305 Guilds Combining

    Cosmic Dragon preemptively stopped combat mode. At that point, Jiang Fei had also stopped. He would not want to behave irrationally and fight the other party like a sore loser.

    From the result of the fight, Jiang Dei had deduced that Cosmic Dragon's Hidden Class as well as his Hidden Race were his kryptonite. Jiang Fei had high physical defense and high health points. His attack power was only normal before transformation. On the hand, Cosmic Dragon was dealing magic damage. The kind of damage that would ignore physical damage completely. At the same time, having Heavy Armor would mean high defense capability for him. That assortment of attributes made him a powerful magician. Jiang Fei was like a fierce wolf that would not even bite down on a spiky porcupine.

    The most annoying thing about Cosmic Dragon was his ability to self-heal. Even though the amount of healing is incomparable to a healer's, his defense and his magic shield were so strong that it completely toned down attacks received to a lover's pat.

    In all honesty, Jiang Fei could never defeat Cosmic Dragon without the help from Isabella.

    "I'll see you again little kid! I hope that next time, you would be stronger! I expect a surprise from you! Do not disappoint me!" said Cosmic Dragon. He then pulled out a pearl the size of a soccer ball and disappeared with a bright divine light.

    "Where did he go?!" cried Han Tianyu.

    "That's a Teleportation Pearl. It can't be stopped by any barrier or obstacle and transports a person to another point in the world. Use it one more time and the person would be transport back to his previous location," said Isabella.

    "I see," said Jiang Fei as he finally understood how Cosmic Dragon was able to teleport inside Dawnlight City and leave instantly. The next encounter with Cosmic Dragon would be when the Teleportation Circle between cities had been restored.

    "Ah Fei? How do you feel? It seems that little brat was clearly your polar opposite!" said Han Tianyu worriedly. The battle took place for a long time. Even though from the side, Jiang Fei looked like he was bashing the opponent relentlessly. However, everyone knew that Jiang Fei was completely countered. Cosmic Dragon was fighting with still his trump card hidden while Jiang Fei was fighting to a point where his ultimate recovery skill was used. One more mishap and he would have revealed his trump card, which was the Undying Aegis.

    "My mistake. I have equipped the wrong set of equipment!" Jiang Fei brushed it off as if it was nothing to him, whilst thinking of how he was pressured so badly.

    After a quick thinking, he understood his mistake. In all of Dawnlight City, Jiang Fei was able to stand out in terms of combat power due to his overwhelming level gap. In PvP, if he were challenged by another player from Dawlight City, where average players would have a gap of 10 levels with him, Jiang Fei would crush them easily due to his sheer level advantage. In fact, that was the only advantage he had over the others players. In which, the slight overconfidence had made him blind to other factors.

    Jiang Fei did possess an accessory with the skill Mana Burn and if he had equipped it, he would be a threat to Cosmic Dragon. If he was careful enough to activate the skill and timed it perfectly, one skill alone would be enough to kill him.

    The problem was Jiang Fei did not participate in PvP. In fact, he had never really thought about it. Most of the time, he was fighting in dungeon. Hence, his equipment set was geared toward boss fights and monster killing. If would be easy for him to fight a dungeon boss but if he had faced off with an equal leveled player with almost the same equipment geared, Jiang Fei would have insufficient attack and would also be extremely weak, even naked in the face of a magician.

    'Luck has it that there is a need for a change of armor. The next Plate Armor that I'm making, I would have to think about PvP as well as boss fights!' Jiang Fei thought to himself.

    The new game notice notified about the PvP battles. Jiang Fei would have to start paying attention to equipment that were more suited towards PvP instead of purely PvE content. Since the system would not allow switching an equipment during a battle, Jiang Fei would have to be ready with a set of equipment that could suit both PvP and PvE so that in the future, he would not have to endure such shame of losing in a PvP fight.

    "Well, the fight is over, the boss is dead, and the two guilds are sent home. Let's just kill all the monsters and go back to the city. It is probably time to check on the next quest!" said Jiang Fei as he got back up. In his mind, he was thinking about the Level 40 Plate Armor. However, to find a Recipe would not be easy. They are extremely hard to come by, especially since no one actually sold them in the market. Since he thought that it would be a long time before he could craft a Level 40 Plate Armor, might as well focus on the task at hand, which was the Teleportation Circle quest.

    "Very well," said Han Tianyu. He realized that Jiang Fei was not showing any signs of being affected by the battle with Cosmic Dragon. It was best for him to leave Jiang Fei alone instead of consoling him. He then got Happy Drunk to find the NPC and continued the quest.

    Before leaving, Jiang Fei remembered something and quickly opened up his friend list.

    "I need your help. Find me a Level 40 dungeon!"

    Jiang Fei contacted Smart Tomato and sent him a short but concise message. Even though that player was extremely money-minded, he did get things done.

    "Level 40 dungeon?" Smart Tomato replied immediately.

    "That's right."

    "Alright. I'll look for it. At the meantime, would you be interested in a Level 40 Secret Dungeon?"

    "A Level 40 Secret Dungeon? Are you sure that's correct?" Jiang Fei replied, shocked.

    "Yes. It's a Level 40, 5-men Secret Dungeon! I've entered it to confirm. Although I was killed immediately at the entrance by Level 38 monsters. BUT! I am sure that it is a Level 40 Secret Dungeon!" said Smart Tomato in his reply. The man dying in the game was treated as a norm. In fact, dying in the game and losing a level was considered to be nothing. As he so said himself, it was an occupational hazard.

    "A Level 38 monster at the beginning of the stage..." Jiang Fei muttered. Judging from his words, it did seem like the dungeon was indeed a Level 40 dungeon. That made Jiang Fei a little worried. A Secret Dungeon would have the same difficulty as a Heroic difficulty of a normal dungeon of the same level. The one that Smart Tomato was selling was a five-men Secret Dungeon. Without Isabella's dragon transformation, Jiang Fei have absolutely zero confidence in raiding the dungeon.

    As a matter of fact, Isabella had only just used her dragon transformation. It would be days before she could use it again. With that thought in mind, Jiang Fei was pondering on buying that Secret Dungeon information.

    "Name your price..." Jiang Fei replied. If the price was too high, he would decide on buying it later.

    "You must know that this time, I am not the only one that had found this Secret Dungeon. Others might have already found it. I'd say... 3,000 should be fine."

    "3,000... Ugh..." Jiang Fei hesitated immediately. Just as he was about to decline the sale, the chime of system notification rang in his ears.

    "Ding! Lady Casanova has joined the guild!"

    "Ding! Billy Boy has joined the guild!"

    "Ding! Shakugan No Shana has joined the guild!"

    "Ding! Anew Returner has joined the guild!"


    A long list of notification popped nonstop as vast number of new members joined the guild. Seemed like Rosette Rose had completed the contact with the two guild masters and had them disband their guilds completely.

    Even though, before this entire incident, Empyreal Dragon had only a hundred players, Jiang Fei had a Territory built and it was then a middle class guild. The maximum limit of member that they could have was up to 10,000. Completely assimilating the two guilds would not be an issue.

    "Okay! Let's make the trade!" said Jiang Fei to Smart Tomato. He wanted to decline the sale but since the guild was assimilating with Magithieves and Arkosios Sanctuary, both guilds' elite party would be joining his guild. As for the other normal, non-contracted members, they had chosen to leave the guild due to such a major change. Jiang Fei was satisfied as long as he had grasp on the two guilds' main attacking party. In that case, he shouldn't have a problem in tackling the five-men Secret Dungeon. Perhaps, he would not even have to wait for Isabella's dragon transformation skill.
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