308 The Best Combination

    As Lady Casanova was rallying her troops, Jiang Fei recruited Little Rain and Seven Star Warrior. He then proceeded to tell them his plans.

    "Brother Glider, if we are going to the Secret Dungeon, can we bring my sister along? She is a Hidden Class and is very strong!" asked Little Rain as he fidgeted shyly.

    "Huh? Your sister? Do we have another Hidden Class player in the guild?" asked Jiang Fei, shocked.

    "Ah. No. She's not in the guild. She has, somehow, made her own small guild. There's only like... six? Seven players?"

    "Hmm. I don't mind if she joins this dungeon run but this is a guild activity. I cannot have outsiders joining us!" said Jiang Fei after thinking about it. Advancement Hidden Class mostly relied on a player's luck. If luck was on their side, the player's own skill was also tested. Those who were able to complete the difficult task would never be weak. Taking her in would be beneficial to the guild.

    "Okay! I'll tell her to contact you directly!" said Little Rain as he summoned the little chat box and talked to her sister.

    "Ding! Gale Eversummer has sent you a friend request!"

    In no time at all, Jiang Fei had received a friend request from Little Rain's little sister.

    "Is Gale Eversummer your little sister?"

    "Yup! That's her!"

    Once Jiang Fei had confirmed her identity, Jiang Fei accepted the friend request.

    "Ah! Are you that Verdure Glider? The one who has always been on the top of the ranking board?" asked Eversummer once she was accepted.

    "You are correct!"

    "So it's true! I'd always thought that that stupid brother of mine was lying!" cried Eversummer gleefully.

    "Haha... So, you know about the conditions right? I assume you'll be joining my guild?"

    "Wait! It's all of us!" Eversummer said vaguely.

    "Sigh... How many are you there?"

    "Including me, six!"

    "That's fine! I'll add all of you in!"

    Six out of the 10,000 players in his guild would not make a difference.

    "Ding! Gale Eversummer has joined your guild!"

    "Ding! War Brothers has joined your guild!"

    "Ding! Tits&Brain has joined your guild!"


    'Tits&Brain? What kind of in-game name is that?' Jiang Fei thought to himself.

    It was an instant transfer since Jiang Fei had chosen to invite the entire guild. Absorbing yet another guild into his own.

    "Tell your sister to come along. If her level and equipment built is strong, I'll have Lady Casanova to recruit one less player," said Jiang Fei to Little Rain.

    "I will," Little Rain replied.

    In no time at all, a cute petite elf girl came running from afar towards Jiang Fei. The Heroic difficulty dungeon run and the later Secret Dungeon was limited to only a handful of players. Eversummer knew about it because Little Rain told her, and thanks to him, she was able to join the party. Hence, she was smart enough to know not to tell beg Jiang Fei to recruit the rest of her friends.

    Gale Eversummer (Elf, Moon God's Sacrifice)

    Level: 35

    Health Points: 7,800

    Mana Points: 11,000

    Magic Attack: 750

    "Hmm..." Jiang Fei stared at Eversummer for a moment and was stunned for a good three seconds. Little Rain was right about her being a Hidden Class and she was even one level higher than Little Rain.

    Gale Eversummer's mana pool was good but was incomparable to Cosmic Dragon. Hers was definitely much larger than the other common magicians. The one factor that Jiang Fei could not comprehend was the extremely weak magic attack. She was weaker than a Level 30 average magician with Green equipment.

    "Hello everyone!" Gale Eversummer greeted everyone by bowing politely.

    "I see that you are a Hidden Class. What sort of specialty does your Hidden Class give you?" asked Jiang Fei. Based on the visual appearance of her equipment, Jiang Fei knew that her gears were above average. There was no reason for her to have such a low magic attack. Something must be affecting it.

    "My specialty? It is healing."

    "What else?" Jiang Fei asked. It was not rare for an attacker class to have healing skills as well.

    "Nothing else."

    "Huh? Nothing else?" Jiang Fei was stunned. That could not be it.

    "If I may..." Little Rain immediately came in to explain.

    Gale Eversummer Hidden Class was called the Moon God's Sacrifice. Her role was limited to only healing. In fact, the staff that she was wielding was a Chromatic Evolving weapon that increased healing effect instead of any magic attack. Her Intelligence stat was only average hence the low magic attack.

    Moon God's Sacrifice was a class that could not use Shield, nor could she cast any supporting buff effect. Her role was simply a healer. However, due to her specialty being narrowed down to a single task, her healing capability was superb. In fact, alone, she could replace three or even four healers combined. Her healing skills cast time was shortened. She had an array of instant healing skill and even zero cast time mass healing skill. She was the ultimate healer.

    "Interesting!" Jiang Fei eyes glinted when Little Rain was done explaining. He then quickly messaged Lady Casanova.

    "Excluding the healer, have one tank and two more attackers."

    "Very well!" said Lady Casanova. At that moment, she had already readied her team. When she received Jiang Fei's orders, she kicked the two healers out of the party and let them resume whatever they were doing.


    The reason why Jiang Fei did not invite Zhao Feng in the first place was due to his role. He was a supporter and could not heal nor deal damage. If he was in a large party of more than ten members, he would be like a god of blessing. On the other hand, five members could not really emphasize his buff effect.

    Since Eversummer was there, Jiang Fei thought that he might pair well with Eversummer to be the ultimate supporter-healer combo. One could do nothing but heal while the other could do nothing but support (cast buff).

    "Okay! Wait for me!" Zhao Feng immediately replied. Like an obedient follower, when Jiang Fei cried for him, Zhao Feng would dump anything that was in his hands and run straight to him.

    When the whole gang gathered, Jiang Fei opened the party chat and explained their situation and current destination.

    Jiang Fei little Secret Dungeon raid team was set. Including the one that Lady Casanova had brought along, Jiang Fei would not have to worry much. However, there was just one last thing that could affect the entire dungeon run. Without Isabella's dragon transformation, the last boss would be difficult to fight.

    The other two members that Lady Casanova brought along were called Burning-Eyes Shana and Anew Returner.

    "Huh? What is this team composition?" Jiang Fei furrowed his eyebrows when he noticed Lady Casanova and the other two members.

    Lady Casanova had assumed that Jiang Fei only wanted to help the guild members to gain some levels. As such, she had not thought about a proper role. She was a Berserker at second class advancement. Even though she wore Heavy Armor, she was the type that could deal damage and take damage. Anew Returner was a standard, textbook Guardian. Anew Returner was the sub-tank. As for Burning-Eyed Shana, he was a warrior with a rare class advancement.
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