301 Fighting to Death

    "Southern Azuresword, what do you mean by this?" When Lady Casanova and the others saw that the members of Omnisword had surrounded the Soul Trap Magic Circle, they felt that things were probably worse than they thought.

    "Isn't it obvious? We were allies before this, but not anymore!" Southern Azuresword smiled. He was really glad that he got on Han Tianyu's side, one step ahead of them. Otherwise, he would end up in the same miserable position as Lady Casanova and the others.

    "Hmph! Southern Azuresword, do you think that The Aristocrats would let you off the hook easily if you changed sides now?" Daemon's Grimace asked.

    "Hoho, what if I tell you I've changed sides long ago?" Southern Azuresword felt extremely smug at this time. Although he was now inferior to The Aristocrats, being able to step on Daemon's Grimace, Lady Casanova and the others made him feel great.

    He had always known that Daemon's Grimace, Lady Casanova, and the others looked down on him. However, his guild was the weakest among the three major guilds. What could he do about it? Didn't the two of you look down on me before this? Now, I'm the one that's going to destroy the two of you!

    At this moment, Southern Azuresword felt great. All the unhappiness that was bottled up due to the fact that the both of them looked down on him had been completely swept away.

    "You..." Daemon's Grimace wanted to interrogate Southern Azuresword further but was interrupted by Billy Boy.

    "Okay, that's enough. This guy has probably betrayed us since a long time ago. The Aristocrats definitely knew about our plans and movements long ago, which explains why they had planned everything perfectly with Verdure Glider and were just waiting for us to come!" When he saw Southern Azuresword retreating earlier, things were already clear to Billy Boy. It was over for Arkosios Sanctuary and Magithieves. Now, the only thing they could do was fight to their deaths.

    "We have an advantage in terms of numbers. We have to destroy the Magic Circle no matter what. Otherwise, it'll be over for us!" Billy Boy tried to motivate the joined army that had almost lost all morale, then ordered them to attack.

    "Charge!" All the members of the two guilds started to charge forward, only in their underwear that had no attributes.


    "Mages! Use Area of Effect spells!" Southern Azuresword smiled slightly. Although the enemy had an advantage in terms of number, players who were naked faced a sharp reduction in attributes and had almost no Defense. When the Magicians on his side used Area of Effect spells, one wave of spells was enough to kill a huge number of same-leveled Warriors.


    "F*ck! I got killed instantly!"

    "Boss, we can't get through them!"

    "Just charge forward! Ignore everything else and charge forward! We must get through!"


    Currently, Billy Boy had no other way. Although they had a lot of people, as most of them had already died once, none of them had any equipment. Isabella had made all of them naked. Now, they could not attack and they could not defend themselves. Even though they had an advantage in terms of number, all of the players died as soon as they went up. Their weak attacks dealt almost no damage to the enemy's Tanks. Moreover, on the enemy's side, there were well-prepared Clerics ready to heal at any time. The amount of damage they dealt was like nothing.

    "Haha! Billy Boy, aren't you China's top PVP Captain? You'd better not lose to me today!" Southern Azuresword smiled smugly.

    If he won this battle today, it would mean that he had defeated the joined army of five other guilds with his small army. Also, it would mean that he had defeated Billy Boy's top commander.

    Of course, Southern Azuresword would never mention the fact that Billy Boy was leading a group of naked players with no equipment.

    "What do we do?" Daemon's Grimace panicked. The players under his command were dying one after another and they could not get past the Omnisword members at all.

    "There's nothing we can do! Our players have no combat power at all and Omnisword has a complete healing system. It's impossible to get past them!" Billy Boy said.

    "Then what do we do? We can't leave this damned map at all. It takes five hours for the Magic Circle to automatically disappear. If we wait until then, we'll probably be killed and be back at Beginner's Village!" Daemon's Grimace was extremely worried at this point in time. One day ago, he was still smug about the blockade effect of the Soul Trap Magic Circle. Now, however, this special effect had forced them into a desperate situation.

    They could not use Return Scrolls. Quest maps were separated from the main maps. A barrier prevented players from moving between such maps. Players on Quest maps could only resurrect on the same map. The current Quest map had obviously become a huge death house and the players who were part of the joined army of the four major guilds were prisoners on death rows.

    *Sigh* "Let's call a truce..." It was hard for Billy Boy to say these words out loud. A truce was just a nice way to put it. In other words, he meant surrender.

    "I..." Frankly speaking, Daemon's Grimace was a little unwilling to do so. He was a veteran player who had been around the game community for decades. If he had to surrender to two small boys who had not even reached puberty, wouldn't his reputation go down the drain?

    "Think about your guild members!" Billy Boy shook his head. As guild masters, if they took the responsibility and quit the game after losing the battle, it would be forgivable. However, if they dragged all their guild members down with them, they would end up offending these players.

    They were members of the professional gaming community. "Dawn Break" was just one game. If this game was over for them, they could still make a comeback in another game. However, if they offended all their fans, they would not have the chance to make it big in the next game.

    Speaking of which, Lady Casanova and Daemon's Grimace were pretty lucky. Both their guilds had never been specifically attacked by The Aristocrats.

    Looking at how Han Tianyu was acting, anyone could tell that the four guilds who dared to attack him were all done for. Han Tianyu would kill them all until they ended up back at Beginner's Village! However, Happy Drunk did not support Han Tianyu. He agreed that these two major guilds should be taught a lesson and that they should pay compensation, but they should not be totally destroyed. There would definitely be a competition between the four major cities in the future. If Magithieves and Arkosios Sanctuary were completely destroyed, this would undoubtedly weaken Dawnlight City.

    On this point, Jiang Fei supported Happy Drunk. However, Han Tianyu was extremely angry. Even so, Han Tianyu did not openly show his anger because he wanted to protect Jiang Fei's reputation. At least, all this while, players from The Aristocrats had just been attacking players from Fantasy World and Heaven's Wargod. They had never deliberately attacked Arkosios Sanctuary and Magithieves.

    Heaven's Wargod and Fantasy World had almost 140,000 players altogether, but how could these naked players possibly be any match for 100,000 powerful, fully-equipped players?

    Therefore, it was an eye-opener for all the pub players in Dawnlight City. The entire Quest map was full of naked Twilight City players who were being chased around and killed. Moreover, the whole map was almost filled with tombstones. The players from Twilight City were killed as soon as they were resurrected. Now, it was getting harder and harder for them to look for a spot on the map where there were no tombstones in order to resurrect.

    In just two hours, the levels of the players from Fantasy World and Heaven's Wargod had dropped by an average of more than ten levels. It could be said that the two guilds that ranked second and third in Twilight City had been destroyed.

    Han Tianyu had not fully let out his anger yet. He was still bringing people around, hunting these Twilight City players down. Even God could not save these unlucky players. The entire Quest map was blocked. Even if it was not blocked, the intercity Teleportation Points had not been activated yet, so they could not escape.

    While Han Tianyu was madly killing the players from Twilight City, Magithieves and Arkosios Sanctuary finally surrendered...
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