300 Encirclemen

    The black flames continued to fall from the sky and a large number of damage points appeared above the heads of the players in the joined army.

    "Clerics! Heal! Everyone, run! Get out of the black cloud area quickly!" Billy Boy reacted pretty quickly. However, this was a Draconian Partial Forbidden Spell that was comparable to a traditional Forbidden Spell, so a quick response would not make any difference.

    Billy Boy made it sound too easy. Run? How were they supposed to run? A single attack which dealt 3,000 damage was not that serious, but the black flames were coming down like rain. Each player was being hit by more than one black flame per second.

    Even though they were healing as much as they could, the Clerics could not even keep themselves alive, let alone the other players. Only a few lucky players who were close to the edge of the black cloud had managed to run out of the black cloud area. The others could only wait for death in despair.

    *Swoosh* A white light illuminated. A Bandit who had low Health Points and nobody to heal him had been burned to death. Following that, the whole area where the joined army was at started to light up. It was as if the white lights were contagious.

    "F*ck! Boss! We'll die soon! We can't heal fast enough!" The Clerics complained. However, when they turned back, they realized that their boss was already dead.

    "F*cking hell! I quit!" It was obvious that these black flames would go on for quite a while. Even if the Clerics tried their best to heal, they were just delaying their own death. In the end, the Clerics began to give up.

    *Swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh...* White lights illuminated the whole area. In less than twenty seconds, not even a single player within the two-kilometer radius of the black cloud was alive. Yet, the black flames were still falling.

    "Bella! Let's get the others!" Jiang Fei ordered the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon to dive downward. He was headed straight towards the players who had managed to get out of the black cloud area.

    *Roar!* Isabella gave out a loud roar and followed Jiang Fei. While she was still far away, she had already begun to spurt Dragon's Breath.





    Isabella's Dragon's Breath was even crueler. The players who were hit had no chance to defend themselves at all. Jiang Fei had to make Isabella use the Forbidden Spell because the range of Dragon's Breath was too small and Isabella could only transform for five minutes. If it was not because of that, they could have destroyed the entire joined army just with Isabella's Dragon's Breath.

    "F*ck! What the hell is this overpowered sh*t?" When he saw the shocking amount of damage dealt, Happy Drunk who had never really believed in Jiang Fei was dumbstruck.

    "That's f*cking awesome!" Han Tianyu looked at Jiang Fei in envy. Jiang Fei was riding the iron-armored Juvenile Skygliding Dragon and killing the players below him. The iron-armored Dragon even spurted fireballs from time to time, which instantly killed the players below. Moreover, there was a stronger Demonic Naga escorting Jiang Fei.

    "The two of them really managed to destroy a joined army of 200,000 soldiers!" Chen Xi said in awe. Although Han Tianyu had said so before this, he was just making things up at that time. He did not expect that he would be right.

    "Everyone, after resurrecting, go quickly to where the Magic Circle is and destroy the Soul Trap Magic Circle!" It was no wonder that Billy Boy was a professional PVP Captain. While he was killed by the Forbidden Spell, he still gave everyone orders.

    After suffering such a devastating blow, although the joined army still had an advantage in terms of numbers, all the players had dropped all their equipment. How were they going to win this battle naked?

    Today, all of them had clearly fallen into Jiang Fei's trap. Almost everyone knew that there was a girl following Verdure Glider around no matter where he went and this girl never showed her powers. However, who would have expected that this girl could destroy an army of more than 200,000 people as soon as she showed her powers?

    Failure had become certain. Billy Boy who was a professional PVP Captain did not drown in his failure. He understood what the most important thing to do after a failure was.

    Reduce losses as much as possible! This was the current priority. As for Isabella's true identity and such, that could be saved for later.

    Therefore, Billy Boy ordered everyone to destroy the Soul Trap Magic Circle upon resurrection. If they did not destroy the Magic Circle, they could only resurrect on the Quest map. If he allowed this to go on, sooner or later, everyone would be killed and be back to the Beginner's Village. If that happened, it would be completely over for them.

    "Southern Azuresword, it's time for you to shine!" Han Tianyu sent a message to Southern Azuresword.

    As Southern Azuresword and his people were standing all the way at the back of the joined army and Isabella knew that they were allies, she tried to avoid them as much as possible when she casted the Forbidden Spell. So, only a few of Southern Azuresword's people were accidentally hit by the attack. Most of them survived.

    "Don't worry, boss!" Southern Azuresword ensured Han Tianyu. After today, Dawnlight City's Arkosios Sanctuary and Magithieves would become history. From then on, no one would be able to defeat The Aristocrats. So, Southern Azuresword definitely could not afford to waste such a good opportunity to please his new boss.

    "Let's join in!" Now, Happy Drunk also waved at his army and led the players from The Aristocrats into the battle, chasing down the players who had resurrected in the joined army.


    After all, Isabella could only transform for five minutes, so she quickly reverted to her human form. Then, she sat behind Jiang Fei and held onto him as she was a little tired. She was not going to participate in the battle anymore.

    "What just happened? Are my eyes messing with me?"

    "Your eyes are fine, I'm the one who has gone blind... I just saw one person destroy 200,000 people..."

    "What's with this chick? She's way too strong. Does it even make any sense?"

    "In the past, I've always heard people say that comparison kills. Now, I finally understand how much of a noob I am in this game!"

    "F*ck, I used to think that Verdure Glider was overpowering. Now, I finally understand. Compared to this chick, there's nothing special about Verdure Glider!"


    The pub players who were watching the battle in the distance only snapped out of shock when Isabella reverted to her human form. Those players who rushed over to watch the Demonic Naga show after hearing about it regretted not coming earlier. They hated themselves for trying to complete their Quests and being greedy for Experience Points. They got too caught up with killing monsters and ended up missing such a wonderful show.

    "Okay, my job is done here! I'll hand the rest over to you!" Jiang Fei and Isabella flew back. Although the two of them could still bully the other players easily even after Isabella's Demonic Naga form was over, what Lady Casanova and the others had said was right. It would take him forever to kill just one or two hundred people, so Jiang Fei could not be bothered.

    "Hoho, sure. You've already enjoyed enough of limelight. I think you'll even appear on the game version's news tomorrow!" Han Tianyu said, feeling envious. Jiang Fei had single-handedly destroyed a joined army of 200,000 people. This glorious feat was indeed newsworthy.

    "Forget it, I'm not a show-off like you!" Jiang Fei shook his head and smiled.

    "I'll leave the two of you alone. Xiao Xi, let's go kill a few people for fun!" Han Tianyu said as he pulled his Epic Rainbow Blade out from behind him. He was ready to hunt down the remaining players who were still alive.

    At this time, the entire Quest map was filled with players from The Aristocrats hunting down players who were resurrected in the joined army. Southern Azuresword, the guild master of Omnisword, led around 20,000 of his guild members and surrounded the Soul Trap Magic Circle. They were not going to allow the people from Magithieves and Arkosios Sanctuary to destroy it. It was already clear who was the victor. However, Jiang Fei and Han Tianyu had different views on how to deal with the joined army of the four major guilds.
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