315 Multi-colored Army


    Just as Jiang Fei and Seven Stars Warrior exited the twenty-meter radius, the boss suddenly started disassembling. As a bright green light flashed before everyone's eyes, the bones started firing in all directions. If the two of them had run any slower, they would have most definitely been hit by the explosion. If that were to happen, neither of them would have survived.

    "This d*mned monster is truly overpowering!" Zhao Feng mumbled to himself.

    "I think there's something there!" Gale Eversummer had a good eye for things and immediately noticed a piece of the boss's remnant bone glowing brightly.

    "A mini-boss is still a boss. It would definitely drop something!" Jiang Fei laughed as he walked toward the growing piece of bone and picked it up.


    A blue light flashed before him and an Excellent grade equipment appeared in Jiang Fei's hand.

    Although Jiang Fei had very high Luck and would usually receive rewards at the top of the list of drops from bosses, the mini-boss only dropped Excellent grade equipment at best. Therefore, regardless of how high Jiang Fei's luck was, he could not breach that limitation.

    Assassin's Wristband (Leather Armor, Excellent)

    Physical Defense +50

    Magic Defense +50

    Agility: +20

    Strength: +20

    Equipped: Increases Assassin Skill damage by 20%

    Level Requirement: 40

    Class Requirement: Assassin

    "What? It even has a Class Requirement?" Jiang Fei was stunned when he picked up the equipment.

    "Yeah, this was explained in the informational video on the official site. All equipment above Level 40 would have a fixed Class designation on top of enhanced Defensive attributes. These equipment would greatly strengthen certain Class and Skills, but they would also be limited by Class and even Race designations!" Gale Eversummer explained.

    "That explains!" Jiang Fei nodded. He had been roaming about with Han Tianyu for the past few days and had not checked out the official site.

    "Alright, I will keep the equipment for now. I will store it in the guild storage when we get back!" As there were no Assassins in their team, Jiang Fei placed the equipment into his backpack for the time being.

    The small group continued to walk until the end of the passage. They soon arrived at a very spacious hall.

    "Is this the Mausoleum?" Seven Stars Warrior asked, confused.

    "Perhaps..." Jiang Fei nodded as he replied. Right then, there were countless Skeletal Soldiers before them. These soldiers were all lined up nearly in the middle of the hall. Each formation had at least a hundred Skeletal Soldiers. They were like an army waiting to be inspected.

    "How do we fight them?" Zhao Feng asked. Although these skeletons were all normal Elite monsters, they could still easily kill Jiang Fei and the rest in an instant if all of them attacked at once.

    Right then, the little monsters in front of Jiang Fei's group started forming five different formations. The formation in front of them had a red flag hanging in the middle of the formation.

    On their left was a huge white-colored flag flapping about in the middle of the formation despite the lack of airflow. On their right was a huge green flag within the formation. The furthest formation from Jiang Fei and the rest was one with a huge black flag.

    At the center of these four formations was an even bigger formation. The Skeletal Soldiers surrounding it had numbers equal to all four of the other formations combined. There was an even larger yellow flag at the center of the formation which was brightly ablaze. There was a huge word "Restriction" sewn at the center of the flag which glowed equally brightly.

    "Set up a Defensive Circle and we can start killing them in groups!" Jiang Fei glanced at the highly concentrated crowd of little monsters. He knew it was impossible to kill them one at a time. They would have to pull groups of them together before they started killing these monsters.

    "Alright!" Zhao Feng exclaimed as he nodded and changed the Magic Circle to Cloud Art.

    Cloud Art: Air Shield

    Air Shield: Reduces the damage you receive by fifty points. After the reduction, the damage you receive cannot be less than one.

    After Zhao Feng had reached Level 30, all his skills were enhanced. The original ten points of Damage Reduction from his Air Shield had been increased to fifty points of Damage Reduction. Although this kind of fixed Damage Reduction was not very effective against boss monsters, it definitely took a lot of pressure of the tanker when fighting against large groups of little monsters.

    "I am getting ready to attract the monsters. Bella, it's time for you to showcase your new skill!" Jiang Fei turned around and smiled at Isabella as he charged toward the closest formation of little monsters.


    As Jiang Fei approached the monsters, the originally still-standing Skeletal Soldiers began moving about as their bones started making cracking sounds.

    "Come at me!" After awakening the little monsters, Jiang Fei did not move any closer to them. Instead, he stood right where he was and started adjusting his position.

    "Alright! Let's have a go!" Jiang Fei laughed loudly as he started breathing out a blue frosty flow of air. The little monsters in the front row were all frozen immediately. Consequently, the movements of the groups of little monsters slowed down as they began moving closely together, becoming increasingly congregated. This would make the AoE spell of a Magician much more effective.

    Flame Rain!

    Isabella chanted the spell at a very fast pace. Although she could not use the Draconian Magic Spell in her human form, she was able to complete the magic spell in a very short time span.


    Although it was called the Flame Rain, what came down were flaming meteorites the size of a human head. These meteorites covered a radius far larger than the Flame Burst and swiftly engulfed all the little monsters within.

    Lightning Strike!

    Jiang Fei used his group aggro pulling skill to ensure all the little monsters focused their attacks on him. This was done to prevent the little monsters from turning their attention to the Magician casting those spells.

    Unlike the Flame Burst, the Flame Rain did not deal a one-off explosive damage. Instead, it came in waves of damages which lasted for eight seconds and could deal a total of 20,000 Damage Points.

    Of course, this required the enemies to be within the area affected by the Flame Rain. However, as the skill covered a larger radius, it was more effective when used to fight groups of little monsters or during a group battle as compared to the smaller-radius Flame Burst.

    Before Isabella's Flame Rain ended, Little Rain's AoE skill had also reached the enemies. As his Class was Pyromancer, all his skills were all Fire-based Magic Spells. However, even with the activated Ultra Casting state, his damage output could not rival with that of Isabella's. In spite of that, dealing 8,000 damage to each little monster was already a great feat for most Magicians.

    With two Magicians with AoE skills, the pace at which they were killing the little monsters was indeed very fast. The others who did not have AoE skills, like Seven Stars Warrior, were simply picking off the few little monsters who escaped from the Magic Spell range. In a short while, the battle came to an end.


    "It's happening again..."

    Jiang Fei and the rest were already very used to the revival of these little monster.

    "Everybody, stay alert. This might be a very fierce one!" Jiang Fei reminded everyone loudly. The monsters they had fought earlier were all in groups of four, such that their combinations were only from four to one. However, the current state involved a hundred little monsters forming a single combination.

    The bones were combining at a very high speed. In the blink of an eye, a huge Pale Bone Giant Beast as tall as six meters had formed before them. These Skeletal Soldiers had given up on forming a human-shaped combination. They appeared as a beast instead.

    The beast had the brain of a chicken, the chin of a swallow, the neck of a snake, the tail of a fish and the claws of an eagle. It even had huge wings of bones on its back. As there was not an ounce of flesh on its body and it was formed entirely from bones, the beast looked exceedingly frightening.


    The beast used its huge claw to swipe at the floor, which gave off a hair-raising screeching sound. At the same time, a huge gap appeared on the surface of the floor. It was as if the newly formed boss was showing off its powers to Jiang Fei and his team!
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