325 Who Let the Dogs Out?

    Jiang Fei kept the recipe and paid attention to the last monster group that was surrounding the last circle. To be fair, the recipe that he had obtained in this dungeon were all trash from his perspective. However, they were still useful for the other guild members.

    Jiang Fei had come to realize that he was not a lone adventurer any longer. Even though he was part of the Rosette Knighthood before the birth of the Empyreal Dragon, he did not feel like he belonged. Things were different now. His guild has grown so much that he could not help but feel like a true leader. There were so many players counting on him. Before this, he would ignore the four equipment set recipe, now, he viewed that as an important asset to further improve the guild's potential.

    "What the hell... those monsters are looking a little strong!" Zhao Feng's exclaimed when he counted 400 Elite tier monsters waiting for them.

    "Monsters are not a problem. The problem should be what kind of boss those monsters turn out to be!" said Little Rain.

    "Whatever it is, let's kill all of them first," said Jiang Fei. Despite his nonchalant response, Jiang Fei had mentally prepared for the worse. The party had already defeated four of the mythical beast and the last one should be much stronger.

    "Keep up with the healing!" said Jiang Fei as he charged into the monster formation.

    Instant Ice Burst!

    Lightning Strike!

    Jiang Fei tried his best to spread his damage to all of the monsters to draw them to him. He was not scared of the damage he would be receiving since his defense was strong and the fact that Eversummer, the super healer was there to heal. When all of the monsters were drawn to Jiang Fei, Isabella and Little Rain started their magic casting. The two fire based magician combined had produced an array of fiery fireworks. In a blink of an eye, 400 monsters were all writhing as they were engulfed in flames.

    "Ding! Congratulations player Verdure Glider for reaching Level 43! All attributes +1! Obtained 5 Attribute Points!"

    When all 400 monsters were killed, the mass experience points registered into Jiang Fei's character and Jiang Fei gained a level. At the same time, Seven Star Warrior and Gale Eversummer had gained a level too. Both of them were just one level before Level 40.

    "Aw yiss! Now this is what I call leveling!"

    Even though Zhao Feng did not gain a level from the 400 bulk monsters, he had obtained so much experience points that his experience bar had jumped to 50%. It would not take long for him to join Jiang Fei in the Level 40 realm.

    "Fight now, celebrate later! Everyone get back! I don't want the boss to be startled when it spawns!" said Jiang Fei. Based on the previous boss fights, he predicted that the next boss would have four times more power compared to the previous boss.


    Compared to the previous boss, the bones of the defeated monsters did not rattle. Instead, they turned into dust particle and started to fill the air.

    "What's going on?" cried Eversummer.

    Everyone, including Jiang Fei, was not expecting something like that to happen.

    As the bone dust filled the air, a mild airflow came in from nowhere, stirring the dust in the air into a mass. Soon, the airflow became much stronger as the bone dust started to form a small ball. At one point, the wind got so strong that all the dust in the air had come together. The pale white ball grew larger and became a smooth, shining egg.


    Crack... CRACK!

    A large crack from inside the egg opened and a large boney arms burst out of the egg.

    When the dust settled and the egg was completely hatched, Jiang Fei knew that he was going to have a bad time.

    The boss was large, much larger than any boss that he had fought! This chimera had the head of a lion, the antler of a deer, the eyes of a tiger, the body of a deer, the scales of a dragon, and the tail of an ox!

    "That's a Qilin!" Jiang Fei exclaimed in fear.

    Bone Chimera-Qilin (Specter, Lord)

    Level: 50 (80)

    Sealed State

    Health Point: 1,000,000

    Attack Power: 18,000

    Skills: Heavy Punch, Stomp, King's Gale, King's Intimidation, Qilin's Wrath!

    Heavy Punch: Attacks one target, deals powerful damage.

    Stomp: Stomps on a target, dealing powerful damage as well as the target knocking down. Decreases 20% of the knocked down target's defense.

    King's Gale: Greatly increases Qilin's Attack and Defense, lasts for thirty seconds.

    King's Intimidation: Greatly decreases all target's Attack and Defense, last for thirty seconds.

    Qilin's Wrath: Enters Berserk state, increasing Attack by 100%. Further increase Attack Power by 100% with each enemy defeated. Lasts for ten seconds.

    "Oh my god..." Jiang Fei could not believe his eyes when he was done reading the boss's stats. He started to feel depressed when he saw the overwhelming health points of the boss and got even more depressed when each attribute of the boss was much stronger than Karlox!

    When Jiang Fei was fighting Karlox during the Mana Node quest, he had over 10,000 players with him. Right now, he only had Isabella and four other players. If they fought, it would be an inevitable defeat.

    The Qilin was not considered as a mini boss, unlike the other four bosses. Having said that, this boss required a proper raid team to fight, not a small party of five players.

    "Are you okay?" asked Little Rain when he noticed Jiang Fei not being himself.

    "We can't fight this boss!" Jiang Fei yelled to express his frustration. It would be too tough to survive this boss fight even with Jiang Fei's Demon Morph or Isabella's tanking the boss. Gale Eversummer alone would not be able to handle the sheer pressure. When Jiang Fei was fighting Karlox, there were at least 200 healers supporting him. Even though those healers' coordinations were a little messy, they were still continuously healing."

    "Could we even try?" asked Seven Star Warrior.

    "Hmph. Let's ignore the health points. Look at boss's attack. Even if Summer focused her healing on me alone, the boss would still whack me until I'm flat on the ground!" said Jiang Fei bitterly.

    "What do we do now? Should we just give up?" Lady Casanova lost her patience grumbled. At their current state, the only chance they had was to go back and wait until Isabella's dragon transformation skill was ready.

    "If only we could attack in a swarm!" said Zhao Feng.

    "Swarm?" repeated Jiang Fei as he suddenly remembered something important. He opened his inventory and took something out.

    Demon Node (One-Time-Tool, Legendary)

    Use: Summons a Demon Node.

    Note: The concentrated node of Omar the demon. Inside this concentrated mana, lies an army of Lava Demon Hound. Use this item to summon 100 Level 50 Advanced Elite Lava Demon Hound to fight for you! (Summoned Hounds will disappear upon death or until you log out of the game)

    This little tool was obtained when Jiang Fei raided the Heroic difficulty dungeon of the "Bottom of the Bloodpool".

    Since Jiang Fei had never had the chance to use the item. Now that Zhao Feng had given him the idea, Jiang Fei thought that it might be a good chance to use the item.

    Qilin was undeniably strong that Jiang Fei stood no chance in winning the fight. It would be a matter of seconds before the entire team was wiped out. However, there was one weak point-the boss had no AoE attack. This weak point allowed Jiang Fei to implement the swarm attack strategy. The Lava Demon Hounds that were summoned would be Level 50 Advanced Elite tier. That meant, they would not suffer from any Level Gap Suppression. That meant their attacks would not be reduced. Additionally, those hounds had high enough health points that the boss would take three to five hits to actually kill one of the hounds. After trading off several of the hounds, they might buy enough time to actually kill the boss.

    "Hohohoho! We can win this! We can! Alright lads, time to close the gate and let the dogs out! Ouf ouf!" Jiang Fei tried to bark like a dog.


    Zhao Feng did not forget to play along.
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