303 Celestial Race Inheritor

    "What?!" Jiang Fei was shocked. He did not expect that Han Tianyu was just pretending to be angry all this while. Han Tianyu's plan was to drive the two guilds into a corner, then make it seem like Jiang Fei saved the day at the last minute. This way, Jiang Fei would benefit from this and Lady Casanova and the others would feel like they owed it all to Jiang Fei.

    Speaking of which, Han Tianyu had spared no effort in trying to get closer to Jiang Fei. In fact, while Isabella was torturing the joined army, Han Tianyu had already started to think how he could use this incident to make Jiang Fei owe him a favor.

    "Okay!" After Jiang Fei tried to reject Billy Boy twice, he finally agreed reluctantly. A big guild was now under his control and they were even extremely grateful toward him.

    "You guys..." Seeing that Magithieves had merged into Empyreal Dragon and was now safe from being destroyed, Daemon's Grimace was caught in a dilemma. He was unwilling to merge his guild into Empyreal Dragon. However, if he did not do so, his guild would be gone in a blink of an eye.

    "Fine! Arkosios Sanctuary will follow Magithieves's footsteps and merge into Empyreal Dragon as well. The agreements of the core members will also transfer to be under Empyreal Dragon!" In the end, after Daemon's Grimace weighed the pros and cons, he made a decision.

    As they had to give their precious guilds away to someone else, it would be nonsensical to say that Lady Casanova and Daemon's Grimace were not anguished. However, as professional players, they had to decide.

    There was no way they could save their guilds anyway. If they gave their guilds to Jiang Fei, they would not be in control of their guilds anymore. However, if they did not give their guilds to Jiang Fei, The Aristocrats would destroy their guilds right then. The outcome was the same.

    If they gave their guilds to Jiang Fei, then at least the ordinary members of their guilds would not be killed and returned to the Beginner's Village. Although they had failed in the game "Dawn Break", they could still make a comeback in other games.

    If they kept being stubborn and did not give their guilds to Jiang Fei, all their guild members would be killed and returned to the Beginner's Village because of their decision. If this happened, the core members who had signed contracts with the guild would probably be unaffected. However, those ordinary guild members would probably hate them to death! To their professional careers, this was definitely a disaster.

    Things like signing the guild merging agreement and the transfer of the core players were extremely troublesome. Jiang Fei knew nothing about it. Fortunately, however, Jiang Fei had Rosette Rose, who was great at these things. She was definitely a professional when it came to making people sign contracts that put them at a disadvantage.

    He left these trivial things for Rosette Rose to deal with. Jiang Fei was not worried about paying the core members who were transferred and were now under his control. He still had a huge amount of money in his hands, billions in cash. He could easily play with something that was bigger and more costly, let alone a guild.

    As for the ones originally in charge of the management of these two guilds, Lady Casanova and Billy Boy, said that they could stay in Empyreal Dragon and work for Jiang Fei. Of course, this was if Jiang Fei agreed. If Jiang Fei could not assure that they would not betray him, they could immediately delete their accounts and disappear.

    However, Jiang Fei was naturally willing to let them stay. One had to know that currently, the only ones under Jiang Fei's commands were a bunch of punks and a group of girls who were not serious about the game. None of them could get anything done at all. Now that there were two professional players presenting themselves in front of him, what reasons did he have to not make use of them?

    As to whether these two people would try to seize his power for themselves, Jiang Fei had never even thought about it. Even if these two did not try to step on Jiang Fei's head, he was still too lazy to manage the affairs of the guild. If the two of them were interested in fighting for rights and authority, Jiang Fei would be more than happy to let them do more work for the guild.

    Anyway, in terms of interests, there were already agreements in place to keep them in check. Furthermore, there was Rosette Rose to keep everything under control. Moreover, they had a strong ally like The Aristocrats. To be honest, Jiang Fei was not too worried about Lady Casanova and Billy Boy misbehaving.

    As for Daemon's Grimace, he did not join Empyreal Dragon. However, he also did not delete his game account. He just left without a trace. Nobody knew if he went to join another guild or became a pub player peacefully.


    Just as Jiang Fei and Han Tianyu settled everything in regards to Magithieves and Arkosios Sanctuary, they heard a sudden applause coming from the sky.

    "Who the hell?" Jiang Fei was surprised. He did not expect that there was another player who could fly other than himself.

    "Hoho! Verdure Glider! You're awesome! The Aristocrats, good one!" Following a voice, a figure descended from the sky. Only when he touched the ground, Jiang Fei and the others could see him clearly.

    It was a handsome young man who was about twenty-three or twenty- four years old. He looked like a Human, but his eyes were golden. He was fully equipped with dragon-scaled armor, which shined with a golden light. He looked extremely cool.

    Cosmic Dragon (Celestial Race, Divine Inquisitor)

    Level: 38

    Health Points: 11,000

    Mana Points: 30,000

    Magic Attack: 4,758

    Remarks: The Vice Guild Master of Dusklight City's "Church of Saints" guild.

    "Holy!" The others who saw this guy who had descended from the sky, probably only felt curious. But Jiang Fei could access this guy's basic information through the mysterious ring. It would have not bothered him if he did not take a look, but once he did, Jiang Fei was shocked.

    First of all, this guy was actually the inheritor of the Hidden Celestial Race. One had to know that the Celestial Race and the Nephilim Race were the most powerful races in the Light and Darkness Factions. If this guy could get the Celestial Race's inheritance that was on par with Jiang Fei's Nephilim Race, it just meant that this guy had extraordinary abilities and Luck.

    The guy in front of him was from the Celestial Race. This was the first thing that surprised Jiang Fei. The second thing was that this guy was from Dusklight City. One had to know that the intercity Teleportation Points had not yet been activated. So, how did this guy get here? Could it be because he had used a teleportation tool?

    "Kid, who are you?" Han Tianyu asked in a suspicious tone. This kid randomly appeared out of nowhere and he was even fully equipped with golden armor. He looked cooler than Han Tianyu, so Han Tianyu naturally disliked him.

    "Hoho, I heard that you're the most powerful player in the entire Dawnlight City, let's have a duel!" Cosmic Dragon totally ignored Han Tianyu. Instead, he spoke to Jiang Fei and smiled.

    "Sure!" Jiang Fei nodded. He also wanted to see how strong this Celestial Race guy was.

    "You go first!" Cosmic Dragon was acting all high and mighty as if he was going to teach Jiang Fei a lesson.

    "In that case, I won't stand on ceremony!" Jiang Fei nodded. Since this guy was from the Celestial Race, he did not have to hold back his powers.

    Jumping Slash!

    Jiang Fei leapt up and instantly appeared beside Cosmic Dragon, while he spurted a breath of cold blue air.

    Rapid Frostburst.


    "What!?" Jiang Fei nearly scared Cosmic Dragon to death the moment he attacked. When Cosmic Dragon first arrived, he saw Jiang Fei riding on the back of a dragon with Isabella, going around killing enemies. Even though the damage that Jiang Fei dealt was not low, it was not that high either. Hence, Cosmic Dragon did not think that Jiang Fei was that strong.

    He was challenging Jiang Fei as an excuse. He actually wanted to duel with Isabella. However, it was quite shameful to call a girl out for a duel. Since it looked like Jiang Fei was her friend, he wanted to beat Jiang Fei up in order to force that girl to make a move.

    As he totally underestimated his opponent, he was not even able to show any of his abilities before Jiang Fei's frost breath dealt away more than half of his Health Points. At the same time, he was also stuck in a frozen state.
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