning.

    "Are you regretting it now?" Lucid Starsoul Dreamer suddenly moved toward Billy Boy and said.

    "Things are already at this stage. Even if I have any regrets, it's too late. Now, we can only fight The Aristocrats to death!" Billy Boy shook his head. He wanted to suppress the uneasiness in his heart.

    "Forbidden Spell: Apocalyptic Flame!" Just as the atmosphere became dense with fear, the long spell cast had finally ended. When the last Draconian word finally came out of Isabella's mouth, an originally small piece of black cloud quickly spread over the whole joined army. Then, like raindrops, black flames started falling from the sky.

    "Holy sh*t! Clerics, heal!" Someone had been hit by the falling black flames. A 3,000 damage suddenly appeared above that player's head and there was a continuous damage effect.

    This amount of damage could not kill any player. However, the black flames were falling from the sky continuously. It seemed like it was going to go on forever. The dark clouds covered a radius of two kilometers, which trapped all the players that were part of the joined army. They could not escape even if they tried to.

    As mentioned in the name of this Forbidden Spell, apocalypse was coming!
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