320 Made a Fortune

    The Green Dragon's Downfall Equipment Set was a pretty good Leather Armor Equipment Set. It gave a lot of Agility, so this Equipment Set was an Ascended Equipment Set for attackers like Bandits or Assassins.

    "The Phoenix Set is Cloth Armor and the Green Dragon Set is Leather Armor. Does that mean the next White Tiger and Dark Tortoise will be Chainmail and Plate Armor?" Seven Stars Warrior wondered.

    "Most probably!" Jiang Fei nodded. Currently, judging from how things were, it seemed like this Secret Dungeon existed for these Equipment Set Recipes. If this was really the case, then they were really going to make a fortune.

    "What's the point of guessing? Let's continue!" Gale Eversummer said.

    As the previous Phoenix's Downfall Equipment Set was obviously an attacker Equipment Set, it was totally useless for a Cleric like her. If the two Equipment Set Recipes that were going to drop later were Plate Armor and Chainmail, her only gains from this Secret Dungeon trip would be Experience Points.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded, then charged toward the monsters on the left.

    As there was nothing different about these small monsters, Jiang Fei and the others easily cleared the hundreds of these Elite monsters.

    Clatter! Clatter!

    The bone fragments recombined again and the final form was not beyond the expectations of Jiang Fei and the others. As expected, it was a huge skeleton White Tiger.

    A similarly four or five meters tall behemoth stood in front of Jiang Fei and the others. The claws and fangs of the huge skeleton White Tiger flashed in the light, which sent a chill down everyone's spines. They instantly knew that it was not going to be an easy fight.

    Bone Chimera-White Tiger.

    Level: 43

    Health Points: 500,000

    Attack Power: 11,000

    Skills: Pounce, Bite, Tiger Roar, Frenzy, King of the Beasts.

    Pounce: The White Tiger randomly pounces on a non-current target, causing a lot of damage. If there are other enemies within ten meters of the pounced target, the White Tiger will continue to pounce and its damage will increase by 30%.

    Bite: Immediately causes a lot of damage to its current target, ripping the wound open and causing a bleeding effect.

    Tiger Roar: Increases the Attack Power of the White Tiger by 20% and reduces the Attack Speed of nearby enemies by 20%.

    Frenzy: Whenever someone dies near the White Tiger, the White Tiger enters a violent state. Its Attack Power and Attack Speed will increase by 100%, the effect lasts for ten seconds.

    King of the Beasts: The White Tiger summons a large number of beasts to help him fight.

    Remarks: If any of the beasts summoned by the White Tiger dies, the Frenzy effect will also be triggered.

    "These bosses seem to get stronger and stronger!" Jiang Fei muttered to himself after he looked at the boss's attributes. This boss's skills were all pretty troublesome to deal with. If another party attempted this Secret Dungeon, they would not be able to figure out the boss's skills even after ten deaths. They would still die the next time they tried.

    "How do we fight this boss?" Little Rain asked.

    "Bella, you tank this boss! Everyone else stand far apart from each other. Keep a distance of more than ten meters away from each other. If the boss summons small monsters, I'll pull the aggro. Focus on attacking the boss and ignore the small monsters!" As Jiang Fei understood the boss's skills, he was able to develop a highly strategic combat plan, which reduced the boss's threat level to a minimum. Basically, the skill detection function of the mysterious ring had saved Jiang Fei and the others from dying countless times when they attempted Dungeons.

    "Okay!" Isabella nodded and walked towards the boss.

    Abyssal Flame!





    Smashing the White Tiger's head with one Abyssal Flame, Isabella triggered the boss and started the battle. At the same time, she caused an ignition effect. Although Isabella did not have any aggro-generating skills, her damage was extremely high. It was practically impossible for anyone to snatch the boss's aggro away from Isabella.


    The boss snarled and charged toward Isabella. The boss was only halfway there when Isabella's second Abyssal Flame landed on its face.

    Demon Flame Infusion!

    Seeing that the boss was approaching her, Isabella used Demon Flame Infusion and stepped forward confidently. She fought the boss head-on.


    Against Isabella, damage from the boss's attacks was also nearly reduced by half. However, Isabella had a lot more Health Points than Jiang Fei. Moreover, Jiang Fei's 50% damage reduction did not reduce the damage he received by 50% every single time. In actuality, he only had around 40% or less damage reduction and the remaining 20% was made up of Block Chance, Avoidability, and some others. It was very unstable.

    However, Isabella was different. Her Avoidability was not high, but as a Naga, her Defense was already extraordinary. Both her Physical Defense and Magical Defense were extremely high, so the damage she received was very constant. Her Health Points did not fluctuate like a roller coaster ride, unlike Jiang Fei's.

    "Guild Master, Sister Bella is way better tanker than you are. Why have you never allowed her to be the Tank?" At this time, the women in the party were obviously stronger than the men, so Gale Eversummer became extremely smug.

    "Hurry up and attack the boss, stop with the nonsense..." Jiang Fei ignored her. He could never bring himself to say that he made Isabella hide behind him and attack as a Magician because he wanted to protect his own reputation. By doing this, he ended up suppressing Isabella's true powers significantly.

    This boss was also the type of boss that stayed at one spot and attacked. As long as the players understood its skills and ensured that they kept a distance of more than ten meters between each other, the boss would not be able to attack them continuously with Pounce. In this way, there was no apparent danger, so the attackers could safely attack the boss.

    It was relatively easy for ranged attackers to maintain a distance of ten meters between each other. It was more troublesome for melee attackers. So, Jiang Fei had to make Seven Stars Warrior attack from behind the boss. After all, the boss was more than ten meters long. Even if the boss used Pounce on Seven Stars Warrior, it would not affect Isabella who was the Tank.

    However, this way, Jiang Fei had nowhere to go. In the end, he looked for a place where no one was and waited for the boss to summon small monsters. His Attack Power was not really high, so there was no need for him to snatch Seven Stars Warrior's position away. If he was there and the boss used Pounce, Seven Stars Warrior might be instantly killed. He would be doing more harm than good if he stayed there.


    When the boss's Health Points dropped to 80%, the boss activated its Tiger Roar skill. Its Attack Power increased sharply and everyone's Attack Speed reduced significantly. This affected Isabella the most as she had summoned Demon Flame Infusion and was currently fighting the boss melee.

    As everyone's Attack Speed had been reduced, the damage output of the team suddenly decreased quite a bit. Moreover, the boss's Attack Power had increased by 20%. This put a little pressure on Gale Eversummer.


    When the White Tiger's Health Points fell to 50%, the boss started to summon some minions.



    All of a sudden, all kinds of animal sounds could be heard. In a blink of an eye, a large group of wild beasts appeared out of nowhere. These beasts were not even Elites, but there were hundreds or even more than a thousand of them.

    As soon as these monsters appeared, they immediately generated aggro. As Gale Eversummer was healing Isabella, all these monsters immediately targeted her.

    "F*ck!" Jiang Fei was shocked. Although these were all Common monsters, Gale Eversummer did not have any life-saving skills other than healing. If so many monsters surrounded her, she would certainly die.
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