323 Cowardly Tortoise

    When all the smaller monsters were defeated, Seven Star Warrior had reached Level 39. As for the rest, they received a good amount of experience points but not enough to gain a level. Jiang Fei predicted that after the final circle in the hall was defeated, he might gain a level.

    As for the Dark Tortoise in front of him, Jiang Fei started to grind his brain to think of a plan to fight. On the plus side, the boss had low attack but the skill effect was powerful enough to kill Cloth Armor player.

    This battle placed priority on attack sequence. Once the boss hides into its shell, everyone must stop attacking or else they would trigger the boss' skill.

    To be fair, all other boss before this one was harder. The most important thing to take care of was everyone's health point. No one can have less than 5,000 health points or they would be killed and in turn restore the boss health.

    "Please pay attention to your health points. Eversummer, you need to pay attention as well. Once their health points gets close to 5,000 you must heal them immediately! Everyone else, when the boss hides into its shell, do not attack!" said Jiang Fei. He then turned to Isabella and nodded, giving her the green light to attack.

    "Yes sir!" everyone answered decisively.

    Abyssal Flame!






    The first attack was the black fireball and based on the damage inflicted, Jiang Fei concluded that the boss had very high magic defense since her attack was reduced greatly.

    Thump! Thump! Thump!

    After the attack, the boss stomped slowly toward Isabella. By the time Isabella had landed the third attack, the boss was still at least ten meters away from her.

    "How about we just sit and relax while Bella kite the monster around?" Jiang Fei asked Seven Star Warrior.

    He was right, technically, Isabella alone would be able to fight the boss alone by kiting around it.

    "You're right but don't you see that the boss has extremely high defense and health points? If we relied on the three to attack, it might take too long," said Seven Star Warrior. Since his attack had Divine properties, he will be strong against high defense target since Divine attribute ignores all Defense. Even if he relied on his normal attack, his total damage would be higher than Isabella's.

    "That's true. In that case, let's get going!" said Jiang Fei, proud of Seven Star Warrior. Might as well start attacking and finish the boss as soon as possible. The only threat from the boss was the Swallow skill.

    Demon Flame Infusion!



    Isabella's attack was greatly affected by the boss' overwhelming defense. All her physical attacks were only dealing a little over 1,000 damage. Even with the additional damage dealt by Demon Flame Infusion could never exceed 2,000. That was how strong the boss' defense was.

    If Isabella's attack was reduced by more than half, Little Rain and Zhao Feng's attacks were just like a lover's pat. Jiang Fei's attack was only akin to a tiny kitten scratch. Even after Ruthless Barrage had ten stacks, with 300% damage increase, he was only able to deal over 500 damage per second. When compared to the others, Seven Star Warrior was the MVP of the battle. Although his stats were not as great as the others, the damage dealt to the boss was very impressive.



    With all his skill unleashed, Seven Star Warrior secondary weapon was able to deal around 3,000 damage while his main weapon could deal over 3,500. Without an attacking skill, Seven Star Warrior's damage had surpassed Isabella.

    "Sigh... This is going to be a long fight..." Jiang Fei sighed and complained. Unless he chose to use Demon Morph now, both of Seven Star Warrior and Isabella's damage would not be enough to kill the boss fast enough. The other two were basically useless in this fight. It would not be hard, but it would take a long time for the team to kill this boss with 800,000 health points.

    The boss's slowness was not only in its movement or attack speed but also in the manner when it used a skill. After hitting it for so long, the boss had still lazily lifted its massive limb to press on Isabella. The damage dealt was so low that Eversummer did not feel it was worth healing.

    When the entire party had hacked away 20% of the boss health, only then the boss lifted its massive head slowly and open its jaw like it was trying to yawn. However, the boss seemed lazy to do that and decided to shrink into its shell. This time, the boss seemed to be releasing a skill.

    Defense Up!

    On the boney shell of the Dark Tortoise, a bright hue flashed by and a layer of golden light appear. At that point, the boss was literally invincible. Isabella was barely able to break its defense and was able to inflict a little over a hundred damage while the others were hitting zero.

    "Well **. Brother, I leave this to you!" said Jiang Fei to Seven Star Warrior as he was annoyed and bored with this fight.

    'If we had not had Seven Star Warrior in our team, would this boss fight last for hours instead?' thought Jiang Fei to himself. It was not just Seven Star Warrior but also Isabella. If those two were absent, Jiang Fei's team would be the same as any other average team out there in the game.

    As soon as everyone realized that the boss's threat lied only on its defense, everyone relaxed and started to take things a little less seriously. They start cracking jokes and telling stories whilst fighting the boss.


    "OH NO! EVERYONE STOP!" Jiang Fei jumped when he saw the boss suddenly shrinks into its shell at an incredible speed.

    However, everyone was not ready for it. Seven Star Warrior and Isabella were able to stop their attacks but the Little Rain and Zhao Feng's magic were cast and could not be stopped.

    "Eversummer, it's your time to shine! Make sure everyone has more than 5,000 health!" cried Jiang Fei. He was not afraid of anyone being killed, instead, he was afraid of the other skill which would kill anyone with less than 5,000 health points. That was not all, if they were killed with the skill "Swallow", the boss will restore 50% health.

    At that point, everyone would literally cry as the health that the team had taken so long to hack away was restored.
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