322 Faction Battlefield

    Jiang Fei was excited at the thought of obtaining a Plate Armor Recipe. At that point of the game, no other player had reached Level 40 yet. No one could farm any Plate Armor. It could be said that Jiang Fei was the only one capable of farming it.

    'Even though that bugger Tomato guy was greedy, at least he gets the job done!' Jiang Fei thought about Smart Tomato. Without that information broker, Jiang Fei would not be where he was.

    When the team had rested enough and recovered most of their mana, Jiang Fei pressed forward and circled the border of the large hall. There were five monster formations, being red, green, white, black, and yellow in the center of the hall. Compared to the red, green, white, and black formations, the yellow one in the center of the hall was huge. If he wanted to get to the Black Tortoise, he would have to go through the yellow circle.

    "Might as well kill the smaller minions first," said Jiang Fei to the team. The Black Tortoise had shown its appearance yet, so Jiang Fei did not know about it or how to fight it properly. However, since it was a tortoise, it should be the kind of monster with high defense.

    "Ding! Billy Boy, the leader of the "Empyreal Dragon Army" has killed the leader of the Light faction and rise victorious! Obtained 2,000 guild experience points! All members of the Empyreal Dragon Army will receive 200 Honor Points! Dark Faction Reputation +300! Light Faction Reputation -300!"

    "Ding! Congratulations to Empyreal Dragon Army for being the first to obtained victory in the Faction Battlefield! Obtained additional 20,000 guild experience points! All participants of the Battlefield will receive additional 500 Honor Points!"

    Just as Jiang Fei was about to lay down the first hit on the boss, the system announcement stopped him.

    "Woah, what's going on?" asked Jiang Fei in the guild chat.

    "Oh! Before the merger, there were players who had joined the Light Faction. As I recall, you're in the Dark Faction. So, today, I decided to bring a few of our men to farm in the Battlefield and turn the dominating Faction to the Dark Faction. It is to prevent inconvenience of debuffs in the future war on the Battlefield," Billy Boy explained.

    "Huh. Is it a good farm?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "Technically, most guilds are currently busy with the Teleportation Circle quest. So, most of the players who were on the Battlefield were pug players. They could not even fight against the NPC army. When we came in, all of them were trashed by us!" said Billy Boy casually.

    "That's good news. Put an announcement in the guild and have those who like PvP to join you. Farming equipment from Honor Points would be just as good as dungeon!"


    Most of the players must have read through the patch notes but not all had placed their focus on the Faction Battle at the moment.

    Even though the Faction Battle system had been released for a while now, only players who preferred PvP had spent their time on the Battlefield either doing the quests or fighting other players. However, since they were not in a large organized group, they lack the numbers and leadership to defeat the NPC army general. Naturally, they would not have a chance to defeat opponents from the opposite Faction.

    Hence, when Billy Boy, the PvP champion had brought an army of Empyreal Dragon players into the Battlefield, they had won against every single player of the opposite Faction that they had encountered.

    Completing quests on the Battlefield and killing players of the opposite Faction would earn players a certain number of experience points as well as Honor Points. The Honor Points gained could be used to exchange for Battlefield-specific equipment. Even though all the equipment that could be exchanged for were at most Excellent tier, they were still useful to average players.

    There was also the benefit of not dropping your equipment and level when dying on the Battlefield. If they died, a player would only lose a little Honor Points as well as Ranking. However, once a player's Ranking dropped, the equipment that they had traded with Honor Points might not be able to be equipped anymore.

    That was the benefits and usefulness of the Faction Battlefield. However, even so, the three guild alliance had schemed against the Aristocrats and Jiang Fei. They had the entire Dawnlight City focus their attention on the Teleportation Circle quest while they executed their plan. However, as it turned out, one guild was bought over by the Aristocrats and the other two was absorbed into the Empyreal Dragon.

    While this great war was happening, the other guilds of Dawnlight City was still focused on the Teleportation Circle quest. That was why no one had really entered the Faction Battlefield. Billy Boy had always been a PvP junkie hence, when the patch note was out, he had plans to bring a team to enter the Faction Battlefield to dominate the grounds. After the guild merger, even though he was dethroned from the guild, his hobby and talent remained the same. When the chance came, he took it and chose to fight the Light Factions since Jiang Fei, his guild master was in the Dark Faction.

    "By the way, what Faction did you chose?" asked Billy Boy.

    Jiang Fei then turned to his current party and relayed the message.

    "Do you even need to ask? If Ah Fei is in the Dark Faction, I'd be in the Dark Faction as well!" said Zhao Feng.

    "I'm neutral."

    "Me too."

    "I'm in the neutral Faction!"


    Besides Zhao Feng and Jiang Fei, Little Rain, Seven Star Warrior, and Gale Eversummer were in the neutral Faction. Players who chose the neutral Faction could not accept high-level quests but they would not be attacked by either side whilst reaping the benefits of both sides. Even so, they would not be able to receive the best benefits from actually choosing a side.

    "I don't mind which Faction you choose to join as long as it's not the Light Faction!" said Jiang Fei as he had decided not to change Faction.

    When other players chose either Faction, they would have started with a good reputation on either side. Jiang Fei, on the other hand, was a Demon Race hence he had gained large reputation in the Dark faction and gained much hatred from the Light Faction. If he wanted to farm reputation from the Light Faction, it would take him more than half a year.

    Gale Eversummer pouted and suddenly said, "Why are we talking about Faction all of the sudden? Aren't we supposed to finish this dungeon?"

    Jiang Fei was shocked by her sudden cry and laughed before he spoke.

    "Haha! Let's go ahead then!"

    At that point, Isabella had changed from being the main attack to the main tank. Jiang Fei, on the other hand, was in charge to kite all the monsters together. Once they were all grouped up, Little Rain and Isabella would release all their explosive spells to kill all of them in one clean explosion.

    After all the skeletal monsters were blasted into pieces of bones, they would group together again and form a larger monster. This time, it was a tortoise-shaped boney monster with a snake head and tail. It was hard to tell since there was no flesh on the bones.

    Bone Chimera-Dark Tortoise (Specter, Empowered Leader)

    Level: 43

    Health Points: 800,000

    Attack Power: 4,300

    Skills: Tortoise Defense, Defense Up, Spinning Charge, Shell Slam, Swallow

    Tortoise Defense: Dark Tortoise hides into its shell and temporary gains invulnerability. After Invulnerability expires, the Dark Tortoise will restore 5% of its health points while permanently lose 10% of its attack power.

    Defense Up: Enhances self Physical Defense and Magic Defense, lasts for 30 seconds.

    Spinning Charge: During Tortoise Defense or Shell Slam, once an attack is received, the Dark Tortoise will spin at incredible speed and charge toward the attacker. Deals 1,000 damage per attack. Last for fifteen seconds.

    Shell Slam: Dark Tortoise hides in its shell and powerfully slams into the ground. Deals 5,000 damage to all players.

    Swallow: Randomly picks a target and swallow them. Players that had been swallow cannot move or attack. Deals 1,000 damage per second for five seconds. If the target is killed during the skill, Dark Tortoise will restore 50% of its health points.
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