312 A Surprise of Red Ligh

    When Jiang Fei's voice reached everyone's ears, they immediately turned around and ran out of the sea of blood. Eversummer had even cast a healing spell whilst running away. That was the benefits of having many instant healing skills! One did not require stopping to channel a spell.

    "Ding! Karlox has his eyes on you! Gale Eversummer!"

    "Oh no! Summer! Stop healing!" cried Jiang Fei. Just as every ranged player was out of the sea of blood, the boss had chosen Eversummer to observe.

    "Oh crap!" Eversummer grunted. She had never thought that the boss would pick her, a healer, out of the whole team. Without her, there would be no healing. If she refused to stop healing, the boss would stop attacking Jiang Fei and chase after her.

    "War Brother and Shana! Don't use your skills. Everyone else, switch to potions to restore your health!"

    There was nothing Jiang Fei could do att that moment. The only healer on the team was already sighted by the boss. If Jiang Fei had a forty-man team, one healer would be much of a problem.

    "Don't panic, I'm going to change my buff!" Zhao Feng suddenly shouted when everyone had lost their hope.

    "O Heaven and Earth, grant me the authority of life! Life Transfer!"

    Zhao Feng activated his first skill, transferring 50% of his total health points to restore Jiang Fei. It was temporary healing and if Zhao Feng used it again, he would kill himself.

    Spiritual Burst!

    The next skill Zhao Feng used was a skill he had obtained at Level 30. The effect of the skill was to instantly render the next skill activated.

    "Blood Art, release!"

    The skill that was supposed to have two minutes long casting time was shortened down to just the time taken for Zhao Feng to chant those three words.

    Blood Art: Life Plunder

    Time Remaining: 10 minutes

    Blood Art: Life Plunder: Damage taken will be stored in a separate gauge which will produce a barrier that will further absorb damage.

    Besides Zhao Feng himself, the skill had affected four other targets. The targets that Zhao Feng had chosen was Jiang Fei, Lady Casanova, Little Rain, and Gale Eversummer.

    There was a good reason why he had chosen them. The first being Jiang Fei since he was the only one who was tanking the boss. Seven Star Warrior and Burning-Eyed Shana were excluded from the skill effect due to their own skills. The skill would only absorb damage from external source and not from oneself. The skill would not be effective for the both of them since their own skills would consume their own health points. The two of them should just stop attacking and deactivate their skills to survive.

    Anew Returner was also excluded from Zhao Feng's skill because he was... just useless. He might be useful in fighting monsters, the boss fight would be unaffected with or without him. Protecting him with the skill would be a waste.

    With Zhao Feng's support, for Jiang Fei, the boss's attack was reduced. With the gathered charge of t Blood Pool, Jiang Fei would last for a longer time.

    By the time the boss was left with 50%, the boss used Death Ray again. This time, the first target was Gale Eversummer. With the experience from its previous use, the entire team had understood the mechanism of the skill. Once the boss activated Death Ray, he would look and turn toward the direction of the first target.

    Since the team was only a few players instead of forty, everyone was not confused and could evade the skill very easily. Imagine having forty players in that room, running around without proper leadership, the chances of players being killed were high.

    When Death Ray had ended, the entire team attacked with every the little time frame they had.

    They had stopped receiving healing for some time now and everyone was at their limit. Seven Star Warrior and Burning-Eyed Shana were not able to fully maximize their damages because their health points were dropping to a dangerous level. Jiang Fei was not in a good situation as well. At that point, he had to rely on his healing skill.

    Blood Pool


    The boss' skill usage seemed to be a cycle by cycle sequence. After Death Ray, the boss would use Sea of Blood. Since Gale Eversummer could not heal or attack at that moment, the entire team was at the verge of dying.

    "Ding! Karlox has his eyes on you! Lady Casanova!"

    "Miss Casanova! Stop! Summers, heal us quick!"

    Everyone had been waiting for this moment, if the boss was insistent on targeting Summer with his skill, the entire team would be wiped clean.

    Moon God's Grace!

    At the face of death, Gale Eversummer calmly activated one of her long cooldown skills.

    The skill was an instant cast and once it was activated, a bright crescent moon shone from the sky and descended toward Gale Eversummer. Everyone that was forty meters from Gale Eversummer would be healed instantly for 6,000 health points. Besides Jiang Fei alone, the rest of the team was healed almost fully.

    "Hold on for a little longer guys! The boss is going to use his own ultimate skill! Once it's over, everything will be easy!" cried Jiang Fei to motivate the team.

    Due to the fear of aggro confusion, Jiang Fei finally allowed Isabella to go all out. In all fairness, once Isabella was allowed to go all out, the damage dealt to the boss was so much more significant. No sooner, the boss was about to use Death Ray again.

    After Death Ray was used, Sea of Blood was cast. This time, the boss did not change its target. Lady Casanova remained on the sideline, watching everyone else fight for their lives. At 20% health point, the boss unleashed his ultimate skill.

    "Blood God! I beseech you! Bless me with your power of blood! Bring death to these infidels!"

    Sss... Sss...

    The sea of blood begun to turn into mist and no sooner, the entire room was filled with the red mist. At that moment, everyone knew that the final fight was imminent. They had to attack with all they had in order to finish the fight before they die.




    2,000 damage per second was nothing but a menial task to Jiang Fei. However, not everyone in the room had health points like a goliath. Little Rain and Zhao Feng were currently the two weakest players in the team with only around 7,000 to 8,000 health points. They would not even last for five seconds.

    "How do we continue this fight!?" Jiang Fei panicked. The boss' passive skill would restore 20% health points for every kill! It will only take four deaths for him to fully recover his health.

    "Relax. I'm here!" said Gale Eversummer with a hint of confidence.

    Moon God's Blessing!

    A bright light shines softly in the middle of the mist, changing the color from red to white as if it was purifying it.





    The skill effect restored 2,000 health points per second for a total of eight seconds. Even though it was two seconds shorter than the boss' ultimate skill, it was very useful for the entire team.

    "Right! Let's end this fight!" cried Jiang Fei. Everyone was excited as the final boss was about to be killed. Compared to Jiang Fei, everyone else had never cleared a Heroic difficulty dungeon before.


    Without the threat of the boss' ultimate skill, there was literally no more difficulty in killing the boss. Even though the boss had gained Berserk, Jiang Fei was as hard as a rock; he would take all the physical damage and walk away unscathed. Additionally, they had Eversummer, the best healer ever!

    When Jiang Fei went to pick up the loot, there was a surprise that even Jiang Fei had not anticipated. Before this, once a boss was killed, the boss would no longer drop more than one Gold grade, legendary tier equipment, yet there was a light. A red light!
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