318 Desperate Situation!

    Bone Chimera-Green Dragon (Specter, Empowered Leader)

    Level: 43

    Health Points: 400,000

    Attack Power: 9,800

    Skills: Claw, Sweeping Tail, Dragon Tail, Deathly Dragon Breath, Deathly Dragon Roar

    Claw: Immediately attack a target once, causing a lot of damage.

    Sweeping Tail: The Green Dragon waves its tail, attacking two enemies behind or beside it, causing a lot of damage and knocking the target back. Each time a target is hit by Sweeping Tail, the Green Dragon's Attack Power increases by 100% and the effect lasts for ten seconds.

    Dragon Tail: The Green Dragon moves around in between enemies at a high speed and randomly launches three attacks, causing a lot of damage. If Dragon Tail kills a target, the Green Dragon recovers 20% of its Health Points.

    Deathly Dragon Breath: The Green Dragon spits Dragon Breath in a fan-shaped area in front of it, causing a lot of damage while reducing the Attack Power of targets by 10%! The effect lasts for ten seconds.

    Deathly Dragon Roar: Instantly inflicts a lot of damage to all enemies within the range of fifty meters, silencing them for three seconds. After using Dragon Roar, the boss enters a violent state and its Attack Power increases by 50%. The effect lasts for five seconds.

    "F*ck! After the Phoenix, it's the Green Dragon. These four f*cking colored flags probably mean that we're gonna have to fight all four mythological creatures!" While Jiang Fei was still looking at the boss's attributes, Zhao Feng had already started complaining.

    "This boss is pretty difficult!" Jiang Fei sighed after he read the boss's attributes. This boss was not the same as the Phoenix previously. Although the Phoenix had high Attack Power, it only attacked the Tank, so the others could easily attack it. This Green Dragon was different. It attacked both melee and ranged attackers. If not careful enough, someone could easily die. Thus, everyone had to keep moving around.

    Moreover, if this boss's skills hit a non-Tank player, it would either turn violent or recover some Health. This was difficult to deal with. If one person made a mistake, it would adversely affect the whole team.

    "Warrior, stand with me later. When I ask you to move, go to the side of the Dragon to get away from the Dragon's mouth!" Jiang Fei briefed Seven Stars Warrior first. After all, he was the only melee attacker in the party. If they had to move around later, it would be the most troublesome for him.

    "Everyone else, stand ten meters away from both of the boss's sides and attack. Eversummer, make sure that everyone's Health Points is always full!" Jiang Fei briefed the ranged attackers, making sure that they stayed out of the boss's Sweeping Tail range.

    "Okay!" Everyone nodded, indicating that they understood their parts.

    "Alright! I'll start!" When he saw that everyone was ready, Jiang Fei went forward to generate the aggro.


    Following a roar from the Bone Chimera-Green Dragon, the boss battle began.

    As usual, Jiang Fei generated aggro first. Then, he started to adjust the boss's position, so that others could attack the boss as safely as possible.


    Just as Jiang Fei pulled the boss's head towards the side, the boss used Dragon Breath.


    "Damn! This Dragon Breath deals way more damage than the Phoenix's attacks previously!" Jiang Fei was slightly shocked. At the same time, Gale Eversummer had started to heal. Jiang Fei did not have to drive the boss to a corner this time. He just had to make the boss faced the side. Therefore, Gale Eversummer did not have to move too much and had already started healing in advance.





    With Gale Eversummer's healing, Jiang Fei's Health Points was maintained at a safe level. After all, this boss was not the transformed Isabella. It could not spit its Dragon Breath continuously like it was saliva.

    The Green Dragon boss's Attack Power was a lot higher than the Phoenix's. However, as its attacks were physical attacks, it caused less damage to Jiang Fei when compared with the previous Phoenix boss. Each Claw only dealt around 4,000 damage to Jiang Fei. With Gale Eversummer's powerful healing, Jiang Fei recovered his Health Points very quickly.

    "Warrior, stand with me and attack!" As the boss had already used Dragon Breath once, the area in front of the boss had temporarily become a safe zone.


    After a few seconds, following a roar, the boss's bone tail bones swung swiftly. The areas on the boss's left and right sides, as well as behind it, were all within its range.

    However, the boss obviously hit nothing. Jiang Fei had already learned about its skills beforehand. So, the only melee attacker was standing in front of the boss with Jiang Fei and was not within the boss's attack range at all. The ranged attackers were all ten meters away. The Dragon's tail was not long enough, so it obviously could not hit them.

    "Warrior, go to the side. Come back after its Dragon Breath!" Once Sweeping Tail was over, Jiang Fei made Seven Stars Warrior move to prevent him from being hit by the next Dragon Breath.

    The first part of the boss battle was relatively simple. The ranged attackers did not need to run around. The only one who had to avoid the boss's skills was Seven Stars Warrior. Everyone else could attack the boss safely.

    Soon, the boss's Health Points had dropped to 80%.


    Following a roar, the boss ignored Jiang Fei and rushed straight towards a ranged attacker on the side.

    "Fatty, think of a way to protect yourself! Little Rain, activate your shield!" Jiang Fei shouted while he used Intercept and landed in front of Gale Eversummer.


    -14,821 (Transferred!)

    -13,752 (Absorbed!)

    The boss's first Dragon Tail target was Gale Eversummer. However, Jiang Fei blocked the attack using Intercept and took the damage for her. The boss only dealt around 7,000 damage to Jiang Fei, but way more to Little Rain and Zhao Feng. From this, it was obvious that Gale Eversummer who was also a Cloth Armor Class who could have instantly died if she was hit. Even though she had a lot of Health Points, she did not know how to shield herself.

    Little Rain's face turned bitter at this time. Although he suffered zero damage, his Magic Shield absorbed damage at the cost of Mana Points.

    As nearly 14,000 damage was absorbed, this immediately used up three-quarters of Little Rain's Mana Points. Now, he did not even have enough Mana Points to attack the boss, let alone survive a second Dragon Tail from the boss.

    In contrast, Zhao Feng was probably having it the easiest. Nobody knew where he got a straw target dummy from. He threw it on the ground. Then, the boss that was originally charging toward him immediately turned away and tried to kill the straw target dummy. He smoothly dodged a bullet.

    "Come on! Continue attacking!" After the boss's skill ended, Jiang Fei lured the boss back to its original position once again. The Dragon Tail skill obviously used up a lot of the boss's strength. The boss did not use Dragon Breath and Sweeping Tail for quite a long time.

    As the Bone Chimera-Green Dragon was cooperative, Jiang Fei and the others easily made its Health Points fall below 50%.


    Following a dragon roar, the eyes of the exhausted boss suddenly turned blood-red. This dragon roar was different from the previous roars. When the sound wave reached them, a damage figure of 7,000 appeared above the heads of Jiang Fei and the others.

    At this time, Jiang Fei was still fine. However, the three Cloth Armor players in his party were almost killed. Especially Gale Eversummer and Zhao Feng. Both of them only had a few hundred Health Points left. Little Rain had a little more Health Points left, but he had completely used up his Mana Points.

    "I've been silenced! Everyone drink some Potions!" Gale Eversummer shouted. However, it was not just her. All the Magicians, including Little Rain and Zhao Feng, could not use any skills.

    As they were all low on Health Points and silenced, one more skill from the boss could force Jiang Fei and the others into a desperate situation.
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