313 The Eunuch’s Tomb

    The Observer's Eyepatch (Cloth Armor, Ancient)

    Physical Defense +10

    Magic Defense +10

    Vitality: -40

    Intelligence: +40

    Magic Damage: +15%

    Equip: Grants the status: Ultra Casting. Increases magic damage by 100%. Mana cost for all skills is increased by 200%. 1 second cooldown time between status reactivation.

    Level Requirement: 32

    "WTF! This is OP!" cried Jiang Fei as he read the equipment stats and skill effect. That was the first time he saw an equipment with a negative attribute. Magicians started off with low vitality to begin with and this equipment wanted to drain that away? As a tradeoff, the equipment 40 Intelligence stat was so strong it was the same as equipping two Epic tier equipment. Additionally, the 15% extra magic damage was extremely useful for an attack-based magician.

    Not to mention the skill it granted. Ultra Casting? A skill that increases the mana cost of a skill in exchange for damage amplification. Such a status effect was so overwhelming that it was extremely useful in both PvP and boss fights. If the player was good, they could exchange their survivability for raw power. What a tradeoff!

    "Hoho, Little Rain! This one is yours!" Jiang Fei snickered as he tossed the eye patch to Little Rain because he was the only magician in the team who could seal proper damage.

    Besides the Ancient tier Helm gear, the boss had also dropped two Violet grade equipment. One was a single-handed sword and a pair of Cloth Armor Boots. The sword was given to the shield-wielding Guardian, Anew Returner and the boots were given to Eversummer since it had healing enhancement attributes.

    The dungeon was done and Jiang Fei did a quick analysis and found that Little Rain, who was the lowest level before the dungeon run, had gained two levels. Everyone else had gained a least one level.

    Jiang Fei himself had not gained any level and was still at Level 42 while Little Rain was at Level 37, the same as Zhao Feng. Gale Eversummer had reached Level 38 only after the final boss of the dungeon was killed. Seven Star Warrior had gained a level, reaching Level 38 at the third boss and had approximately 50% experience points. That was the entire of Jiang Fei's Secret Dungeon party member. Although the average party level was slightly below the required level, Isabella's powerful attack and Jiang Fei's own Demon Morph could compensate the sublevel gap. Hence, with that thought in mind, Jiang Fei decided to try the Secret Dungeon.

    "Alright, the dungeon is done. You guys know the dungeon mechanic and how the boss fights. Please take the other members and run the Elite difficulty!" said Jiang Fei to Lady Casanova.

    "Alright. I will organize the dungeon run as a guild activity," said Lady Casanova. Jiang Fei trusted her. Ever since she and Billy Boy entered the guild, Jiang Fei had immediately given the two of them the role as Vice-guild masters. They would be working hand in hand with Rosette Rose to manage the guild.

    Even though Jiang Fei was just a silent partner, he still understood the responsibility of being a guild master. He might be bad in managing but he knew how to see a person's ability and assign the hard work for them to do. Lady Casanova was a true pro in this field. After all, she had played and been a guild master for many games throughout her life. Her role in the guild was to organize guild activity as well as general human relation management.

    Billy Boy was good in PvP fights as well as being a captain in any PvP team. Now that Jiang Fei's guild was up and strong, it was hard to avoid having wars with other guilds. Hence, Billy Boy was given the role which he did best, PvP Captain.

    Rosette Rose was able to share most of the workload with Lady Casanova and Billy Boy. Hence, she was able to focus on other matters. In a way, she was still Jiang Fei's female butler. All internal finance was managed by her. In a way, be it member's contract or guild resource management, she managed them all.

    Even though Jiang Fei had never taken up roles of a leader; he had never even been a class monitor, but after hanging out with Han Tianyu for so long, some of his skill rubbed off on Jiang Fei. Technically speaking, it was considered as military style responsibility arrangement that Jiang Fei had learned from Han Tianyu.

    After Lady Casanova left, Jiang Fei brought the rest of the Secret Dungeon raiding team to the Secret Dungeon.

    "OH MY! I've never thought that you guys are that rich!" Jiang Fei laughed and said. That was because everyone else's mount was the Thousand Gold Horse.

    "Guild master, there's no need to be that sarcastic!" Gale Eversummer rolled her eyes since Jiang Fei's own mount was literally a dragon.

    Compared to the horses, Jiang Fei's Juvenile Skygliding Dragon was at least two times the value of a Thousand Gold Horse.

    "Don't compare me with you guys! I'm only lucky enough to get this from a boss drop. I would never buy an expensive mount." Jiang Fei laughed as he said. He knew that his own dragon was a thousand times cooler than a golden horse.

    "Bro, take the lead! We're all waiting for you!" cried Zhao Feng as he got bored.

    Instead of flying, Jiang Fei chose to ride the dragon on the ground with the rest of the party. However, his mount was much faster than the horse. After a few seconds of dashing, Jiang Fei had to stop and wait for them for more than a minute. This went on for a few times until Jiang Fei got bored.

    "You know what? Meet me at this location XXX,XXX! I'll be at the entrance waiting for you slowpokes!"

    With that parting tease, Jiang Fei zoomed into the sky, leaving a trail of dust for the rest to see. The rest of the team sulked a bit and only arrived at the entrance of the Secret Dungeon twenty minutes later.

    "Rest a little and we'll go in the dungeon. Side note, this is my first time entering this Secret Dungeon so I have no idea what we will be facing inside!"

    "Ding! You have entered a Secret Dungeon 'The Eunuch's Tomb'!"

    The first thing that Jiang Fei saw was a large underground structure. It was dark and damp. Light was scarce in there. However, with a little focus, they could see a long pathway with many Skeletal Soldiers patrolling.

    "Woah... There are skeletons walking around! Say... Are we tomb raiders?" asked Zhao Feng excitedly.

    "Luckily they are just skeletons and not zombies. That would be extremely disgusting! Hmph!"

    Gale Eversummer was as arrogant as a princess.

    Jiang Fei looked further into the pathway and noted a few things. Four Skeletal Soldiers made a group and all of them were Level 38 Elite tier. Their attacks were slightly higher than Elite tier monsters one could find outside a dungeon. No wonder Smart Tomato was killed instantly when he entered this dungeon. His level was simply too low.

    "Prepare to fight," said Jiang Fei as he pulled out his hammer.

    The four Skeletal Soldiers were nothing; they were killed easily by the team. However, these Skeletal Soldier had a hidden gimmick. When they were destroyed and turned into a pile of bones, the broken bones wiggled on the ground violently before flying toward each other, forming an even larger monster!
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