309 Archdemon Fighter

    Burning-Eyed Shana's class was a rare advancement of warrior like Zhao Feng's Fengshui Master. It was not considered as a Hidden Class. It was not unique as others could pick up the advanced class. However, the advancement quest would be extremely hard.

    Almost all rare advancement classes were strong and had a specific role. Zhao Feng's Fengshui Master for example, was focused solely on support. He could not heal and had very average attack power. In a small party, most would ignore him. Only large parties would benefit from him.

    Archdemon Fighter had its own pros and cons. Among the warriors, this class was the only one that had a great range of attack. An Archdemon Fighter's weapon of choice would be a spear. Hence, it had a longer range compared to a hammer or a sword. However, by having a spear, close quarter combat would be extremely weak. When an enemy got too close to an Archdemon Fighter, they would be helpless like a Hunter.

    Although the attack range of an Archdemon Fighter was longer and further than a typical warrior, their maximum attack range was only twenty meters. To put it in perspective, a magician's cast range would be thirty-five meters and a bow-user would have a maximum attack range of forty-five meters.

    An Archdemon Fighter not only had limited range attack-their continuous fighting capability was also weak. The class's advantage was having a very powerful burst of attack. Or in gaming terms, nuking power.

    When an Archdemon Fighter activated Berserk mode, they would lose 1% of their maximum health points per second, unable to receive heal, in exchange for gaining 50% increase in attack power as well as 100% magic attack imbued attack.

    If a Berserk was like a guerilla attack, an Archdemon Fighter would be the suicide squad bomber. For a short duration, they would gain an explosive burst of attack in exchange for their survivability. If an Archdemon Fighter has the element of surprise, any Hidden Class player would be killed by him. On the other hand, if an Archdemon Fighter was caught off guard, they would not prolong the fight, perhaps even consider running away since an Archdemon Fighter would lose.

    "Everything seems fine. Let's go!"

    The team had Little Rain as the magician and Zhao Feng, a full-time supporter and a half-baked attacker. All in all, the team composition was a mess. Even so, Jiang Fei was too lazy to rearrange the team.

    "Bottom of the Bloodpool" was in the middle of the city hence everyone arrived fairly fast. Once Jiang Fei chose the dungeon difficulty, everyone entered.

    "EH?!" cried Eversummer when she saw Isabella walking behind Jiang Fei.

    "She does not appear in the party's member list. How did she get in?" asked Lady Casanova when she too noticed Isabella.

    "Don't fret. She's not a player. She's my battle companion!" Jiang Fei purposely omitted the word pet since he knew that Isabella would be angry if he did.

    Now that everyone was already in the dungeon, Isabella's true nature was exposed. Jiang Fei did not forget to hide her, it was only that he was too lazy to continue playing dumb with everyone. Besides, he had already let her go all out during the war. Even though there were some who had not yet seen her with their own eyes, the news about Isabella's transformation into a powerful dragon would be spread across Dawnlight City faster than a viral video.

    "I see."

    Everyone was shocked for a moment when they understood the situation and promised Jiang Fei to keep it a secret. However, Jiang Fei did not care about their promises. At that point, Jiang Fei not keeping Isabella in the pet slot was proof that Jiang Fei did not mind about her real nature being exposed.

    Even though Isabella's true nature was a surprise to everyone but once they knew that she was not a player, her powerful attack became easier to digest. If she was a player, it would be hard to believe since her attack and stats would be too powerful for a player to even have. No one could have the power to kill 200,000 players like that. On the other hand, it was considered to be normal for NPC (non-playable character) to be that strong.

    As to how Jiang Fei managed to enslave such a powerful NPC would be a mystery. It was either luck or perhaps Jiang Fei was just too sly of a person. How else would he be a guild master?

    The commotion with Isabella ended very swiftly and after everyone confirmed their roles and their positions, the team charged into the first wave of monsters.

    "Anew, you're to deal the killing blow if other attacks could not finish the monster. Remember to protect the two Cloth armors," said Jiang Fei to Anew Returner. In a party dungeon, every member of the party must have their specific roles and not to attack random monsters at will. When Jiang Fei was alone before, he had Isabella to take care of the battle. Everything would end so fast that Jiang Fei did not need to even attack. In a party, if the tank had failed to hold on to a monster's aggro, they would head straight toward those who dealt the highest damage, most commonly, the magicians. Hence, if the party was not careful, death would be inevitable, especially in higher difficulty dungeon.

    "I don't really care about how you guys work together but I'm going to attack. Find a proper rhythm for yourself," said Jiang Fei before he charged in head first and cast Instant Ice Burst.

    Flame Burst!

    That was Jiang Fei's and Isabella rhythm.

    A sea of explosion filled the screen as damage texts popped out.




    Since Isabella could not equip anything on them, they relied on their levels to gain power. Now that Jiang Fei had reached Level 42, Isabella's overall strength had greatly increased.

    "WTF! Over 10k damage? How is that possible for an AoE skill?" Anew Returner cried in awe.

    "Kill the intruders!"

    After Isabella's attack, all the aggro of the monster was focused on her. Not even Jiang Fei could deal such potent damage, much less anyone else.

    Black Dragon Breath!

    A stream of darkness came outpouring from Isabella's mouth and instantly killed all the monsters.

    "F*cking hell! No wonder Jiang Fei could solo this dungeon! Not even forty players could clear this dungeon as fast as him!" said Anew Returner.

    At that point, it was as Lady Casanova has anticipated much earlier, Jiang Fei was clearing the dungeon whilst babysitting the other party members. There was not much to do since Isabella and Jiang Fei's combination attack was too strong. All they could do was to simply attack a monster that had slid out of their position and escaped from Isabella's certain death skill.

    "Now I know how the guild master remained at the top of the ranking board! We have eight people right now and we are getting experience points like a waterfall. Imagine having all those experience points alone. He could even gain two to three level in just one dungeon run!" said Anew Returner to himself. Ever since he had entered the dungeon with the party, he had been muttering to himself.

    "No one would call you a mute if you shut your bloody mouth!" Lady Casanova screamed at Anew. This bugger was her underling. Before the merging of the guilds, she had been patient with his blabbering. However, since this was the first time Jiang Fei had invited her, she had to take care of that chatterbox. Talking to himself nonstop was so embarrassing for Lady Casanova.


    While Lady Casanova was fuming, the others were giggling. They had nothing against Anew Returner's constant blabber since they were ignoring him. Instead, they were amazed at how he was able to continue talking to himself while attacking monsters at the same time. That mouth was like Chris Tucker's 7-11 [1].

    Translator Note:

    1. Chris Tucker 7-11. Reference from the movie Rush Hour 2.
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