317 Recipe: Phoenixs Downfall

    As Gale Eversummer's healing capability was suddenly reduced by half due to the effects of Lethargic, it immediately became hard for Jiang Fei to maintain his Health Points at a safe level.

    Claret Aegis!

    Seeing that the boss was about to spit fire again, Jiang Fei hurriedly used his life-saving skill, which would reduce the damage of the next three attacks by half.


    The boss's skill, which originally dealt 15,000 damage was reduced by half, but Gale Eversummer's healing was still not at its best.

    Armored Bulwark!

    Jiang Fei used another life-saving skill. Although Armored Bulwark could not absorb Magic Damage, it could absorb the damage from the boss's Boney Wing Swipe.

    "Bella! After you pull the aggro of the small monsters, continue to attack the boss!" Jiang Fei knew that they could not delay this battle any further. While he drank some Potions, he also activated Life Link so that he and Isabella could recover 500 Health Points per second.

    Against the boss's powerful attacks, relying on Life Link to recover Health Points was far from enough. Fortunately, Gale Eversummer had a number of instant healing skills. Although these skills could not prevent Jiang Fei's Health Points from decreasing constantly, they could prolong Jiang Fei's life.

    Blood Pool!


    Jiang Fei activated Blood Pool, bringing his Health Points back to full. Although his Health Points were decreasing constantly, it was the same for the boss. This boss only stayed at one spot and attacked. Even though the boss could weaken the Clerics and its attacks dealt a lot of damage, it did not restrict the attackers in any way.

    The attackers could safely attack the boss with all their might as they did not have to move around and change their positions. Damage figures continuously appeared above the boss's head. It was clear that this boss, which only had 300,000 Health Points, would die soon.


    The boss let out a shriek and tried to ignite the bone fragments around it. Unfortunately, Isabella had generated the aggro of the four monsters that it summoned previously and none of them died.

    Obviously, as the boss had failed to use Life Flame Transfer, its death was certain. It was quickly killed by Jiang Fei and the others. As soon as the boss died, the portal closed. The four remaining small monsters were killed in less than twenty seconds.

    "Ding!" Once the boss died, Zhao Feng's body flashed. The little fatty had leveled up.

    Currently, everyone in the party was already Level 38 except for Little Rain who was still at Level 37. Seven Stars Warrior was close to reaching Level 39. This showed that the monsters in this Secret Dungeon gave a lot of Experience Points.

    Looking at his own Experience Points, Jiang Fei realized that he was still very far from leveling up. He could probably only level up after they clear the four groups of monsters in front of him.

    "Come on! Let's see what this big guy dropped!" Little Rain said.

    "Okay!" Jiang Fei stepped forward to flip the boss's shining fragments.

    Swoosh! A blue light flashed.

    "F*ck! An Empowered Leader boss only dropped one Blue equipment?" At this point in time, everyone including Jiang Fei was dumbfounded.

    Recipe: Phoenix's Downfall

    Use: Allows you to learn how to make the Equipment Set-Phoenix's Downfall!

    Required: Level 4 Tailor

    Phoenix's Downfall (Cloth Armor Equipment Set 7/7, Excellent)

    Equipment Set Physical Defense +575

    Equipment Set Magical Defense +859

    Equipment Set Intelligence: +245

    Equipment Set Vitality: +55

    Equipment Set Spirit: +15

    Magic Attack: +125

    Random Enhancement*7

    Level Requirement: 40

    Equipment Set Effect (3/7): Increases your Magic Attack by 10%!

    Equipment Set Effect (5/7): Increases the Critical Strike Chance of your Fire Magic Spells by 15%!

    Equipment Set Effect (7/7): Summons a Skeleton Phoenix to fight for you. The strength of the summoned Skeleton Phoenix is equivalent to an Elite monster of your level. The effect lasts for one minute or until the Phoenix is killed! Cool down: two hours.

    "Equipment Set Recipe!" Jiang Fei's eyes suddenly sparkled. Although it was just an Excellent Equipment Set Recipe, Recipes of this quality could be used unlimited times. So, he could definitely produce this Equipment Set in large quantities.

    As the quality of an Equipment Set Recipe was higher than the actual pieces of equipment after crafting, this Equipment Set was only a Green Equipment Set if crafted under normal circumstances. However, because of the attributes of the Equipment Set, someone who had this Green Equipment Set equipped was not any worse than another player with individual pieces of Blue equipment.

    "Awesome!" Little Rain was immediately interested in the Equipment Set. As it could be mass-produced, if they looked for a good Tailor and had enough funds, they could definitely create Equipment Sets that were of excellent quality. Although the odds of a good Tailor actually crafting Excellent Equipment Sets were probably far worse than Jiang Fei, other Tailors crafted way more often than Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei only crafted equipment once a month. Since the other Tailors crafted equipment every day, even if they did not manage to craft a single Excellent Equipment Set in a day, they could probably do it in a week, right?

    "Do we have good Tailors in the guild?" Jiang Fei sent a message to Rosette Rose. She was the only one who knew about such things anyway.

    "Hoho, if you asked me this question back then, I would really have to say no. Now, however, we have every Profession!" Rosette Rose laughed. After all, after they had acquired Magithieves and Arkosios Sanctuary, it was not only the combat players from the main teams who had signed new contracts. Even those high-leveled Profession players had transferred over.

    "Pick the one with the highest Success Rate and Ascended Upgrade Bonus Rate. I'll use him when I get back!" Jiang Fei said to Rosette Rose.

    "Okay!" Rosette Rose nodded. She knew these Profession players like the back of her hand, so this was not difficult for her at all.

    "Come on, I've already found a Tailor for the job. Let's continue!" Jiang Fei said with a smile.

    As the monsters in the hall were all properly lined up, Jiang Fei and the others did not have to go back and forth. After a few people had rested and recovered all their Health Points and Mana Points, Jiang Fei was ready to fight the second wave of monsters.

    "This time, we'll fight the ones on the right first!" After Jiang Fei notified the others, he rushed toward the skeletons and the big green flag on the right.

    The small monsters were the same as the ones in the previous wave. There was nothing special. As usual, Jiang Fei generated aggro while Isabella and Little Rain were responsible for killing the monsters with Area of Effect skills. The others would fill in when needed. If a small monster escaped, they would kill it.

    Very quickly, this wave of monsters was also killed.


    Once again, the bones that were all over the ground began to gather.

    "Sigh. I wonder what it's going to turn into this time!" Zhao Feng said, shaking his head.

    In a short time, the bones completed their combining and rebirth process. They formed a behemoth that was similarly five or six meters tall but more than ten meters wide. It had a horse's face, a dog's nose, a cow's mouth, antlers, the body of a snake, talons, a lion's tail, and shrimp feelers. Although it was just a skeleton, it was obviously a huge dragon from the East.

    "Sh*t! I think I get it! The four colored flags are probably representative of the four mythological creatures of China! What are the origins of this Prince's Mausoleum?" Jiang Fei muttered to himself as he looked at the huge skeleton dragon in front of him.
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