310 Not a Single Mistake

    As the battle proceeded, Jiang Fei was finally able to witness the prowess of Gale Eversummer as a healer. Her instant healing skill could heal as much as 4,000 health points and her mass healing skill was over 3,000. This babe had skills with such a short casting time and large healing quantities. Under her care, even if someone wanted to commit suicide, it was impossible.

    Before this, Jiang Fei used to solo the bosses. Now that he had a party, the entire process had been shortened greatly. Hence, the first three bosses were handled easily. Since the lucky Jiang Fei was in the team, the entire party was able to loot great drops even though the First Kill had already been taken. Each boss had dropped at least two Violet-grade equipment. Although it was not much, it was still a great loot.

    The Bloodlust Chestplate that Jiang Fei had obtained was given to Seven Star Warrior. That Chestplate was a Chainmail and since Jiang Fei had intended to change his gear to a higher level, there was no use for him in keeping the Bloodlust Chestplate in his inventory.


    A golden light flashed and someone in the party had gained a level. Since the start of the dungeon, there had been three players who had gained a level. When he was running solo, he could not feel the excitement of leveling up since he had gotten used to gaining level quickly. Now that he was several levels ahead from the rest of the party member, he noticed that his level gain was much slower than the rest of the party. Compared to Jiang Fei, the rest of the members were leveling up faster since the experience points needed to level up was less than his.

    "Guys, the next one is the fourth boss. Things will get serious and I want everyone to be alert," said Jiang Fei after the party had been in the dungeon for roughly two hours.

    The Bloodborne High General. The boss with over 400,000 health points and extra painful attacks. Jiang Fei was only able to defeat the boss by using his Demon Morph skill.

    Now that Gale Eversummer was there, she could heal Jiang Fei. It was safer since her healing would far exceed Jiang Fei's Lifesteal effect. Technically speaking, Jiang Fei did not have to use Demon Morph and could still defeat the boss.

    As long as the tank did not fall, no one would fall into the Blood Vortex and that no one was stupid enough to be killed by the boss' instant kill skill, the boss fight would be a breeze.

    This battle would be something to look forward to. Jiang Fei's current party was not made up of random girls and delinquents. If they were not the best player in the game, they would be one of the strong players. With Jiang Fei's command and order, the entire party had no problems in dodging and evading the boss' skill. The team did not hold back Jiang Fei, allowing him to fight at his own pace without distractions. With no casualty, the boss was defeated and the party proceeded to the next boss.

    High General's Boar Beating Stick (Two-Handed Weapon, Epic)

    Physical Attack +1128

    Strength: +25

    Critical Rate: +10%

    Movement Speed: +10%

    Equip: Increase Critical Damage by 100%

    Level Requirement: 32

    "Sister Casanova, this one is for you!" said Jiang Fei. Seven Star Warrior was using Fist and since his weapon was a Chromatic Evolving Weapon given to him during the completion of his Hidden Class, he had no need for a new weapon. Jiang Fei did not need it and neither did Burning-Eyed Shana and Anew Returner. Their class did not allow them to use a two-handed weapon, leaving the only person in the team who could use the Boar Beating Stick to be Lady Casanova.

    "Well that's very nice!" Lady Casanova gave her thanks and immediately equipped the weapon.

    "Lady Casanova, did you know that this weapon fits you like a glove? A Minotaur wielding a Boar Beating Stick... Why does that seem so familiar?" Anew Returner teased Lady Casanova.

    "One of these days, I'm gonna teach you a lesson! That mouth of yours! URGH!"

    Perhaps it was her character setting or even her own personality, but when she grunted, puffs of steam came out from her bull-head nostrils.

    The previous weapon that she was using was Jiang Fei's own Rainbow Blade. Even though it was an Epic tier weapon, the attack power was slightly weaker than the Boar Beating Stick. Any normal female player would immediately think twice before discarding the beautiful Rainbow Blade and use the hideous Boar Beating Stick. If Lady Casanova would even consider a weapon's appearance in general, she would not have picked Minotaur as her race in the first place.

    Besides the Boar Beating Stick, the boss had also dropped an Epic tier magician's robe. Since it had attack stats, Jiang Fei decided to give it to Little Rain.

    The party rested for a little while before continuing the journey to the final boss. After twenty minutes, the final boss was in sight.

    Overseer Karlox (Enhanced) (Bloodborne, Leader)

    Level: 40

    Health Points: 450,000

    Magic Attack: 6,500

    Skills: Death Ray, Petrification Eye, Blood Rush, Unending Blood, Unending Blood Rush

    Note: Blood God Veigar's espionage! The final boss of the Heroic Difficulty of Bottom of the Bloodpool

    The last time Jiang Fei had fought Karlox, Isabella had the boss killed in just one single hit. Hence, to be fair, Jiang Fei had no idea how the boss skill worked.

    The party first clear the monsters around before fighting the boss. Without Isabella's dragon transformation skill, Jiang Fei was a little scared. That was the final boss of the Heroic difficulty dungeon. If he were to just charge in fearlessly, he could be killed in a jiffy.

    Death Ray: Karlox's eyes beam death rays that will deal 10,000 magic damage per second. During the skill, Karlox will spin around in a circle.

    Focus Glare: Focus on a single target, observing every action that the target makes. If the target executes any action that will generate aggro, Karlox will immediately give up on the current target and move towards the aforementioned target.

    Blood Rush: Karlox marks a random player except for the one close to him and gains 10% attack power. Marked players will receive all damage dealt to Karlox.

    Sea of Blood: Karlox creates a sea of blood. All players that are in the sea of blood will receive 2,000 damage per second. Karlox gains 5% bonus attack power for every player that is in the sea of blood.

    Burning Blood: Passive Effect: Restores 20% of health points every time Karlox kills a player.

    Active effect: Lights up the sea of blood and burns all players within the sea of blood for additional 2,000 damage per second. Lasts for ten seconds. Gains Berserk mode.

    "Oh my..."

    Jiang Fei looked through all the skills and felt a chill go down his spine. Almost all of the boss' skill required a player to run around. The more players there were, the more mistakes they could make, which would result in a domino effect that would inevitably end with the whole team being wiped out. As expected of the final boss of the Heroic dungeon. Not only it required a strong team, it also demanded a team filled with cooperative players. No one was allowed to make a single mistake.
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